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Hanako Gasai


0 · 663 views · located in Futuristic Earth

a character in “Promises”, as played by Ever



"If you expect this world to be fair with you because of your own purity and piousness, then you are merely fooling yourself with a delusion. That's the same as expecting the lion not to eat the lamb because the prey didn't attack it's predator."



"You know, I've been thinking lately; perhaps it isn't about the happy ending but, maybe, it is more about the story?"

Hanako Ren Gasai
"I just want to know what the hell my parents were thinking…"Hanako"! God..! It sounds so…so..prissy!"

Kana or Ren || Two far more simplistic and masculine sounding names, she far prefers these over 'Hanako'. In fact, most of the time, she'll only respond to these nicknames.
Dragon Girl, Sparky, Lizard || Typically initiated by her eye color and/or her hair's hue, Kana has also come to acknowledge these are proper ways to address her person.
"'Ren' or 'Kana'. That's it-! No other pet names, ya hear?!"

18.5 years
"Woo…finally an adult…….Taxes and mortgages.. Fun fun."

"Are you bloody blind?! Obviously I'm male…tch.. Did you mean for that to be insult..?"

Sexual Orientation
"Woah… gettin' pretty personal there, wouldn't you say?"

50% Russian, 50% Japanese

.:. Demi-Dragon .:.
Having been borne by the best of two worlds, Demi-Dragons are creature hybrids who are half human and half dragon. As such, they are powerful beings capable of a wide range of magic, not a single beast retaining a carbon copy of another's ability. Most of the times, there isn't a possibility for a Demi-Dragon to become full-blooded on either side..though it can, indeed, happen by a mutation. Either way, they usually retain a humanistic form with only slight alterations (ex; sharpened teeth, slitted pupils, scaled skin, etc) present from the lizard's genes.

Chaotic Neutral | Chaotic Good
"Heh…nothing wrong with a little chaos~ Plus, rules were made for bending..wouldn't ya say?"

"'Hero', eh? Sounds..kinda…. important. Ya sure I was meant for this..?"

Human || Haruki Sagae
Past || Rin Matsuoka
Transformation || Erza Scarlet


"I simply hate it when people ask you to reflect on your past. Why would you even bother? It's not like you can go back to yesterday because, as of this moment, you are a different person from then."

Hair Color
A brilliant scarlet that, depending on the light available, can glow crimson or deep auburn.
"I get it from my everything else, actually. Sorry, mum-!"

Eye Color
Inhumanely intense, they flicker with the essence of candlelight dancing across gold with lighter rings appearing towards the rims.
"Heh.. most people are unnerved by them… It's ok if you are too."

"I'm completely average for my age… OI-! Did you just snicker at me?!"

115 lbs
Underweight..yeah *snort* I'll show you underweight when I throw your scrawny little butt in the pool-!"

Physical Description
Scars || Though she doesn't show them often, Kana's body is littered with scars and flaws from fights she used to get into. The most prominent are: a jagged, winding trail from her left collarbone to her bellybutton {inflicted by a knife}, a few minor slashes on the back of her right calf, various scuff marks on both of her knees, and a faint line on the base of her neck on the right side.

Birthmarks || Ren has a wine-hued birthmark in the shape of a spade on her left hip.

Piercings || Has two simple lob studs with three cartilage piercings on both the left and right ear.

Rumoured and known to be a beauty of dangerous allure, Hanako sports a demeanor akin to the realms of the oddity; 'rough' yet 'enticing'. Barely reaching the petite height of 5 foot and 5 inches, her mass weighing in at a mere 115 pounds, this particular girl, off the bat, is noted by strangers to possess the 2 most sought after attributes by women and men alike; stature and curves. Naturally crafted and molded to possess a physique carved out in a perfect hourglass, her chest of larger nature for her age, Kana often is the recipient of spitefully-coloured remarks on the nonexistent qualms regarding her boundless options of clothing and the slot she holds in becoming fantasies for other men (and, sometimes, women). With her nipped waist and toned limbs, it's almost next to impossible to describe her gait other than in the most poetic of ways; 'a flower swaying in the breeze' or 'a leisurely feline padding down the walk', perhaps.

Shifting focus to yet another selling point, her tresses, Ren has been, undeniably, blessed with a gift. Generous amounts of cashmere-esque strands, their hue bordering on the unnatural, tumble down in wild cascades to frame her silhouette in the utmost perfect way. Typically, and almost shamefully, the rambunctious teenager will leave a good portion her jagged layers down, only a tiny section tied off in a fashionable statement. Interestingly enough, as proclaimed before, this unobtainable tone of dancing flame never seems to dim...even flourishing and glowing in the most dreary of light. Unsure how to explain to her peers of it's natural occurrence, it should also be noted that this little dragon will often lie about the coloration as being dyed.

Without a shadow in anyone's mind, Hanako is [more like, can be when she allows herself] a stunning individual.. but, in all honesty, the major factor that separates her from being classified as "beautiful" to "fairytale ready" are her eyes. In her opinion, as well as her friend's and stranger's, the brightly-colored pair are the best and most alluring trait on her. Why? It's all simply due to the breathtaking contrast they provide with the rest of her appearance. Almost constantly, the orbs seem to flux in their varying shades of golds, every complex tone found to be present within the expressively narrowed orbs.

ImagePast Physical Description
.:. Past Self .:.
|| Hair Color ||
A burnt maroon with underlying tones of eggplant and ebony.

|| Eye Color ||
An almost identical shade to his tresses; carmine swirled with amber lowlights.

|| Skin Color ||
A sun-kissed ivory with hints of rose.

|| Height & Weight ||
6ft 2in & 183lbs - give or take.

Image.:. Transformation .:.
|| Hair Color ||
Intense scarlet strewed with a combination of eggplant {from the past} and auburn {from the current}.

|| Eye Color ||
The product of mixing two eye colors, the shade is of a warm ash.

|| Skin Color ||
A luminescent porcelain with no other hue present.

|| Height & Weight ||
5 ft 6 in & 123lbs

The first stage of the transformation begins with Hanako's eyes; in a drastic modification, the liquid gold is drained of it's presence before being replaced with a glistening ruby. Soon following suit of the fluxing orbs, a scarlet ring of light will slowly expand from the soles of her feet to provide a protective halo, the radius of such being 6 inches. However, unlike most other transformations, Kana's involves an incantation to complete the process; Dracarys - ("drah-KAH-ris"), a word in her native tongue meaning 'Dragon fire'. The second that word passes through her lips, the inanimate ring of light will possess life through a solid form akin to dragon scales, the coloration of vermillion and halcyon. Defying logic and gravity, those very same scales will quickly build atop one another to create a shell around her upright posture, effectively locking her human form away in the comforting environment within.

While in the structure, a different sort of metamorphosis takes place unseen by the public eye. Those intense scarlet tresses darken with an underlying eggplant tone, the previously dancing orbs dulling to an ashy gray, human ears tapering to a point and her ivories sharpening viciously. Though, those aren't the biggest changes. Protective armor, in the shade of midnight, protrudes from beneath her skin in sharp angles and various lengths, effectively crafting an illusion that she is wearing shielding clothes of a sort. Her forearms are covered in the same material with terrifyingly wicked claws curving at the ends, her legs molded in a similar fashion. And then the wings appear. With a span befitting that of a hang-glider, the swallow papery skin is tightly stretched over 4 hollow veins and outlined with ebony scales. After their emergence, Kana merely has to utter another command in her native tongue, Vorikan >break< - ("vor-EE-can"), to shatter the eggshell and emerge in her completed state. Accompanying her final state is her blade, Viserion, made from the scales and bones of an actual dragon.

Image Preferred Weapons
.:. Iron Plated Gloves .:.
Choosing to use her strength as an asset, Ren has taken quite the liking to her pair of iron plated gloves. Delivering added pain with her attacks, they are a light and easy weapon to maneuver. Plus, doesn't she look cool in them?!

.:. Throwing Knives .:.
Far preferring these lighter weapons over the heavy duty swords and cutlasses, Ren has become accustomed to carrying a set of 10 on her person at all times.

.:. Viserion .:.
Her weapon for her transformed state, Viserion was a sword handed down in her past life for generations. Generated from a dragon's compressed scales and bones, this blade can cut through metal and flesh with ease, as well as withstand flames. Plus, it is surprisingly lightweight for it's looks.


"If the world cannot accept me as I am, how can you expect me to accept the world as it is? I will not change merely because someone commands it of me nor because they do not like who I am."

    Agility & Flexibility || Thanks to her ancient blood and the honing of this skill, Hanako's body has become far more nimble and agile than what is normally experienced. From mind-boggling contortions to parkour running to even head-reaching kicks, Kana is both an interesting and admirable ally and opponent.
    Swordsmanship || Not only was she born with the gift of flexibility but Ren was also bestowed with the gift to be naturally fluent with a sword. While she prefers a single blade, she has been known to, under dire circumstances, wield a dual pair.
    Hand-to-Hand Combatant || Thanks to her past interest and the effort she put behind this skill via martial arts, Kana is quite well-trained in terms of fighting in hand to hand combat. Of course, that doesn't mean she likes to use this technique of fighting..after all, she isn't the strongest around.
    Knife Throwing || Stemming off from Swordsmanship, Ren saw the crucial need in having a smaller and more transportable weapon on her person. As such, she picked up knife throwing, her accuracy almost unparalleled.
    Endurance || Driven by a will to live on, Hanako is capable of taking both intense blows and enduring massive stress…very sturdy, indeed.
    Immune || Due to her blood carrying cleansing properties, Hanako is immune to certain drugs, poisons and sleeping pills. As such, it'll take a larger dosage than normal to reap an effect.
    Sprinting || Always one that was quick on her feet, Ren's speed had always been a notable attribute.
    High Pain Tolerance || Kana can tolerate high amounts of pain for a certain amount of time, a gift also rooted in her blood origins.

    Human Calculator || Dubbed to be the fastest and most accurate mathematician in school by her teachers, Ren has always found hard numbers to be comforting. In fact, it has now become an oddity, a hobby if you will, seeing as she will relentlessly do worksheets and problems....and she has yet to meet a math problem she couldn't solve in 30 seconds or less.
    Avid Gamer || Pretty self-explanatory, Kana is a closet-lover of video games. Stemming from her constant need to be near technology and the endless nights without sleep, it was only a matter of time before she become attached. Be them platform or console, MMORPG or PvP, Bri will play whatever is thrown at her.
    Insomniac || A natural talent that many do not know exists, Kana can actually stay awake for days on end and not feel even an ounce of weariness.
    Bottomless Stomach || Able to consume vast amounts of food in short periods, it's practically inhumane watching her eat.
    Chef || Enjoying the creative freedom and the endless combinations of complex flavors, Ren is, surprising to some, rather handy in the kitchen. Armed with a knife and a pot, this woman's food never fails to impress and captivate.
    Emotionally Adapt || Hanako is no stranger to the constant mood swings and emotional fluxes of those around her person…. though she is daft enough to ignore such feelings when they are negative. As such, this particular young lady has become quite well rehearsed in reading other's underlying feelings.
    Enhanced Tastebuds || Thanks to her profound love of food, Kana can, almost with godlike precision, pick out every individual ingredient within her food.
    Scaling Surfaces || Climbing had always been favorite past time in her childhood, be it on her neighbor's trees or on her house's roof.

Retained Traits
    Crimson Tresses || Within her past life and her transformed state, Hanako has always sported the signature vermillion of a Demi-Dragon.
    Jagged Teeth || Linked with the frighteningly carved ivories of a dragon, it is quite noticeable that, in all 3 states, Kana still possesses the menacing rows. Of course, they are quite dulled in her human state..but they are still there, nonetheless.
    Spade Birthmark || A huge connection to her current self and past life, both persons have the exact same birthmark located in the exact same spot.

Powers Known Now
    Far-sight || By focusing on a certain location and by honing in on her dragon blood, Hanako can increase her vision by 150x what is considered normal.
    Fire/Burn Resistance || Able to touch or walk through an open fire, the flames will merely lick at her skin without burning or damaging the surface. Essentially immune to being burned by any substance, Ren is able to extend this ability to laying down on a bed of coals or placing her hand on a recently used stove.
    Strength || Strong by human standards {but still quite weak against some Elite males}, Kana is able to tap into reserves that should belong to a body builder.. not an 18 year old!
    Fire Consumption || Though it's only in small amounts {for now}, Kana can consume fire without burning her lungs or mouth.
    Increased Hearing || With hearing that surpasses any canine or feline, Ren has been known to pick up on heartbeats from 3 rooms away, as well as whispered conversations from the same distances.
    Enhanced Reflexes || Able to dodge attacks with ease, it takes a cunning opponent to land a blow.
    Parseltongue || Thanks to her close ties with reptiles, Kana can, currently, converse with serpents through hisses and high pitched whistles.

Powers Known Later
    Armored Wings || Once she can transform, Kana will be granted mostly impenetrable scales that will cover most of her exposed skin as well as leathered wings that grant her flight.
    Fire Breathing || Hanako will be able to, in the future, spew fire from her mouth and nostrils. Of course, this ability grows stronger with the more fire she consumes {she can not digest her own flames}.
    Roaring || Upon extreme emotions, Ren will be able to unleash a ear-splitting roar that can be used as an intimidation factor.
    Fire Production || Able to conjure up intense flames from her hands, Ren will be able to transfer such fire into her swords and weapons. It should be noted that she will also be able to spread that fire to cover her body or targeted areas on her person.
    Mind Speaking || By establishing links to those she trusts, Hanako will be able to converse with another mentally.


"As J.R.R Tolkien once said; Not all who wander are lost."

    Sweet or Sour tasting foods. || "Other flavours are just wimpy.. Here, want a warhead?"
    Roughhousing and mock/real fighting. || "Best way to solve conflicts… Well c'mon, don't be a little priss!"
    Cloud watching.|| "What? You think it's lame?! Have you ever noticed how relaxing they are?!"
    High graphic Video games.|| "Screw those "vintage players". The new stuff, that's where the fun is at!"
    Fruit.|| "Fruit, besides sweets, is the most amazing thing ever <3 Especially cherries or strawberries!"
    Pirates.|| "Ohohoho.. you wanna hear the one about the infamous Black Beard again?! Alrighty-!!"
    Seeking out new thrills.|| "That burst of adrenaline- it's so perfect!"
    Messing with others.|| "Heh..gotta have fun some time in your life, right? Oh shit- they're on their way! Hide!"
    Fires.|| "The way the flames dance, it's just beautiful… plus, who doesn't like being warm?!"
    Expensive tea.|| "See-?! I can be 'feminine' or whatever you call."
    Snakes.|| "Ohohoho…aren't you just the cutest little fella? I'm going to take you back to my dorm~"
    Control|| "Ok. Here is how it's going to go; you listen to me and I'll make sure that your sorry ass doesn't get killed, alright?"
    Math|| "What? Oh..heh…jealous are you?"
    Gambling|| "Aw..c'mon..! Just one round? You name the game, we'll play it *not like you'll be able to beat me*"

    Bitter tasting foods.|| "Gross. Just..disgusting!"
    Being told of her limitations.|| "Uh huh… go on, keep talking. Oh, me? Don't mind the fact I'm sharpening my dagger or anything like that."
    Gossip|| "….I feel my IQ lowering.."
    Cheap tea.|| "What is this….? Dishwater…??"
    Being idle.|| "I'm bored. Come on. Let's do something. Hey. Hey. Hey. C'mon. Let's do something. Hey."
    Talking about her past.|| "I think you would hate it too, you know, if you are considered a monster."
    Threats|| "….What was that!?"
    Losing Control and Freedom|| "Pfft…you can't keep my caged down-! Screw this, I'm out of here!"
    Swimming/ Large Bodies of Water|| "N-no… I'm..e..erm.. f-fine just watching."
    Birds|| "Gah-!"
    Romance|| "Nasty and sappy. Just plain disgusting, if you ask me."
    Cowards|| "I despise cowards with an intense passion. At least make your life meaningful, even if it means that you end up dying in the end. If that's the case, die or live for something or someone you love, make your last breath count."

    Fearless|| A rare trait for humans to possess, Kana is, seemingly, without fear. Without a shred of hesitation, she will plunge herself into the nightmares of others and into the abyss to save others.
    Protective|| The embodiment of a strong figure, you can always count of Hanako to have your back in a fight or in a time of need.
    Reckless|| Both a curse and blessing, especially paired with her fearlessness, Ren isn't one to ponder and weigh the consequences first
    Blunt|| Not always being of popular opinion, Hanako isn't afraid to voice her feelings and thoughts on a given subject.
    Power|| Thanks to her family name, she has both wealth and a reputation. Of course, she hates to rely on this..but sometimes, it does come in handy.
    Motivated|| Pushing herself to live on, Kana is stubborn in the sense she refuses to allow herself to die. Stemming from her mother's final wishes, she won't accept the idea of losing her life and is quite motivated to live her days out to the fullest.
    Determined|| Once her mind is set, nothing can make Ren waver. Combine that with her passionate traits and you have the embodiment of trouble...both a blessing and a curse at it's best.
    Pure-hearted|| When you get to know her, Hanako is, truly, an honest, innocent and good natured person.. and, of course, to her allies, that is refreshing. Not one to tell lies or manipulate others, not one to leave behind her comrades to suffer, others will find themselves easily trusting her because of this trait..but it's also one that works in advantage for her enemies.

    Being Gentle/ Being Feminine|| Not exactly her forte, any feelings of being gentle or the prospect of acting like a female is foreign and alien to her.
    Compliance|| Disobedient, at times, is a mild word for her behavior towards certain demands and orders. 'Stubborn as a mule' was pretty much invented for her.
    Sheer Strength|| Being a woman, no matter how much she has trained, Ren will always be under men in terms of strength. And, unfortunately, it shows during extended fights.
    Rage|| If someone ticks her off, that does it. Without hesitation, Hanako will go into a lapse of anger, any object within reach a potential tool to make her victim feel pain. When this occurs, it's hard to make her calm down until she fumes for a bit.
    Those Close to Her|| Both a strength and a weakness for Kana, those near and dear to her heart drives her to the extremes of being overprotective. And, trust me when I say this, Ren won't hesitate to have bloodshed should anything happen to them.
    Heavy Thunderstorms|| During these times, Hana has been known to freeze in mind-crippling fear followed by severe anxiety attacks.
    Brooding|| If she gets into a fight with someone close to her or if someone gets hurt because of her, Ren will spend days on end mulling over how to apologize or how to make things right.
    Sympathetic|| The easiest way to manipulate and play her is to pull at her sympathies...and she doesn’t always stop to think of other's hidden meanings before throwing herself at them (even people she knows aren’t trustworthy). It would have to seem like a good cause, of course….but even so, it could definitely be used against her.
    Head in the Clouds|| Continuously yelled at for spacing out or day dreaming, it shouldn't be a surprise that this is a weakness of hers. This is especially a problem when someone is trying to give her orders..sometimes she'll just tune them out.
    Idealist|| She truly believes that the world can, and should, be a better place. As such, Hanako likes to believe the best in people, and this, sometimes, lands her in hot water.
    Impatient|| Being the ball of energy that she is, Kana, in all actuality, is quite impatient. In fact, being idle for even 10 minutes is pure torture.
    Truthful|| For the life of her, Ren can not tell a lie. Honest and true to her core, being able to fib was something this sister never really picked up on…she leaves that to her parents and friends

    Day-dreaming|| The polite term used for zoning out; day-dreaming. Hanako has a tendency to space off..sometimes, just randomly. Of course, it is not on purpose, it's not like she is trying to be rude, however.. let's just say that there are times when something will weigh heavily on her mind and she'll tend to lose herself to her thoughts. As a result, she will typically run into various objects in her thought-induced stupor or trip in mid-air.
    Finger Tapping|| Usually when Ren becomes impatient, she'll begin to tap her fingers down on whatever hard surface she can find, usually in the rhythm of a song or syllables.
    Biting her lip|| When thinking deeply about something or struck with boredom, Kana will often gnaw on her lower lip. Sometimes, this habit is done so aggressively that she will draw blood.. but, most of the times, she doesn't even realize she is doing this until she tastes the metallic iron.
    Wanderer|| Making those who care about her worry is practically Hanako's job.. and what better way to do that then to wander off, for hours on end, without anyone knowing where you went?
    Violent|| Stuck in a mindset that the only way to get things done is through physical threats, Kana, unfortunately, is quite violent. Of course, she tries to restrain herself arounds her friends..but sometimes, even they can irk her to the point where she has to put a hole in someone's locker.
    Nail Biting|| When perplexed by something, Ren, noticeably, lightly bites the nail of her right thumb.
    Blunt|| It's almost ridiculous how severe this habit is; Kana, for the life of her, can not be anything but 100% truthful and opinionated about every matter.
    Twitch || Another bad habit, when annoyed or offended, Ren's right eyebrow will give a small twitch to declare such aggravation outwards. Of course, soon following the motion, a punch to the gut or a swift kick to the shin is expected to be delivered.


"In all honesty, we are continuously searching for someone whose demons can play well with our own."

Within her self construction, Hanako is practically the poster child for the type of kindred spirit who puts her feelings in the open and her heart on her sleeve. Not wanting to focus on restraining herself like her peers, this girl tends live her life the way she wants; by providing attention to her friends and duties..almost a tad bit too excessively, mind you. As such, Ren is, almost always, described as a caring and selfless person who charitably jumps to other's rescue and, without hesitation, recklessly exert herself in order to be of their aid. As you can imagine, Kana does tend to go overboard constantly with protecting others, the situation where she places herself danger's way almost occurring on a daily basis.. hell, she'll even go to the length of shielding someone from a bullet (or powers) if it comes to it. This has been the root origin of her recklessly caring trait, those near and dear to her heart in a never-ending state of worry for her wellbeing and health.

However; despite the constant trouble that plagues her, Hanako truly means everything she does. When performing a task, no matter what it is, this girl will always put forth the greatest display of effort possible, the belief that hard work will pay off in the end guiding her course. Also to be noted, blunt to a fault, this teenager may also have a bit of a temper should someone ever get on her bad side...and isn't afraid to say so if this occurs.

As a child who was pushed into a lifestyle of maturity, Ren typically doesn't allow for others to bother her much as they normally fact, most statements are ones that are brushed aside without further investigation. Of course...there are always exceptions (especially when the prickly subject of her family appear). A certain idea would have to be extraordinarily infuriating for her to crack and figuratively assault the person...but when this occurs, you can be assured that this grudge-holder won't utter a single word to you for months at a time. Taking in her blunt trait, to some people's confusion, Kana can be, at one moment, calm and composed before flipping into a fierce and without bounds character.

Speaking on the broadest possible note, Hanako does have a rather likable and optimistic nature >around her friends<, especially so when she is feeling lively, and can often be spotted taking a playful jab at others...namely her friends. Whether it's about their crush on someone or about a certain aspect of their appearance they hold in a positive/negative light, she loves to playfully prod at them before accepting said retaliations with jovial heartiness. Of course she does it with care as to not upset them.. however; there are times where she can't help herself.


"Welcome to the story that is my life. It's no fairy tale, but I'm happy enough. I never was the 'princess' type, anyhow."

Anton Ivanov || Biological Father || Alive || {1} {2}
Katya Ivanov || Step-Mother || Alive[/i[ || {1} {2}
Leo Ivanov || Step-Brother || [i]Alive
|| {1} {2}

Misao Gasai || Mother || Decease || {1} {2}
Hikari Gasai || Sister || Unknown || {1} {2}

Why are they the way they are? Once again, 1-3 paragraphs.

Past Life Info
You may fill this out as the story goes along, but for now just put your general idea of what kind of person they were in their past life, what you think happened to them.

So begins...

Hanako Gasai's Story