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Zera Leos

"Intelligence without ambition, is a bird without wings"

0 · 373 views · located in Future USA

a character in “Project Zero: New Beginnings”, as played by DeclanTv9


Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

Name:Zera Leos
Familiar's Name: "Zya"
Familiar's Gender:Female
Role:Revolutionary Mutant Female #3


Mutation | Abilities: Zera is an exceptional character with a lot of heart. Her human form is a sight to see. She is very beautiful. Zera is also a very intelligent woman. She's always been, even as a little girl, her brain was by far superior to anyone else. Zera's parents shared the same abilities. They were smart people, but they were killed protecting Zera from being taken away at a young age. From that moment, Zera was able to tap into her Familiar and become one. Zera is able to create understandable force fields. Able to keep her self safe, and other allies, from enemy attacks. She also holds the ability to see things others cannot. Visions come to Zera very sporadically, never knowing when they will come. However, when she chooses to look into a clear surface, such as liquid or clear surface, she's able to see the information she needs. Also, Zera is very agile due to her Feline mutation. She's fast and able to avoid danger.
FlawsZera's flaws deal mostly with her visions. She's limited to the amount of information she can tap into. She may be able to hold other people's emotions, but she cannot see into their thoughts. She's also incapable of lasting in her half form. Zera has no control of how long she can be in her half form. You will rarely see her in her half form, and when you do it's incredible. Zera is very reserved with the information she shares. Seeing as that it is a giveaway of her mutation, she chooses not to share her vision information. Zera may be fast on her feet, but if she's by herself and ambushed, her chances of getting caught increased.


Physical Description: Zera's appearance holds of Korean descent. Long beautiful black hair. Black eyes, and taller than the a usual Female. Zera is also very fit. Her two color preferences are Red and Purple, therefore she wears a lot of purples and reds. Most often than not, you will see Zera with her hair down.
Zya, Zera's familiar, is a black cat. Like Zera, Zya is slightly taller than average, allowing Zya to cover more ground. Zya's eyes are also red, differing from Zera's black eyes. Giving Zya a very unique look.


Personalities: Having to fend for herself for most of her life, Zera became reserved when it comes to opening up. Zera is an intellectual. When she has downtime, you can see her doing research, or reading a book. Being in the Revolutionary group, she's in charge of making the plans, an the back up plans. She's always five steps ahead of everyone. Deciding her plans, she always makes sure that her team members are performing duties that benefit their skills. She likes to make sure everyone is at their best performance. She has to, especially now. Zera likes control, she might not be in the front lines fighting the villains, but she will take control in making sure everyone stays safe, and protecting her team with her abilities. Zera believes that everyone has good in them. Because she's able to tap into people's emotions, she's capable of being vulnerable with whomever. She's very friendly, and truly believes that loyalty and trust is everything.
Growing up, Zya took care of Zera. Giving her the courage to continue on. With that being said, Zya shares a lot of the same personality that Zera has because Zya taught Zera that. A big difference is that Zya is more collected. She's not swayed as easily as Zera emotionally. Giving Zya a colder look.

Likes: Security | Peace | Conversations | Literature | Analyzing | Riddles | Acquiring Information

Dislikes: Leather | Milk | Raw Vegetables | Conflicts | Opening up about her past | Short Visions | Missing Information

Fears: Talking about her past | Getting ambushed | Getting betrayed | Betraying someone | Hurting someone she loves

History: Zera was one of those lucky mutants to never be captive by the scientists. She lived in hiding with her parents up until she reached age seven. Zera had noticed that she had special abilities, but could never fully achieve the connection with her Familiar. One afternoon, Zera, along with her parents, were running away from the scientists. They were trapped, exhausted from running for hours. They ran into an alley, and Zera's mother saw an opening through a crack on the side of a run down building. It was clear that Zera was the only one that was capable of fitting through the crack. Her parents were too big, even with their cat forms. Zera saw the scientist take her parents away, and deep down inside she knew they had been killed. The emotional turmoil led her to be able to communicate fully with her Familiar. She applied everything that her parents taught her onto her self and swore to them that she would never get taken and killed by them. Over the years she had to fend for herself, learning every little thing to prevent getting caught. It worked more and more as time went on, gaining valuable experience along the way.
Around age sixteen, she was on the verge of getting captured by a mutant that appeared to be on the wrong side. She was confused every time she encountered a mutant that wasn't on the good side. This mutant was something special. She was stronger than the other mutants and never encountered anything like her before. Because she's never studied this mutant style, she had no clue how to fend for herself. Zera was cornered, she saw an opening near the woods and tried hiding out there. She sat motionless in her final form, Zya. Zya had never seen that style of mutant before either so she wasn't much help. Both girls were lost, and anxious to see what came next. The female mutant had found Zera and launched towards her. Zera had been caught off guard. She hit Zera on the head, causing Zera to not see clearly. She laid on the ground, disappointed she had failed the promise to her parents. Before she knew it, she closed her eyes.
What she didn't expect was to wake up where she did. She woke up on a bed, confused of her surroundings. Zera straightened, and sat up on her bed wondering where she was. A figure appeared at the doorway. Zera asked where she was, and if they did anything to her while she was out. She found out that she was safe, at a place where mutants like Zera and other types joined together to form a Revolution on the bad people in this world. Since then, Zera has been a part of the best community in her whole life. Meeting other Felines like her made her feel safe for once since she was a kid. She was finally Happy...

So begins...

Zera Leos's Story