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"There you go Miss Logan, a stout nurse says as she attempts to hand Anna her clothing neatly folded in a small pile. Seeing the solemn look on the girls face, she submitted to the her reluctance to speak and she placed them on the end of the bed. The curtain made a harsh grating noise as the iron rings scraped across the meager divider the set her bed apart from the others in the infirmary.
As Anna slowly began to sit up, a pang of nausea struck her, and she lunged for the pale sitting just within reach. As she lurched into the container the sheet barely clung to her naked body, and chills ran down her spine. She had spent the last week like this, tired and inflicted with stomach pains. It wasn't anything she wasn't used to, her frail body was rejecting the overwhelming amount of information she was absorbing in her short time at the academy.
Today she was able to return to her classes, though she had missed out on joining the other's on the newest mission. Luckily her her school work was delivered to her by a rather quirky teaching assistant. Each day a little note from her roommate Adrein was tucked into the bindings of her books, wishing her well in his silly little way. Since the others had left though, she missed him, something she wasn't quite used to yet.
Thinking back, before she arrived, she never remembered missing anyone before. It made her smile, knowing that she really could make friends like normal girl. Wiping her mouth she set the pale down and began pulling her clothes back on, and braiding her long black hair. Though the doctor and nurses all wore gloves while examining her, having so much skin exposed was unnerving, and the feel of cotton covering her skin once more was pleasant and comforting.

The halls were eerily silent, only the sound of her boots clicking against the floor echoed through against the old stone walls. Unsure of when the others would return, she simply made her way past the baths and toward the library. It seemed that she wasn't the only one still in the school. An older girl she recognized was chatting on her cell phone as she walked past. Anna dropped her head as she walked, she felt so small, so young compared to some of the others, especially pretty girls like her. Her gate quickened as she made her way down the hall, barely noticing the new boy lounging in the bath. As soon as she realized he was there however, a blush rose on her cheeks, she was still not used to the thought of naked guys. Especially cute ones...

The thick wooden doors of the library swung open much easier than she anticipated, and she sighed with relief as the familiar smell of books filled the air. After browsing the shelves, she pulled a thick leather-bound book from it's place on the shelf, and plopped down in a large, soft lazy chair. As she blew dust off the cover and opened up the pages she soon became lost in the beauty of John Milton's Paradise Lost.