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Suzu Haru

This bell tolls for you...

0 · 332 views · located in Earth (Universe 252) : 2030 AD

a character in “Providence College for the Future of Heroics”, as played by HeartfeltWords


Reckless World | Kamenrider Girls


Name: Suzu Haru
Nicknames: Su,Zuzu
Callsign: Kamen Rider Zodiac
Age: 22

Appearance: Suzu is small and delicate-looking, standing at an even 5', she doesn't look intimidating at first glance. Her sharp hazel eyes take in everything around her, and can be possibly the only unnerving part of her appearance if they're glaring in your direction. Her hair is light brown and kept long, often pulled up in a bun or tied in a ponytail. Don't let her appearance fool you. Though small and thin, she is solid and strong. Having trained in the "Tiger-style" martial arts since she was very small,she is not unfamiliar with taking on opponents far bigger than herself. When in civilian clothing she likes wearing cute clothes ranging from frilly skirts, fuzzy hoodies or even occasionally traditional kimono. (Always hiding a small pouch with tiny bells, engraved with animal symbols, and an odd-looking belt.)

When not in civilian gear, her rider armor is lightweight but strong. It clings tight and black to her legs, with sturdy black boots for running and fighting. The chest armor and helmet change based on the mystical bell she inserts into her belt, based on which of the 12 animal of the Chinese zodiac the bell represents. Usually, her standard is "Tiger"which is a sturdy white and gold striped chest-plate and a helmet with red eye pieces, white and gold stripes and fanged jaws visible on the front. In her armor, it is impossible to tell her gender, and the bulk makes her look a bit stronger. When in "Tiger" mode, the gloves of the armor reveal "claws" to fight with.

The belt has a small slot that allows her to use up to three "bells" at a time. Some change her armor, some act as a weapon summoning and some (known as heart bells" have strange mystical properties.

[/font]Mystical--using the powers of the "bells" she can transform her armor and utilize various animal-like abilities. Ranging from the "strength of an Ox" to being "quick as a rabbit". These bells are all "sealed" demonic spirits which Suzu originally had to collect and reseal after they had been accidentally released. Her family, along with owning a school for martial arts, are also skilled priests and priestesses. The downside is each bell takes rigorous training to master and she most definitely has not completely mastered them all.


Character Quote
Major: Combat with a minor in Defense

Family: Raised by her grandfather, Genta after her mother passed and her father fled back to Japan in grief. She also has an older brother, Itchigo (Itchi-Nii as she calls him)

  • Excellent student (intelligent)
  • Thinks quick on her feet
  • Master of "Tiger" technique martial arts
  • Heightened mystical sensitivities
  • Brave

  • Quick temper
  • Sometimes rude / lack of filter / tactless
  • Still in training with most "bell" techniques and they can unfortunately backfire
  • Poor listener
  • stubborn

Personality: Suzu is not as demure as her appearance often leads people to believe. She is the opposite of quiet, often running her mouth before she listens to a situation thoroughly. She is quick to anger--but thankfully, quick to forgive or ask for forgiveness when she learns she is wrong. Highly intelligent, she graduated at the top of her class in her New York-based Public high school and could have had her pick of the top ivy league schools. Yet, her heart was truly with the people of their world. Firey and tough, Suzu won't back down from a fight--even if the odds look against her. She has a strong sense of moral justice and a stubborn streak that can sometimes cause her trouble. Never one to stand by and watch, she often inserts herself into situations to defend someone else if they seem to need it. (Sometimes even if they don't need it.)

She loves cute things, and can't resist collecting them as she finds them. Her room is full of "cute" items like shojo manga, chibi character figurines, fluffy plushies, bows and ribbons of all kinds, ect. She is not ashamed of this fact, despite considering herself rather tough. Though she has a sharp tongue and she's not afraid to speak her mind, she makes a loyal friend and is happy to help people she cares about no matter what. She can be very generous, and often tutors students who can't seem to make the grade. She loves to read (comics and manga as well as books) and is often seen around campus surrounded by stacks of books, with an extra adorable pen in hand.

History: Suzu's family had been in charge of guarding the seal of the Zodiac Bells for generations. Centuries before, an evil demon called Orochi plagued her ancestor's land until one day her descendant, a priest called Dai, faced Orochi in battle and successfully sealed his evil powers away inside the 12 bells of his walking staff. (Or so the story went) Orochi--enraged at his capture--in turn cursed the Haru bloodline, claiming that his decendants would forever feel his wrath. True enough, over the years the Haru decedents have heard his "evil whispers" some going mad, some even taking their own lives from the constant evil. Until one day, 15 years ago, the seal mysteriously was broken and the bells were scattered, awakened for the first time in centuries to wreak havoc on mankind. Suzu's brother Itchigo was destined to wear the ancient armor of his family--the Rider Armor and reseal the bells but with the awakening of the bells--so awakened the evil voice of Orochi too. Tormented by the voice and terrified, the young teenage Itchigo abandoned his task and his family when they needed him most.

Without any other choice, Suzu took on the mantle of the Rider Armor and faced the 12 demonic spirits of the bells over the next years. Only 7 when the bells were released from her seal, she had a lot of growing up to do. It took several years of intense training to wear the armor and she recaptured her first bell when she was 14 and in middle school. By then, the strange appearances of "mutant" animals, or of humans acting "possessed" and "animalistic" had puzzled the NYPD. This only made Suzu push harder. The mystic power required by the armor was often more than Suzu had to give, and she failed many times--but still, knowing the fate of humanity rested on her shoulders, she did not give up. By the time she was 19 she had resealed all 12 of the escaped Zodiac bells with the help of her Grandfather. An ashamed, but relieved Itchigo returned home--to a somewhat strained sisterly relationship. Orochi's power still curses the Haru bloodline, and sometimes Itchigo still suffers from his evil whispers. Suzu hopes to find a way to permanently exorcise Orochi and restore the Haru family's peace. Though the University, Suzu hopes to learn to achieve this as well as help others who are in need.


Heartfeltwords | hexcode | unknown

So begins...

Suzu Haru's Story