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Ashley 'Ash' Stone

".....It's Ash...not Ashley....Ash...."

0 · 706 views · located in Mansion Le~ Karutarii

a character in “Proper Etiquette 101”, as played by October


Your full name is: Ashley 'Ash' Alice Stone
She gets very mad if you call her Ashley.
Your age is: 16 Years and 8 months.
You are: [Strike]Male[/Strike]/Female
Your location is: England,Britan (( but they moved to New york when she turned 3 moved back when 9 and moved back to new york when 13))
Your relationship status is currently:Single
You are currently employed as a:Student
You are: 5 feet tall
You weigh in at: 143 lbs
Your hair colour is:Black
Your eye colour is: Grayish blue
You would describe your physical appearance as: Long black hair, long bangs that sometimes cover eyes, slightly tan/pale skin,grayish blue eyes
Your most unique feature is:Ythen long black hair that gose to her mid thighs. she never cuts it.
The general attire you are seen in: She only wears tanktops,hoodies and jeans/shorts.
Your closest friends would describe you as: She has a go-with-the-flow kinds of way to her, she is a ture leader but she hates to be noticed and stays in the back ground unless something bothers her. She is rather sneaky and she can move around in the shadows and no one notices her. She barely ever talks unless spoken tothrough she listens very closely to everything around her so she tends to know what's going on, through she zones out alot.
Describe any unusual markings you have here: a scar on her left side of her stomic and a lighting shaped birth marks on her right upper arm very faded through so you have to stand close to see it.
Your virtues are:she's quiet,listens to everything,sarcastic,almost always calm.
Your faults are:quiet,sarcastic,barely talks.
Your hobbies/interests are:reading, drawing(great drawer) and swimming.
Your likes and dislikes are:dark places,thunder,always has nightmares.
Your greatest fears are:Thunder and soemtimes she wakes up screaming cause of the nightmares.

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Ash was born in england, she had an older brother and sister, when they moved to new york, 2 years later they got in a car crash and her brother and sister died, they were her hero's and seeing them die changed Ash. she stopped going by her name and only by the nick name her sister gave her 'Ash' and she started skipping school when she reached 7th grade school because she was rather smart and needed not to learn much more. her sister was great at art and Ash is trying to be as good as she once was..she feels she has to live her sister's dreas for her since she never got to and that anger's her parents. Ash also got a pocket knife from her grandfather before he died, he had carved both of their names and her brothers and sisters names into it and if she had it while she slept (closed of couse) she could sleep better. After a few years her parents made her move back to new yark and that's when she really started out. she just wanted to go back to England.

So begins...

Ashley 'Ash' Stone's Story