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Project Zero: Escape

Future U.S.A


a part of Project Zero: Escape, by Adelphia.


Adelphia holds sovereignty over Future U.S.A, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

400 readers have been here.

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Future U.S.A is a part of Project Zero: Escape.

9 Characters Here

'Kay', #00316J [2] "Anger gives you strength, so let your enemies make you stronger."
Eros [2] "I feign ignorance. It's fun being coddled by others."
Subject #0021784 'Lea' [1] "They need to be stopped...before they kill others."
Rezia Jay Balack [1] "I may be small, but I am tough!"
Kalos [1] "Life is what it is. Can't change it. That's the fact of the matter."
Ember Littleton [1] "Trust is earned, and it doesn't happen overnight."
Silex Vitrum [1] Glass is always fragile; but that which is fragile is not always glass.
Mabel Zephyria Markel [1] "I'll get my revenge. So either help me, or get out of my way. If you want, I can choose for you, just give me a little kiss."
Bree Candeau [1] "I'm not much of a leader, I'll tell you that now."

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"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. . ."

Her mother's voice sings softly, the child lullaby sounding hauntingly familiar. When she was a child, Bree's mothers would sing this song just before she went to sleep. Sunshine was a nickname her mother gave her, with her golden locks.

"You never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don't take, my sunshine away."

Was it a coincidence that those were the last words she had ever said to me?

The sirens started first. Flashing red lights reflecting off the glass of the tubes the Others were all kept in. The thick glass between them and the scientists kept each of them away from the frantic hustle and bustle. Papers were being thrown around, armed security officers running around, things being locked away and computers being shut down.

Many officials kept glancing back at the contained Others, worried looks on their faces. Turning, Bree noticed the rest of the Others as confused as she was. Never in her many years at the Institute had anything happened quite like this. Of course, there were times when the doors were doubled locked, windows shut, but shutting down the computers? Even after the building was dark and quiet, the only humans on the premises being the guards, the computers are always on, constantly running some kind of program.

Curiosity killed the cat, her mother would always say. As a child she would never help herself, taking the extra step to see what would happen. Once the step had her falling into a lake. Gazing around at the scientists, it seemed Bree was the only one who noticed light spilling from the bottom of one of the window shades. It wasn't bright, perhaps not noticeable for the humans, but her keen eyes could see it. Tilting her head, her brows scrunched in confusion and wonder as it grew brighter, shining off of the metal walls. Unconsciously, she stepped forward.

The wall exploded, bricks and pieces of metal shot in every which way. Humans fell, others ran, and some even were thrown forward from the blast. A stray piece of brick hit her capsule, shattering the glass and breaking the barrier the small other had. A gasp escaped her lips a moment before she fly backwards, hitting her back and head against the wall. Dizzily, she fell. Slowly, she pulled her arms, legs, and head in under herself, trying not to expose herself. Metal, papers, and bricks hit her repeatedly, and unwillingly Bree's eyes started to droop the dizzier she became.

"Please don't take my sunshine away. . ."


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Character Portrait: Eros
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Deafening silence

The lack of music filling the space of the orange-haired boy's room is not an unusual occurrence but the absence of electrical hums from devices in his room was unnerving as the emptiness in the air was what brought him to wake. Thoughts of many scenarios that could justify the absence ran through his head but none seemed to ease his unsettling feeling. The ringing of his own blood pumping through his body and beating heart filled his audio senses as his eyes adjusted to the darkness, pupils dilated to allow any fragment of light to enter his eyes. Everything around him was in place, nothing misplaced or moved but why was it that he felt something was amiss? His brows furrowed as he thought, the feeling of the air around him was stifling and uncomfortable.

Kicking away the thin blanket off him, Eros got off his makeshift bed, glancing over to his given bed still occupied by a giant furry ball and gazed over to the door. The screen glass that overlooked the halls of the living quarters of his kind glowed red, another not so unusual occurrence every night, but how the redness is glaring and intensifying itself against the whiteness of the walls was something that couldn't help be pondered on.

Looking back into his room, there was no sign of 'life' from anything that required electricity but why was it the red lights in the halls still shone with such power. Maybe the power is prioritising itself, the thought emerged suddenly into his psyche, causing him to shiver invonluntarily at the idea of him being trapped inside his living space, inside the dark illuminated by an eerie red glow. He needed to know what is happening and why as the fear and panic raised itself higher, the tide of its irrationality growing larger and larger until it threatened to consume him.


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Character Portrait: 'Kay', #00316J
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00316J, 'Kay'

He had been sitting on the side of his bed, watching the scientists through the glass front of his cell, observing them. He’d started doing it more and more often, and had noticed that the ones who became aware of him watching them seemed to get vaguely unsettled by it. Strange. They’d spent his whole life doing it to him, you’d have thought observation was something they’d be comfortable with.
Sharing the mattress with him, Brother sat and followed Kay’s gaze out of the glass; his big brown eyes returning occasionally to his human. They didn’t share any words, aloud or in thought, only the feelings that came to them as they shared each other’s company in a calm silence. And of course, picked up the snippets of thoughts in their heads as they forgot what they’d been told about his abilities and let their guard down.


Something had to happen. Kay and Brother knew as well as each other that their active military days were numbered, the scientists and other officials practically shouted it with their knowing looks and shifty behaviour, their awkward silences, their muttered conversations in each other’s ears. Something had to happen, it was only a matter of time - waiting for something to happen that would bring some kind of a change into their life.

Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait long.

Brother let out a faint throaty growl as the hair on his hind legs prickled, and there was only a moment until Kay felt it too. A sense of raw panic, growing steadily by the second from deeper inside the facility. He rose quickly to his feet, attracting only a couple of glances with the movement, practically pressing his face against the glance to detect anything unusual about the facility staff within sight. Nothing out of place – and yet the feeling grew, stronger and stronger like a tidal wave.
There it was. One scurrying man with glasses and an alarmed expression on his face and suddenly the wing was overflowing with activity. White coats scurried past, lights flashed, panicked orders, paperwork salvaged or abandoned and left behind, and Kay; nobody’s first thought, nobody’s priority.

He braced himself against the corner of his cell, crouching with Brother pressed firmly up against him. They felt the heat that tore through the building, hid their eyes from the blinding light that came with it.

And like that, everything changed.