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Protect The Royalty

Protect The Royalty


Seven years after the royal siblings escaped the savage slaughter of their city, their attempted killers have returned to finish the job.

1,204 readers have visited Protect The Royalty since RawkFist created it.


Protect The Royalty

Seven years previous to this story, a greedy prince wanted to rule more than just his own city. Bordering his land was the land of Marzi, in it was Zariku, a city of wealth and beauty. The only way to take control fully was to plunge the city into chaos, and he would most likely have succeeded in that plan by killing the royal family. Without their beloved royalty, the city would be helpless.. leaderless. They would beg for his guidance and help.

He sent many of his secret assassins to murder the family, but each one was caught and killed. Out of pure annoyance and fury, he sent an entire army instead. The Zariku army proved difficult for his own army, however he won the battle. The entire city became a large wasteland of ruined buildings and dead bodies. Whatever was left of the army grouped together and helped the remaining royal siblings escape.

They wandered around for many months, before coming to a suitable patch of land. There they set up tents, fires, etc. When their resources built up, they were able to turn their tents into cottages. They also built a large wooden fence around the camp. It was small, but it was home. To them anyway.

The prince had no idea the siblings had escaped, until now. He saw the determination in each one of the survivors, and feared the day they would grow strong and seek revenge for the death of their friends and family. To prevent this from happening, he got together a group of skilled assassins, warriors and archers. Every week or so, he sends out a bunch of them in the hope that he wipes out the camp. They all failed.


Role: Prince
Name: Alexander Krawsic || Age: 22 | FC: Noctis Lucis Caelum | Taken by WhySoSerious?

Role: Princess 1
Name: Samantha Krawsic | Age: 18 | FC: Lightning | Taken by RawkFist

Role: Princess 2 (Pregnant)
Name: Amanda Krawsic | Age: 20 | FC: Ada Wong | Taken by Miss_Dreamer

Role: Soldier 1
Name: ------ | Age: [18-20] | FC: Jake Muller | Open.

Role: Soldier 2
Name: Simon Marth | Age: 20 | FC: Nathan Drake | Taken by RawkFist

Role: Soldier 3
Name: Clara Black | Age: 19 | FC: Jill Valentine | Taken by MaliceInWonderland

Role: Guard 1
Name: Elias Fowler | Age: 20 | FC: Leon Kennedy | Taken by MaliceInWonderland

Role: Guard 2
Name: ------ | Age: [18-20] | FC: Lady | Open.

Role: Guard 3
Name: ------ | Age: [18-20] | FC: April Ryan | Open.

Role: Assassin
Name: Zantice Xavier | Age: 19 | FC: Desmond Miles | Taken by WhySoSerious?
((He's from the Prince's assassins, but he took pity on the royal siblings and helped them escape the city, so they have a very faint trust in him)).

Character Application

Name: [Royal siblings must have Krawsic as their last name]
Age: [Stick to the age limit on your selected role]
FC: [No changes]
Area of speciality: [e.g. Archery, tactical planning, etc. Something simple, yet useful to the group. Anything will do]
Weaponry: [Guns are allowed, but handguns only. Any other weapon is allowed. Can have more than 1 but no more than 4]
Armor/Clothing: [Nothing too big and flashy. If you're going for armor, make sure it's not expensive or over-sized. The group aren't that rich in money yet, so that kind of armor is off limits for the time being]
Personality: [Don't make your character too perfect. Everyone has their flaws]

Additional Information

+ This story is set in a mythical version of Earth. Completely made up. We follow a very old way of living, in the way that we live in olden time villages, but it can also have very futuristic aspects.
+ There is internet in this world, very much like how we use internet nowadays.
+ The clothing can range from very old styles to very new and current styles. It all depends on your character and how they act or portay themself.
+ The Prince's Assassins are NPCs. No one will ever encounter the prince so I needn't add the character in or even use him as an NPC.
+ All mythical creatures exist, it deosn't matter what they are or where they live. They exist.


Cabin 1
+ Alexander Krawsic
+ Samantha Krawsic
+ Amanda Krawsic

Cabin 2
+ Zantice Xavier
+ Elias Fowler
+ (Soldier 1)
+ Simon Marth

Cabin 3
+ (Guard 3)
+ (Guard 2)
+ Clara Black

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Felix finished the ice cream, smiling at Amanda's joke. Watching Amanda eat the ice cream made him laugh. Felix thought maybe he should go make himself useful instead of socializing, but he remembered how bored he was before. Maybe he should just stay here and Amanda would have him run an errand or do some chores, or perhaps something more exciting. He played with the empty bowl on the table, spinning it around. He must have looked like a fool doing so.

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Character Portrait: Alexander Krawsic
Character Portrait: Zantice Xavier
Character Portrait: Felix Elroy


Character Portrait: Felix Elroy
Felix Elroy

"A hero is not one who risks his life, but one who risks his life accomplishing the task at hand."

Character Portrait: Zantice Xavier
Zantice Xavier

"You've no reason not to trust me".

Character Portrait: Alexander Krawsic
Alexander Krawsic

"You have mistaken me for someone that actually cares".


Character Portrait: Alexander Krawsic
Alexander Krawsic

"You have mistaken me for someone that actually cares".

Character Portrait: Zantice Xavier
Zantice Xavier

"You've no reason not to trust me".

Character Portrait: Felix Elroy
Felix Elroy

"A hero is not one who risks his life, but one who risks his life accomplishing the task at hand."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Felix Elroy
Felix Elroy

"A hero is not one who risks his life, but one who risks his life accomplishing the task at hand."

Character Portrait: Zantice Xavier
Zantice Xavier

"You've no reason not to trust me".

Character Portrait: Alexander Krawsic
Alexander Krawsic

"You have mistaken me for someone that actually cares".

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Re: Protect The Royalty

Oh, my bad I thought they were all connected like an ranch style apartment sorta thing.

Re: Protect The Royalty

My apologies, but there seems to be a bit of confusion here. As in you, MaliceInWonderland.

There are 3 houses/cabins in the village. One houses the royalty, one houses the boys and one houses the girls. The way your posts are going, it makes out that you think there's one giant one. You don't have to go back and edit every post, but just make sure you consider this in future posts.

Thank you.

Re: Protect The Royalty

Once your characters have been accepted, feel free to post. I'm going to start mine tonight.

Re: Protect The Royalty

@MaliceInWonderland - Jill and Leon are reserved for you!

@Miss_Dreamer - Thanks a bunch c: She's been reserved for you!

@Noxize - Nice attitude.. But whatever makes you happy, I guess. Go ahead.

Re: Protect The Royalty

Sounded awesome until I saw that this had Face Claims...ew. Even fake poeople ones are boring.

Anyway I could make a dude, and NOT use a Face Claim?

Re: Protect The Royalty

Okay I will reserve her and be pregnant to make you happy WhySoSerious?

I like to please people.

Re: Protect The Royalty

Rawk based the characters and plot after a story that I'd written a while back, and in the story she'd had a baby with a commoner, a blacksmith, but he'd died in the attack on Zariku. I suppose she doesn't have to be, but I'd prefer it if she was. x'D

Re: Protect The Royalty

I'd like Jill Please and Maybe Leon

*skips off to play RE6*

Re: Protect The Royalty

I want to reserve princess 2, BUT! why is she pregnant?
Who is the daddy?
And does she HAVE to be pregnant?

Protect The Royalty

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