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"I'm doing the best I can."

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a character in “Project Zero: New Beginnings”, as played by fandomain



"Abraham Lincoln once said that at the end of the day, it's not the years in your life, but the life in your years. So, why live every day afraid of the unknown?"

"Where you end up isn't the most important thing. It's the road you take to get there. The road you take is what you'll look back on and call your life." ~Tim Wiley



| Name |
I snuck out one night and managed to get a look at my records. Rather than being known as Subject #87562, I have a name. I like it quite a lot.

| Age |
"I've been dying to try a drink, though I hear I'm not legally allowed."

| Gender |
"Can't you tell? If not then I really need to change my image, not that I care what you think."

| Role|
"I've never thought of myself as much of a leader, but I'm all these kids have got."
Rescued Leader


| Height & Body|
She's 100 lbs, 5'3".

| Face & Hair |
Her eyes are a dark brown, very warm. Her hair is thick was a natural wave and is a dark brown, almost black.

| Scars |
"Hey, everyone's got them. They're memories."
Like most Mutants, Eden has scars from past fights or accidents. Most of the smaller scars are from fights she got into when she was just a kid, but others are from her many training sessions. The one scar that she always seems to notice is on the inside of her left wrist.

| Physical Description |
"People tell me often how much I look like my parents. Hearing that really makes me feel good; I have something permanent of theirs that I can hold on to."

She has her mother's eyes, her father's hair. She likes both features, though often wishes her hair was a bit longer; it doesn't grow quickly. The dark waves stop at the middle of her ribs. While all Others are known to be beautiful, Stripes are exceptionally so. With defined, shaped eyebrows, high cheek bones, rosy lips and a thin jaw, Bree is nothing less than attractive; exactly the way all tigers should be. Deception is key, and her looks easily help her achieve whatever necessary. Body wise, she is toned. Muscles ripple under her skin but aren't at all obvious on the surface. She stands at a petite height of 5'3", much smaller than average Stripes. Scientists often said she is shaped much like a Wing, small and seemingly fragile.




| Likes |
Running | Swimming | Calligraphy | Coffee | Blush Wine | Winter | Snow | Cold Weather | Pretzels | Autumn Leaves | Navy Blue | Her Familiar

| Dislikes |
Rain | Fog | Heat | Humidity | Red Wine | Whipped Cream | Scientists | Labs | Fighting Others

| Fears |
Drowning | Scientists | Death

| Weakness |
"I can't afford to have weaknesses."
When it comes to her group, Bree will do most anything to make sure everyone is safe and under control. Anything.

| Personality |
There are many layers to Bree. She can be a doll one moment, and a raging wildfire the next. She's been through a lot in her short lifespan, and all of the horrific things she witnessed will show on her face. Her expression may seem emotionless most of the time because she doesn't like to show how she feels. She remains calm in tough situations, but even in the most serene places, horrible images will replay in her mind, and frighten her. She will usually go off on her own to think, weep, or remember.

The girl is also compassionate. Throughout her life as an Other, she had always been a compassionate person. When someone is hurt or in need, Bree will be there to offer a hand to squeeze or shoulder to cry on. She sympathizes with others, and has a strong feel for human emotions. She gets sympathy pains and feelings when around others in distress, and can't help but be there when someone in her group needs her.

Getting close to someone can cause little Bree to become over protective. Tigers tend to be overprotective, but Bree has seen that is becomes worse with age. The older you are, the more attached you become, also making you more protective. She will not let her family be in harm's way. She will not stand to see those she loves in danger.

Over protectiveness comes with rage, and that is something Bree has dealt with before. When her parents died, and she believed it was her fault, she became so angry at the world, at herself for not going with them. She was close to making a big mistake in her life, and it was all because of her anger. Once a match hits the fuse, she'll go off like a bomb and blow out everyone in her path. Her anger only comes in desperate situations, and when she feels everything is falling apart.


| History |
"I grew up in the labs, the Institute. Unlike most, I was born in the wild with my mother and father. It was one horrible night when I was too young to remember their faces was the last time I saw my parents. A sneak peak in my file when I was thirteen told me everything I needed to know and wondered about my past.

Since I was natural-born, the scientists had a particular. . . fondness with me. My natural abilities intrigued them, and they conducted a number of studies on me. They tried enhancing my powers; the other mutants who were forced to partake in the same experiment died; I didn't. I am much stronger and faster than other Stripes, frighteningly so. I was asked to become a Hunter, to which I violently refused.

I've been in the labs my entire life, silently putting up with their experiments. Do I hate them? Yes. Would I kill them? The first chance I got. The idea of justifying my parents' deaths sounds so sweet I will have no choice but to jump on the chance should it be presented.

| Relationship With Familiar |
"She's a part of me. The idea of not being as close as we currently are is. . . sickening."
While most Mutants and Familiars have a bond, the bond between Rayna and Bree is powerful. It was not nearly as strong when they were young. The two could be miles apart from each other for long periods of time without having any side effects. As the two aged, the bond became more intense. Currently, the two cannot be more than two miles apart from each other for longer than two days. The need to be close is not easily ignored, though it isn't as if either wants to.

When apart, each may get head or stomach pains. Even being close together, Bree and Rayna can feel the emotions and pain the other feels. When Bree was twelve, she broke one of her fingers. Rayna moaned for days after realizing that she was feeling the pain of Bree's broken finger. This bond is the same for other Familiar's and their Mutants, though Bree and Rayna are able to block out these shared thoughts and pains thanks to the countless number of extra experiments the scientists did on them both.

So begins...

Bree's Story