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Lily Aurinar

"Life is more precious than gold. Spend it well."

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a character in “Prophecy”, originally authored by Gamer_Templar, as played by RolePlayGateway


[Name]: Lily Aurinar

[Age]: 18

[Gender]: Female

[Sexuality]: Heterosexual

[Role]: Necromancer

[Powers]: The most latent of Lily's powers is her ability to communicate with the dead, whether for guidance or information. She can indeed reanimate a corpse and control it, although having your own macabre marionette is rather taxing, not to mention ethically ambiguous at best.

Close Combat: Sure, she might not be a champion of the sword, but Lily can still use one well enough to hold her own in a fight.
Alchemy: Originally starting out as an avid interest, Lily's first forays into practical alchemy produced less than desirable results. Thanks to constant practice and experimentation, along with learning to keep a bucket of water handy at all times, she is capable of making a few basic explosives and firebombs, if given the right materials.
Bone Crafting: Has quite the talent for carving small trinkets... out of bone. In the case of human bone, she will try her best to ask for permission beforehand, although back home it's not uncommon for the dead to feel honoured that their bones would grace the body of a revered necromancer in the form of jewellery.

[Weaknesses]: Prefers one-on-one fighting in melee, and her own method of ranged combat usually involves varying amounts of collateral damage, depending on the environment. In addition to this, she is more likely to put her duties before her companions. Or herself, for that matter.

[Fears]: Where most others would fear death itself, Lily's worst nightmare would involve having her soul trapped against her will.

[Likes]: Lily really enjoys the view one can get from, say, the top of a tower. Reminds her of home, in a way.

[Dislikes]: People who think they know about her job much better than she does, especially if they've never spent the night in a crypt before.

[God]: Morengar, the god of the dead, is one of the more reclusive gods of Aurora's pantheon, and one of the oldest. In the early days of the world, Morengar fondly looked upon those who embalmed the dead and gave them a proper resting place, safe from desecration. In turn, he blessed these people with the ability to communicate with the dead, so that their jobs would not be without thanks. These early morticians became the first necromancers. As ages passed, he taught the necromancers to communicate with the dead, so that they may fulfil any last requests of the deceased, or even learn from the mistakes that were made in history, in the hope that they would not be repeated.
Open worship is mostly conducted in the more inhospitable lands of the Sageburrow desert and Napgliss mountains, where ancient mausoleums still stand, guarded by Morengar's devoted necromancers. In most other places, there are petty squabbles over whether Morengar is good or evil, yet these same people use funerary rites originally practiced by Morengar's disciples.

[History]: Lily grew up living a comfortable, if somewhat uneventful, life in Oakhall, a high-walled town in the Napgliss mountains. Being an only child, her father decided to take her on as an apprentice mortician on her thirteenth birthday. Being in a town that openly worshipped the god of the dead, this predictably led to her being chosen by Morengar to become a necromancer like her father, and over the next several years she was taught the essentials; one must not only guide the dead to their final resting place, but also defend that place should it be assaulted.
A few days after her eighteenth birthday, Lily was visited by a spirit from the afterlife, who gave her a message from Morengar himself. She was told to leave Oakhall and journey to the land of forest and field to meet the others that the gods had chosen, to ultimately avenge the death of the Emperor and his wife. Her journey to the Northhedge fields was assisted in part by fellow necromancers, who either provided her with provisions or a place to rest for the night.

[Family]: Lily's only family are her parents, both of whom are still alive and well. While her father is indeed a necromancer himself, her mother is a historian who married into the Aurinar bloodline.

[Hometown]: The fortified town of Oakhall, located somewhere in the Napgliss mountains. The town itself is built upon one of Morengar's ancient subterranean mausoleums, making it a safe haven for those who worship him.

So begins...

Lily Aurinar's Story


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It was one thing to be searching for something or someone, but to do so without anything to go on other than "You'll know when you find it"? It was infuriating, yes, but the ultimate goal would certainly make the hardships worth suffering. Guided by the words of Morengar, Lily had ended up in a small town on the edge of the Mallowpine forest, supposedly to meet or locate one of the chosen heroes.

Apparently, it was a market day here, with the streets lined with various brightly coloured stalls and the gates opened to welcome any traders who were passing through. Had she not been wearing the hooded robe given to her before leaving Oakhall, Lily would've got a lot more than a few funny looks upon entering the town. Necromancers raised in these parts tended to look more inconspicuous than the ones from the mausoleum cities.

With no heroic-looking figures in sight, Lily decided to take the opportunity to buy some provisions for the next journey with some of the money she had left. Luckily the stall owners were willing to do business with even the most concealingly-dressed of strangers, but there is no problem as long as the buyer has the money, no?

Despite the usual cheerfulness brought by market day, Lily could sense some... uneasiness among the crowd. Whispered conversations here and there, and none of them were even to do with her. These people were frightened of something else. Okay, it didn't take a genius to work out the throne-usurping reason, but still... why be so fearful at this exact moment?


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Character Portrait: Lily Aurinar
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Having managed to find an inn for the night, Lily could finally get some rest and go over the day's events in relative peace and quiet. Before reaching the town, which she found out was named Fairhaven, the morning was mostly spent either walking or hiding from patrols so she wouldn't get caught and sent off to an untimely fate. As for the search for the other heroes, well... no matter how many times Lily walked the streets, she could find no trace of them. Either they were hiding under a really, really good disguise or none of them were in Fairhaven at all. But if that was the case, why would Morengar send her here? Well, it was getting dark, and maybe the answer would come to the necromancer after a good night's sleep...

The night was largely uneventful, save for a couple things that happened upon the midnight hour. As the comet passed overhead, Lily was contacted by Morengar, but this time in person. Or, well, as a voice in her head, but up until now it had always been messages sent by the spirits of the dead. This particular message wasn't long. Then again, it didn't have to be.

"Lily Aurinar, it is time. From this day forth you shall be marked as my champion for both the living and the dead."

What came next was some kind of searing pain, yet at the same time it felt icy cold. Unexpectedly thrown out of her slumber, Lily instinctively clutched at her right hand, but the pain had gone as quickly as it came. Curious, the necromancer held her hand to the moonlight coming through the window to check for any burn scars. Instead, she found a black marking that stood out clear against her pale skin. Lily did recognise the symbol, but any further investigation would have to wait until the morning, with better light and a clearer mind.

Sadly, Miss Aurinar did not get much of a chance to take a close inspection of her rune the next morning. The town was under siege! The gates had been closed and the sound of a steady pounding indicated that a simple battering ram had been set up. Every able-bodied man had been mustered to help defend the place, by the look of it. Lily decided to ask one of the town guardsmen what was going on.

"It's Bandrial's men," he said. "They're attacking Fairhaven, but we don't know why! We've been able to pay her damnable taxes, but I bet you anything she'll find any excuse to pillage us regardless." Another thud sounded from the ram, this time accompanied by an audible creaking. Those gates weren't going to last much longer, and despite the fact that she had a sword, Lily hadn't been in a battle like this before, not against dozens of armed and armoured men who'd kill you without a second glance. Morengar, you'd better be watching over me, the necromancer thought to herself as she got ready to either run or fight.


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Once the gates were breached, it was no longer a case of defending the town. The number one priority now was trying to survive amidst the chaos and carnage that was being carried out by Bandrial's accursed army. Having been separated from the guardsmen, Lily had kept to the shadows, using hit-and-run tactics to take out individual soldiers while avoiding larger groups. The streets were filled with bodies, mostly those of the townsfolk and the guardsmen. Lily had seen corpses both fresh and ancient, but that was back in Oakhall. She'd never seen such desecration committed before. There was no mistaking that Bandrial needed to die. The countless lives ended by her hand had to be avenged.

Taking a quick look out into the street from the building she had been hiding in, Lily could see another soldier, all on his lonesome. Sword drawn, she was about to go for an ambush, but suddenly a shout was heard. Female, by the sound of it. As the soldier turned, an arrow came out of nowhere, hitting the man right in the throat. The archer who fired said arrow quickly came into Lily's view as they went further down the street, seemingly intent on racking up a good body count. Looks like they could be quite a useful ally.

Just then, a glint of metal caught the necromancer's eye. The archer hadn't noticed another soldier who was watching from a nearby alley, and had decided to sneak up behind and go in for the kill. Of course, shouting a warning would've attracted attention, so there was only one option available. Once the soldier passed by the door she was at, Lily managed to ambush him. Although there was a brief struggle, she managed to kill the soldier before he could try doing the same to her.

If anyone had heard the noise, it was certainly the archer. A very scruffy-looking one at that, now that Lily had a chance to get a good look at the person she just saved. And, having ditched the hooded cloak during the fighting, the archer was in turn able to scrutinise their saviour. There was no mistaking that Lily was a necromancer, what with the clothes of black and dark green, and a couple of amulets made of bone. Right now, all that was needed in terms of communication was a simple nod of acknowledgement. Besides, the archer woman didn't look like a particularly chatty person anyway.


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#, as written by Jynxii

Lilith hung back silently as the group rushed blindly into the burning city, each on some heroic mission to save the half burnt town. The shifter watched them boredly, standing idly back as everyone else charged in, revealing their skills and abilities openly and carelessly. The swordman, charging around comically with his large blade. The archer, dainty and childlike with her size and appearance. Arrow after arrow consistently met it's mark. The mage, who stood waving his hands around, looking like he was having a secure for a brief moment before water directed itself towards his foes. It was all very boring. What did Lilith care if children of parents she did not know were being slaughtered? Less mouths to feed. More room on the planet for Una's children. These souls were all going to burn anyway, for not following the true beliefs. These 'heroes' were just slowing the inevitable.

With a shake of her mane, the mare turned to walk around the city. This was not her battle. The queen could do whatever she wanted to these people- they were not her people. They did not follow or respect Una. They were nothing to her. Just sacks of blood that consumed the forest to build their homes and spread their ignorance. She had turned back towards the woods when her mark began to burn once more, scolding her for trying to abandon the party she had been placed into. With a dark mental growl, she walked past Aitan, muttering mentally to him. End this quickly. I want to move on. Her voice clearly indicated how annoyed and bored she was with the whole situation.

Without saying anything else, she walked into one of the allies, ignoring the flaming arrows that shot past her flanks, nearly missing her. The soldiers of the queen seemed to pay her little mind. After all- what person in their right mind would give two damns about a horse walking by when there was a necromancer, mage, swordman, and archer attacking them? None, Lilith bet, and she was correct. She slipped by them with ease, going unnoticed. Once behind the ally where none could see her, she shifted into a beautiful hawk. She sore upwards into the sky, preferring a birds-eye-view on the situation at hand. Just how many did they have? From here, she could mentally send down locations of units and soldiers to Aitan on the ground, where he could relay to everyone else, should he feel the need to share the warning.

She let out a screech into the air, flying too high for the arrows to reach, as they were aimed at those on the ground, and not at her, in the air. After all; she was just a bird... You're out numbered, she sent down mentally to Aitan, knowing that he could hear her. Their mental rage was quite impressive from years of spending time together and building the skill. More soldiers coming on on the mage's right. Men on horses coming from the west. They seem to be weak in their left flank. The street to your east is filled with more soldiers. The street to the west is empty. Flank them that way. Their enforcements are already moving to the next town. They have no idea what's happen--- I see their scout. Pardon me, won't you dear? Need to intercept that message. With that, Lilith cut their mental bond and took off with another screech, speeding through the air after the skinny, lone soldier they had sent running through the back allies to get their enforcements.

In seconds she was on him. With another screech, she descended upon him, her claws digging into his eye sockets. The boy, as he was a boy and not yet a man, screamed and thrashed around-- but there was no one to hear him. He was too far from his officers, and their enforcements. There was no one but him, and the deranged bird that was assaulting his features. Lilith landed, and in one sick, bone crunching movement she shifted into her human form, watching the lad stagger around blindly, sobbing blood tears. Lilith clicked her tongue at him, slowly walking over. "Now, now,"[color] she purred, [color=darkred]"Hush now. This will only hurt a moment. Blessed be the children of the moon." She whispered the last sentence as her hands grabbed the staggering boy, no older than 13, by the head, swiftly twisting his neck and effectively snapping his spinal cord. He was dead within seconds.

The sound of his bones snapping were familiar to Lilith, and as the blood of his eyes gushed over onto her hands she released his corpse. Remorseful? Of course not. He was not the first life she had taken. She raised her bloodied hands to the sky,"Blessed are the children of the moon. Hail, Una, the one true Goddess." She smiled and looked back to the boy once more, making a 'tsk' sound with her tongue. With a sigh, she picked up his body and dragged him into a nearby door way, hiding the body. With a small shrug, she shifted back into her hawk form and took to the skies again, searching for Aitan. No re-enforcements. I handled it. Where are you?