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Amanda Krawsic

Pregnant, but strong

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a character in “Protect The Royalty”, originally authored by Miss_Dreamer, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Amanda Krawsic
Age: 20
FC: Ada Wong
Role:Princess 2(pregnant)
Area of speciality: Archery and Shooting guns
Weaponry: Bow and Arrow, 2 handguns
Armor/Clothing: My armor
Personality: Amanda is very outgoing for a princess despite the typical stereotypes. She likes to talk to everyone and can make friends very easily. Now that she is pregnant it is a bit harder to do so, but she still manages. She isn't much of a leader like her sister. But she can draw a crowd. She doesn't like when people annoy her though. She likes to take drastic measures to get people to leave her alone which usually falls along the lines of threatening their life. She has a temper and things have to go her way. Sometimes to get her way she would pull the "I'm pregnant" line on people. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

So begins...

Amanda Krawsic's Story


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Amanda saw Sam and Elias walk into the village and she smiled, but then Sam was hiding something on her cheek and she knew that something was wrong. When Sam made it to her cabin Amanda walked over to her with her hands on her hips. "What happened?" Sam was lucky that it was Amanda had spotted them and not Alex. Alex would blow this out of proportioned and they would have to move towns again. She gently pushed Sam into the cabin so that if Alex came out he wont see them.


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Alexander stood up and wandered inside, not paying any attention to her sister, whom had just left the village with Elias, one of his most trusted guards. He closed the door behind him and watched Amanda drink her tea. He frowned slightly. "Good morning, I trust you and your little gremlin slept well" He said in a sort of questionable tone, but didn't need or want an answer. He nodded his head to her and entered his private quarters. On the little table beside his bed was a notebook and a pen pot.

He sat down, took a pencil from the pot and opened the notebook, scribbling furiously on the lined paper. If he pushed down any harder, he most likely would've broken the lead, though he refrained from doing so. He hardly had any decent pencils left because of the pressure he'd put down whilst writing.

Day 31 of my journal. It's not been a long day. It's still morning, however my boredom has driven me to write this entry. I will probably add more as the day goes on. Just a few moments ago, I saw my younger sister Samantha walk up to the boy's cabin and leave with Elias. They went out of the village together. It might be foolish of me to jump to conclusions like this, but I can't help but think something's going on there. Whether it be a close friendship or the start of a romance. I'll have to keep an eye on them in the future. Samantha cannot and will not become distracted by him. I simply won't allow it.

He let his pen drop to the table and he stood up, exiting the bedroom. It had taken him a while to come up with that alone. Alexander had never been much of a skilled writer, so it took him much longer to think of things to actually write down. He wandered through the halls and straight out the door, noticing Clara was looking around for something, or perhaps someone.

"Clara, is something wrong, dear?" He asked just loud enough for her to hear from her distance away.


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Alexander stood up as the door knocked, walking slowly towards it. He heard Clara call through. 'These two just don't give up, do they?' He asked. He was sensing a sort of pattern. He would send away one, the other would come, he'd send away that one and the first one would come back, and then it would repeat. It was getting kind of tiring.

His hand gripped onto the handle and he yanked the door open, nearly pulling it off it's weak hinges. He nodded for her to come inside, then returned to his place on the couch. "What is it this time?" He asked, a slight hint of irritation in his tone.

Zantice exited the boy's cabin, his still blurry eyes glistening as the sun reflected off them. His arms stretched out and a loud yawn left his mouth. It was much needed. Even though he'd pretty much slept through a majority of the morning, he was still a little bit tired. He pulled his hood up and sighed in content as the hood shadowed his eyes. He scanned the area, seeing no one around. Zantice ran to the side and climbed up the fence, perching himself ontop of the fence, in a crouch.

There was nothing lurking about in the trees today, which was odd. Mondays were usually when the other assassins came. He assumed someone must have taken them out. They never missed a monday, the Prince simply wouldn't allow it. "Pity. I never got to kill them myself" He said, his voice dull. Even though he'd grown up around the assassins, each one of them would constantly torment him, so he would jump at the chance to kill them.

Zantice dropped from the fence and ran towards the royalty's cabin. He ran around the back and found the princess' bedroom window. He'd often go to Samantha's room and attempt to flirt with her, but he had to go the back way incase Alexander saw. He brought his hand up and tapped on the window slightly. He stood back a bit and waited for her to let him in.


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Samantha's eyes shot over to the window as she heard a few taps. She cursed under her breath and rushed over to it, opening the curtains. She couldn't help but smile when she saw him, but she was still angry at him. The window opened and she poked her head out. "Zantice.. There's a front door, y'know" She said, winking at him with the eye opposite to her sister. Sam hoped he would get the hint. "I know you grew up without being around royalty, but it's still rude".

Simon stood near the gate, his eyes focussed on the little window that let him see outside the fence. There was nothing to kill today, and he mentally thanked whoever had killed them. He saw Zantice climb up the fence and that caught his curiosity. He knew Zantice was an assassin, but he never expected him to be so agile.

"There's a ladder to your right. I'm sure it would be easier to climb one of those instead" He said, though it must have been inaudible because he gave no reaction. When Zantice darted off, he allowed himself to relax, still peering through the little window.