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"Nobody has the right to choose who you are going to be. That choice belongs to you."

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a character in “Project Zero: New Beginnings”, as played by Cyline


"'These are not the droids you are looking for'. Damn, that sounds hot coming out of my mouth."

"What does it matter? Most of us don't live long enough to learn it anyways."
Layla Jamie Pollock

"Call me Vixen. Not Vixy. Not Vix. Vixen."

Familiar's Name:
"Artemis is the goddess of the moon. Athena is the goddess of wisdom. Hera is the goddess of PMSing housewives. Nyx is the goddess of darkness and despair. It seemed fitting at the time."

"Do I look like a forty year old woman to you?"

"You better pray to whatever the hell is up there that you didn't just insult me."

Familiar's Gender:
"Wouldn't be a bit strange to have a male familiar? Actually, that might be kind of cool..."

"I had to get out of that hellhole..."

Mutation | Abilities:
"I'm a Sly, so I have Sly abilities, duh."
Sly: As a Sly, Vixen is part fox and part human. Aside from being able to turn into a fox, she can Warp, use telepathy, and imitate her surroundings.

Intelligence: Vixen is very intelligent and able to work through problems easily.

Silvertongue: Although all Slys have this ability, Vixen's is much more prominent as she is persuasive simply as a person.

"As far as you're concerned, I'm perfect."
Warping: Although she can Warp easily, Vixen has a disability because she can only Warp to places she's been before.

Socializing: Vixen is not very social and has a problem making allies and friends because of her superior attitude towards everyone and everything.

"The embodiment of beau- I am not short!"

Vixen is short with brown hair and green eyes. The majority of the time, she has a smirk on her face. She prefers to pull her hair out of her face by putting it in a ponytail or a bun, but she doesn't mind wearing it down when needed. She hardly ever wears unnecessary accessories or flashy clothing. In her second form, Vixen has pointed canines, large desert fox ears growing out of her skull and a puffy desert fox tail growing out of her spine. In her third form, she is a simple desert fox, identical to Nyx.

"The most amazing specimen on the planet has been discovered! Yeah, it's me."
Vixen is shown to be arrogant and easily amused, not taking most situations very seriously. However, she is also shown to be calculating and observant. She’s not one to back down from a fight, but realizes when to give up. When provoked or when her short temper snaps, Vixen is brash and impulsive. She can also be cold and unforgiving if need be, She brightens up at the sight of snow and flinches away from fire. However, when the Lab is mentioned or she sees doctors, Vixen tends to panic and breakdown, severely. She tries to hide this side from people because she was practically forced to be strong. Vixen is terrified of getting close to people and then losing them, which happened to more than a few of her previous Sly friends.

Familiar Personality:
"She's like me, but... more quiet and less arrogant."
Careful, Quiet, Manipulative, Aggressive

"Anything quiet and relaxing is perfect. In the Lab, there was no such thing as relaxation."
Foxes~Reading~Using her Telepathy~Being Right~Freedom~Snow~Rain

"I hate everything that doesn't have to do with my freedom."
Fire~Being Wrong~Doctors~Losing Anything~Commitment~Weakness~The Dark

"I'm not afraid of anything, so I have nothing to prove by going into that dark cave."
Nyctophobia: Although she would never admit it, Vixen is terrified of the dark. She refuses to sleep without Nyx around if it is almost completely dark and is very jumpy when she's in the dark.

Acrophobia: If it's more than ten feet off the ground, it is a big no-no for Vixen.

Born into an average family with average people, Vixen led a normal life up until the day she was in a park and had been kidnapped. Vixen was then taken to the Lab, her family brutally slaughtered behind her back. She formed a close bond with the other Slys, but was one of the only ones to survive. She withdrew into herself, nothing more than a zombie moving through the motions. It wasn't long until she was practically a vegetable. One day, however, someone kicked Nyx to try and get Vixen to react. It worked in a way they never imagine. Consumed with anger and hate, Vixen practically ripped the scientists minds apart.

Vixen was immediately restrained and put under, still cradling Nyx in her arms. She woke up a few weeks later during the explosion. She barely escaped with her life.

So begins...

Vixen's Story