Prymont's Calling

Prymont's Calling


Prymont is a town haunted by ghosts and flyers of missing children's faces.

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Welcome to Prymont - What Horrors Have You Seen?

Prymont is a tiny town surrounded by thick lush trees that you can get lost in if you're not careful. The fog is a dense rolling wave that suffocates the town. There's a tang of sulphur in the air and the unmistakable taste of copper that you can't get off your tongue no matter how hard you try.

The town is filled to the brim with whispered tales of ghosts and spirits haunting every corner. Old wives tales are considered more truth than fiction here and nothing, nothing in the world, is stranger than the truth. The creatures said to roam the forest are twisted beings, stories created to keep children at home when there is no light in the town except dim streetlamps.

So the children crowd around the edge of playgrounds and dare each other to take the first step into the unknown woods. Each of them urging themselves to be braver than the others. There's something out there watching and they all know. It's never safe to be alone when the fog rolls in. It's a town of secrets and mysteries just waiting to be unravelled when there is nobody to unravel them. It's stifling and oppressive and most would rather live anywhere else in the world.

And yet, this is your home.


It's December when he goes missing. 17-year-old Rory Hopkins. He had moved with his parents to the town earlier in the summer, a fresh start in the otherwise nondescript town. His disappearance makes the front page of the newspaper, his face emblazoned on every street corner. "Have you seen this boy?" they cry out. Nobody has. The police promise to find him. They never do.

Then it's February and 18-year-old Sienna and her younger sister, 14-year-old Willow Jacobs disappear in the middle of the night. Their disappearance, the police statement reads, is not considered suspicious.

Then in April, it's one of the Harris boys. June finds 13-year-old Toby Love missing from his bed. July, Chloe Webb. August, Mason Ross. September...

The names and faces start to pile up. Children gone and forgotten by the town. It becomes commonplace, an everyday occurrence, and the town gossip returns to the usual small town chatter. Half the children's stories don't reach the paper and those who do have their names resigned to the 3rd page next to town planning information that nobody reads.

Missing children, snatched in the night. Nobody under 13 is taken, nobody over 20.

But what if not everyone is content to watch them disappear? What if someone wants to find out what's happened to them before anything worse happens, before they disappear or have a loved one snatched from under them? What if a group of people can hear Prymont calling out to them, pulling them towards an inescapable fate?

Prymont's Calling - Will you answer?


Prymont's Calling follows a group of 17-20 year-olds intent on discovering the truth behind the recent disappearances in their town. In the process, they will also uncover the supernatural secrets Prymont has hidden for a long time in the thick mists and truths about themselves.



Dean Owens


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Welcome to Prymont - What Horrors Have You Seen?

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Prymont by HavocPrince

Welcome to Prymont - What Horrors Have You Seen?

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Character Portrait: Dean Owens


Character Portrait: Dean Owens
Dean Owens

No Flame Burns Forever


Character Portrait: Dean Owens
Dean Owens

No Flame Burns Forever

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Character Portrait: Dean Owens
Dean Owens

No Flame Burns Forever

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Prymont by HavocPrince

Welcome to Prymont - What Horrors Have You Seen?


Welcome to Prymont - What Horrors Have You Seen?

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