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Keiran Archer

MAJOR W.I.P., will flesh out.

0 · 663 views · located in Futuristic Earth

a character in “Promises”, as played by Vestigial





Main Theme
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Emotional Themes
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| Name |
Keiran Archer (Pronounced Keer-en rather than Kay-ren)

| Nicknames/Aliases |
Keira | Was the name of his dog from a few years ago, and due to it sounding quite similar to his actual name, his family members took to calling him that occasionally. However, he doesn't very much approve of it, due to it sounding too feminine.

Ky | Just a shortened version of his name. He much prefers this to any other name people might call him.



Sexual Orientation
Straight as an arrow.

Has an Irish background from his father's side, and English from his mother's.


Lawful Neutral. He usually does not pick sides in arguments or debates, preferring rather to sit on the sidelines, though has a strong sense of justice in his own eyes, and will intervene if he believes that people are breaking the set rules.

Demon King

Yato | Noragami
Hei | Darker Than Black

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Hair Color
His hair is an almost inky shade of black. In low-lighting, it appears just one dull shade, though in sunlight and other lighting, it appears to have different hues of violet and navy blue in it. It's cut in longer layers, framing his face, reaching just near the nape of his neck. It's dark colour, paired with his light skin bring out the shade of his eyes.

Eye Color
A very pale blue, almost clear like a pool of water, though with just a drop of colour to it. It's almost an attractive colour, nearly periwinkle, and may be to some, but he frets over them being similar to a blind man's eyes.



Physical Description
Keiran at first glance has a rather youthful and naive appearance about him. With his bright eyes, light skin, round face and overall expressiveness in his features, he seems almost younger than his age of eighteen, and definitely nothing more than a unknowing, innocent child. Of course, looks can deceive, as once you begin speaking to him or listening to his words, that image of him quickly changes. After being around him for awhile, you can almost begin to spot little bits of his personality already in his appearance, though it takes a lot of careful attention.

As a perfectionist, Keiran can't stand things being out of place, out of order, or in any sort of chaos whatsoever, no matter how small. This bit of his personality is reflected slightly by the way he dresses and his movements. His clothes are usually darker shades, never anything that is too bright or that might stand out. They never have a wrinkle or crease on them, no stray hairs, and definitely no stains or dirt. If any of that were to happen, he'd go away to change again just to rid of it. His movements are reserved, his hands always by his own side, his eyes rarely making contact with those of another. It's rare that he'll reach out to touch another person. His paranoia sometimes comes into play as well, signified by his few nervous habits. Tapping his fingers on any nearby surface, moving his leg up and down, fiddling with anything within his grasp, stuttering every now and then, etc.

Keiran does hate and dislike many things about himself, however the one main thing he hates the most would be his expressive face. Though he really doesn't want to show it, he does get swings of emotion that show themselves in his expression. Sadness, anger, happiness, fear, etc., he can't really hide any of it. The only thing that may make up for this would be the fact that his eyes reflect nearly no emotion, staying their same shade of grey-periwinkle no matter what he feels. His height, weight and low amount of really any fat or muscle on his body give off the appearance of him being quite lanky. His skin, though not actually that pale, seems much so in comparison to the dark colours he wears, and the deep shade of his hair. Overall, Keiran can appear youthful and childlike at first, but upon further inspection and interaction, is quite the opposite in mind.

Past Physical Description
{AKA what the character will look like when they change}

{What does it look like when the character shifts?}

Preferred Weapon
{Let's try and keep it creative, this means look up gun models, etc.}

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    â˜Ŗ Perception || When not bothered with his occasional sense of paranoia, Keiran is very able at interpreting and analysing the situations around him, or any information presented to him. Due to his preference of listening rather than speaking, he's gotten used to judging before-hand what's going on, and then putting himself into it rather than jumping in without a second thought.
    â˜Ŗ Puzzles || He had always been the one to enjoy activities more on his own than with other people. Puzzles, whether simple jigsaws or riddles, have always entertained him, and he much enjoys knowing that he's probably a lot more clever than other people due to his games. Chess is a favourite of his, though it would take him about fifteen minutes to make just one move.
    â˜Ŗ Memory/Retaining Information || Keiran has a very good memory, both short term and long term. If you were to ask him to recall what colour shirt he was wearing on the 21st of March, he could probably tell you. As well as what the whether was outside. He remembers facts from lessons he had taken in school over seven years ago. Some have before attributed this to an eidetic/photographic memory, though it's never been proven for his case. Keiran attributes it to not a natural skill, but more something he has honed throughout the years through different exercises.
    â˜Ŗ Mathematics || By now, this shouldn't really be any sort of surprise. In both the fields of Math and Science, Keiran excels, due to his ability to memorize information, analyse it, and put it into motion with his knowledge of the situation.

    â˜ĸ Talent || 1-2 sentences explaining
    â˜ĸ Talent || 1-2 sentences explaining
    â˜ĸ Talent || 1-2 explaining {Add more that apply}

Retained Traits
    âžŗ Honesty/Fairness || Honesty is mostly an inward trait, while fairness is outward, though somehow he manages to make both quite outward. Not afraid to say what's on his mind, if it's relevant to the situation, he is quite, in a word, "blunt" with people. If someone is annoying him, they'll tell them so that they know. However, this can go the other way too. If he is fond of someone, he'll probably let them know. As well, he will definitely not be one to cheat at anything. He wants to win most things, but he wants to win honestly .
    âžŗ Looks Before he Leaps|| Keiran is not one to be rash or do anything without thinking it through first. Usually patient, with himself more than other people, he knows that it's better to figure out what's going on around you before you take part in it.
    âžŗ Planning || Though this can be good, in the sense that on a team he's usually the one to organize anything, and can come up with amazing plans, this can be bad if you're the one being targeted. From a young age, Keiran always wanted to be at the top, and sometimes in order to do this, you had to bring other people down. Of course, not through deceiving and lying...more just through well thought out heists that would eventually tear down the person's ambition, strength, stamina, and their mind itself. In his spare time while observing people, you can almost see the calculating glances he'll give to people as he studies to learn everything about them in case he needs to go against them.
    âžŗ Narcissistic || To an extent, at least. Not entirely full of himself 24/7, though always thinking about his convenience over others, and believing that he is simply better than most in terms of his mind/intelligence. Due to this, he gets easily annoyed with those who might be a lot more naive, gullible, or just plain dumb. He feels that people should respect him for what he is, and will usually only interact with people that he feels is on his same level. Those above him, however (some who might be smarter, in an authority position, etc.), he will pay his respect to.

Powers Known Now
    âœĢ Nocturnal Vision || During the night, or other areas of darkness, he is able to see as if the room or area was fully lit. Though his perception of colours is a bit off, he can tell shapes and details of objects or people. However, due to this, his vision all the time is very sensitive to bright light, or sudden flashes.
    âœĢ Minor Darkness Manipulation || Is able to blanket certain areas in pitch black/can rid of light in a certain vicinity. This power is only minor currently, however, and most he can do is get rid of any sources of light in rooms.
    âœĢ Fear Perception || Is able to discern and understand the fears of others, able to use this to his advantage later. For now, it's a mix of just basic observation and the slight ability to enter the mind of the subject that he has now. Of course, this power isn't of much use to him now. But later on, it will be very advantageous.

[color=color here]Powers Known Later[/color]
    ★ Major Darkness Manipulation || Will be able to blanket entire buildings, or even towns with complete darkness, completely ridding of any presence of light whatsoever. This comes at a major advantage for him, since he is able to see in the darkness. However, he can't create it entirely from nowhere. He must have some source material. As well, constant exposure or use of this begins to lead to a sort of corruption.
    ★ Possession || A supernatural ability that allows him to merge mentally with creatures ranging from small mice, to large dogs. Though possible to be done on humans, it's much riskier, and he probably would not take the chance unless desperate. The amount of time is not unlimited, however. The larger the host, the shorter the allotted amount of time. For example, in a mouse, he might have up to five minutes. Though in a wolf, might only have a minute. As well, the more simplistic the mind, the easier it is to possess. If his host dies too, then he dies as well. While possessing a creature, he must ensure that his own body is in a safe place, as there is currently no entity in it, and is essentially 'unconscious' or sleeping. After the possession is over, the host is usually incapacitated for a short time, later feeling nauseous and disoriented. There's a lot of restrictions to this ability, however, it's quite useful.
    ★ Shadow Mimicry || Keiran will be able to transform his body completely into shadows. Though while transformed, the body is still anatomically identical to the normal form, aside of being made of shadow, in which case it contains all to organs and is vulnerable to attacks. However with enough practise, he will be able to transform into homogenous matter, without any part of his form being more important than the other. With this, he can assume a 2D form, extend outward to become a larger shadow, blend into shadows completely, or even teleport through them. (Must, however, be conjoined or attached to some other shadow in the area where he would move to and from. Can only be done when light is present, as shadows must be formed somehow.)
    âœĢ Fear Inducement || Can invoke or increase the amount of fear felt in a subject, by targeting the user's brain in the release of the fear-inducing chemicals. (This access to a user's brain was already shown in his 'Possession' ability. In some cases, the subject's perception may be altered, causing them to see their fears in physical form, and start to fear their environment around them. At first, Keiran will only be able to work off of already felt feelings of fear, but later on, will be able to bring the feeling up from no previous feeling. It's almost a form of mind control, though this is the only area he is able to work with, besides the areas along with 'Possession'.

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So begins...

Keiran Archer's Story