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Ulric Lindon

WIP Status: Minor "...."

0 · 777 views · located in Futuristic Earth

a character in “Promises”, as played by Naught





Alive? Or Just Breathing? Because, while i'm drowning everyone's breathing. And in the end. There's still no feeling.


Ulric J. Lindon




Sexual Orientation
Asexual || Aromantic


A doll with a sullen face.

Lawful Neutral


Luka Crosszeria

I had no heart once. When it beats it doesn't hurt, it never stops beating. I guess this is what they call living.



Hair Color
Raven Black

Eye Color
Blue - Green



Physical Description
|| Scars || None as of yet. || Birthmarks || None. || Tattoos || He has two X's on his right arm. But, he doesn't remember what they signify.

Ulric stands as the wind blows carelessly in the air, like it has no place to sit still. Like a child at a carnival, jumping for joy at the attractions. This handsome young man skin looks like any other humans; rough on some parts, and smooth on some others. Ulric is rather well built and has curves where a regular male should have them. Though, he isn't perfect, his eyes are the color of the sun rising upon the ocean lighting it up to sparkle the sides of the world. His nails are abnormally long for a males. Though no one ever sees a smile or frown on his face, his stature is rather on the proper side. Following along with his clothing, which consists in black colored leather and jewelry that fits his outfits at the time.

Past Physical Description
Though asexual by gender, his hair was more female like. It's hair was a medium-short because, it curled at the dolls shoulders and was a stunning chocolate brown. The dolls skin was smooth all the way to it's head down to it's toes. It always held on to a rose, and it never let go. The dolls eye, the one that wasn't covered over by hair was a deep ocean blue color. Though the fashion of the doll was more of the Victorian kimono style than anything and it was never changed.

His mouth stretches a bit and sows his lips and the sowing continues on both of his wrist and the rest of his joints on his body. After that is done his eyes start to widen and it changes from a greenish-blue, to a deep ocean blue, and finally to a forest green color. When that is done, his hair turns to this light brown color on the more messy side. His skin turns from fair skinned to pale. It looks like a painful process and it sort of is.

Preferred Weapon
Has this cane with a flamingo on top that acts like a gun. Brings more of a entertaining side to his form. Other than that he has this dragunov he only wears strapped behind his back when there is trouble a foot. Or if he's on a mission.

There's no questions for why I am this way. I can't even remember to tell you.


    ☣ Parkour || it's not that he enjoys it well, he can't. If it's for succeeding in his duties there is no fun to it.
    ☣ Thinking || He's not stupid, he will think of a certain thing, and try to build something out of it.
    ☣ Observing || He likes to study certain people and when he observes them it's usually to research on a certain emotion.

    ☒ Violin || Is somehow very skilled at play the instrument.
    ☒ Mind over Matter || This is the ability to put all fears and doubts out of the mind and proceed with what is at hand.
    ☒ Calmness || Ulric tends to be calm in stressful situations. This allows them to keep from panicking during crisis.
    ☒ Pain Resistance || Ulric has a high tolerance for pain.
    ☒ Tactful || No matter who the person, Ulric will find a nice way and time to break any bad news or criticism to that person.

Retained Traits
    ➳ Emotions || Not much of a personality, doesn't understand emotions.
    ➳ Obedient || Obeys rules and orders from superiors without question.
    ➳ Loyal || Extremely loyal towards friends and family.

Powers Known Now
    ✫ Solidification || Explain, keep it basic
    ✫ Power ||
    ✫ Power ||

Powers Known Later
    β˜… Clones || Explain, these are more complex {Obviously add more in the same format}
    β˜… Power ||
    β˜… Power ||

Even as the way I am. I have things I enjoy more than others. Though, it may not look like it. And I have things that I highly disapprove of but, there is no reason as to why I should get angry over it.


    ❀ Greenery || "Believe it or not, a rather large plain of grass, actually brings out the peace in others."
    ❀ Silence || "Silence to me, is more precious. It's rarely every given. But, when it is given I enjoy every minute of it."
    ❀ Integrity || "Doing good things and doing it the right way, when no one is looking. It shows that someone is very work driven."
    ❀ Leather || "Please. Do not ask me why. I just do."
    ❀ Poetry || "There's a very stunning feeling to it. I enjoy it on my free time."
    ❀ Training || "The more a person practices on something. The better they get. Simple as that."

    ✘ Stubborn People || "They are quite annoying. Are they the only ones with one thing set in mind and sometimes it's dead wrong?"
    ✘ Stupidity || "It's okay to be challenged in some things but, do not act like it."
    ✘ Evil Doings || "I don't really feel any hatred for it or and encouragement. As long as it is not around me."
    ✘ Tight Spaces || "I've been in that coffin case for so long. I do not want to go back to that feeling."
    ✘ The Dark || "It just pokes at me for some reason. It can be dark. Just no too dark."
    ✘ Fire || "Everything about it. Anyone who uses it. I will not accept it around me."

    βœ” Integrity || The ability to do things even when no one is looking.
    βœ” Loyal || Anyone can trust him to do things, and he will not stab them in the back.
    βœ” Interpersonal || Is obviously calm throughout any situation.

    ☠ Fragile Wrists || Ulric has weak wrist, so he can't hold things as long as he wants to.
    ☠ Fearless || Will jump into dangerous situations with little hesitation or thought for his own personal safety.
    ☠ Not Subtle || Ulric has no concept in hurting feelings. He just tells it like it is.

    ❖ Habit || Explain 1-2 sentences
    ❖ Habit || Explain 1-2 sentences
    ❖ Habit || Explain 1-2 sentences {Add more if they apply}
    ❖ Habit || Explain 1-2 sentences
    ❖ Habit || Explain 1-2 sentences
    ❖ Habit || Explain 1-2 sentences

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[color=color here]Personality[/color]
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[color=color here]History[/color]
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[color=color here]Past Life Info[/color]
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So begins...

Ulric Lindon's Story