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Veyix Donner

Please, don't tempt it...

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a character in “Psychic Mansion”, as played by Forsaken Heart


Name: Veyix Donner
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 195lbs
Medium build, dark hair, green eyes. Overall, not bad looking.
Nick names: none, yet
-italian food( foreign food in general
-HUGE sodaholic
-his powers
-people who feel entitled
-sports television


Veyix is a kind soul with emotional problems. He has thick skin but can be short tempered, which is usually a disaster considering his abilities. He loves music, and his powers sometimes enhance the effect of his songs. He tries to avoid large social gatherings out of fear of his powers, but he's more capable of mingling than he gives himself credit for. The one thing he really wants is friends. That and a way to control his emotions. He may seem quiet at first, but if given encouragement, can be outgoing and fun. He's not afraid to stand up to someone, showing confidence in himself, or starting a conversation. He is quirky, but that's never stopped him before. He has tough skin and can take insults. At the sight of something he deems as fun, Veyix will not be shy. Many in the past have found this sudden change in Veyix strange, even if its just part of who he is. HE will stand up for those he cares about as well. He has also been known to show a slight mischevious streak, but not as much as one would think. However, Veyix hates his powers and himself for not being normal. Granted,this is out of his choice, but he still feels the eyes of normal people. His lack of using his powers, and in terms bottling it up, led to the developement of Anti, the entity that represents the power Veyix never uses. The power always grows and so does Anti. Anti is everything Veyix is not; destructive, uncarring, ruthless, cunning. When Veyix is in absolute rage, the seal breaks and Anti is let loose. Anti cannot remain for long, due to the seal remaking itself, but Veyix will always feel the pain Anti has caused.


His powers are based on emotions. Each of his abilities grows stronger or weaker depending on his mood. Anger and rage is where his power is truly devastating. When in this state, his power moves air particles in a way that blocks light, donning the appearance of dark fire. When calm, his powers seem below average compared to other psychics, but is made up with skill. His powers work like a tornado when unleashed at the peak of his anger. His powers work like fire, dissolving and converting atoms and compounds on an atomic level. His greatest blast radius is 70 feet. Or at least it was the last time he unleashed his power. Max range unknown as of today. Veyix uses overall telekinesis, but has known to show other strange abilities. Veyix, despite his low power level when calm, can easily levitate. His favorite activity, besides music, is flying. His body is engulfed in dark fire when he does this, as that is his power's visual manifestation. His powers may not be harmful even when fire is seen. The fire just means Veyix is using his powers. However, to anyone who has ever witness Veyix trying to use his powers for anything other than music and flying will notice that Veyix is fighting against...something.


Veyix is a strange case. He realized he was different when, int he 3rd grade, he became extremely angry and the room appeared to darken. Ever since, he has avoided large crowds and fights. He took up karate and music as outlets to try to control his unstable anger problems, as well as the medicine for his A.D.H.D. But the medicine made things worse due to side effects and minor brain damage sustained from sustained use of the medicine. He has survived to the present day and is applying as a student. Although, whenever his powers were used, Veyix became something else. All the caring, loving, fun loving parts of him vanish as he is replaced with a monster. This monster, the mental manifestation of the powers he refuses to accepts, is known as Anti. Only when Veyix truly comes to terms with himself will this monster vanish. But it is much easier said than done. Veyix never kills. Anti will kill without restraint. That is why Veyix despises it so much. FOr 3 years, Veyix has kept Anti at bay, refusing to let it out. The seal is extremely strong, which suggests that this requires the cost of Veyix's powers while calm. As long as Veyix uses a majority of his power to keep Anti at bay, he will appear weak to the other psychics. The seal is undetecable except to the most powerful telepaths and projectors.

So begins...

Veyix Donner's Story


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#, as written by slcam
Any sign of a smile disappeared from Erin's face. She was beginning to get irritated and it showed. Why could he not just leave her powers alone. It was not like her powers endangered anyone, so she had no need to tell anyone unless she wanted to tell them. Obviously, she did not feel like explaining, so his nosiness bothered her. She had just met him, so he had no business being so concerned, acting like he was her best friend. It felt like he just wanted to satisfy his curiosity, and that was quite annoying. She shifted until she could see him, squatting easily on the thick branch.

She decided she had enough with his aggravating persistence in trying to find out what her abilities were. She spoke, a hint of anger coloring her words, "You are being a bit of a jerk. I don't owe you any answers, so don't act like I do just because you were showing of with your wonderful powers. I will tell you what my 'abilities' are when I am ready, if ever. Not when you demand it. Bug off."

Before he could react, she slipped down to a lower branch and dangled from it, holding with her hands. A moment later she dropped to the ground, landing in a squatting position. She walked away without a backward glance, still fuming. The nerve of some people to barge into her personal space, interrupt her privacy, and demand answers he had no right to anyway. It just got on her last nerve when people were so rude. She stomped around to the front of the building again, faintly surprised at how much fewer people were around. Families must have started leaving. She was glad it would not always be so crowded.

As she entered the still open front door, a sound caught her attention. Not just any sound, music from a piano. She followed the sound, stopping and closing her eyes every few steps to focus. It did not seem much louder, even as she was lured in, driven to find out who was playing. Finally, she came upon a boy playing the keyboard. A girl who seemed familiar was sitting near him, seeming to be sleeping soundly. She took a seat near the girl and opposite the mysterious pianist, soaking in the music.