Prom with a Martian

Prom with a Martian


Is it a normal high school? Sure, of you exclude the new kids...

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Dysentery High School could be considered normal. Has your average classes, and average students. The same cliques as everywhere else. Jocks, preps, hippies, junkies... nothing ever changes...

Until a few of them started changing...

That's right, aliens-who look a bit like human embryos. Who's gonna stop them? No one really knows, but the possibility of graduation rides on a few chumps. Status and group association is put on the back burner when survival gets in the way.

Toggle Rules

1. Literacy:
Meh, no word limit, just don't put short responses that would disappoint others and ruin their image of you. Make it readable. non dis pls it hertz my eyz.

2. Commitment
You don't have to write everyday, but that'd be appreciated. Of course people have personal lives, just tell someone if you'll be gone for a while. We might think you're in trouble, and send out a search party.

3. Don't forget the password. If you do, then we'll laugh at you, and won't share our gum with you. Seriously, you'll have to redo.

4. Be active outside of the RP itself. Check the OOC-you might miss out on an inside joke, and you wouldn't wanna be the only one out of the loop, would you?

5. If you try to make a perfect character, then we'll send it back with a reality check. Few people are "perfect", and besides, that's a fucking, philosophical point of view hermano.

6. The pa ss wor d is... to finish this quote "It's american as _____" Put it somewhere in your character sheet. Be a bit creative if you want.

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