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Violet Moore

Fragile little lovebird- the yin to Archer's yang. She's so cute, she just might be the death of him. Literally.

0 · 203 views · located in Washington D.C.

a character in “Psychosis: 2050”, as played by Luv-is-a-Bug



Violet is cute as a button- an adorable little blondie with big blue eyes and lily white skin. She is the epitome of cuteness, from her heart-shaped face to her sloping nose to her full pink lips, which seem to find a way to Archer's every five minutes or so. She is feminine in a way that would suggest extreme fragility, but she possesses a certain athleticism that has allowed her to adapt to the extreme conditions of the dystopian society.
She is slightly below average height, standing 5'5" and weighing a scant 105 lbs. She likes that she is quite a bit shorter than Archer, and enjoys standing on tip toe to share kisses and whisper secrets.
The one thing about her body she cannot stand is her tendency to blush, as her pale skin colors very easily. She thinks it makes her look red and blotchy, but it's sort of cute, really.
Violet's clothing is a mix of her own wardrobe and stolen items from Archer. All her worldly possessions must be kept in the blue backpack she wears on her back, which has left her with a limited selection of tank tops, jeans, and t-shirts. Her favorite outfit is a white fitted t-shirt (preferably worn under one of Archer's flannels), her dark skinny jeans, and a pair of black converse. Her blonde hair is often worn down, the shorter strands tucked back behind her ear, as Archer once told he preferred her hair down.


Nickname: Vi, or V
Age: 17

Violet is a sweetheart, nice in the way only the naive can be. Her sheltered childhood set her up to be the perfect young lady, but obviously with the catastrophic events that have recently taken place, that plan has gone awry. She is as patient and kind as she ever was, but now possesses a constant fear that she is never able to fully conceal, despite Archer's best efforts to comfort her.
She is, perhaps, too fragile for this world, but is determined to prove otherwise, come hell or high water. It's likely that without Archer she'd have fallen apart a long time ago, but with him by her side she has found the strength to push on. She's too sweet for her own good, really, and is almost too trusting, willing to see the good in everyone. Well, almost everyone.
She's soft-spoken, but likes to talk, almost as much as she likes to listen. She loves to hear stories, especially from Archer, any number of made-up tales that will transport her from the harrowing world in which she is currently living to some better, brighter time in the future. All in all, she is hopeful-- hopeful that she will survive this, hopeful that she and Archer will remain together. Some see it as naive, but Violet sees it as what makes life worth living.


- Her blue backpack, which contains almost all her worldly possessions.
- The gun that Archer insists she carry, even though she never has and probably never will use it


She comes off as fragile, rather like a porcelain doll, and until recently she was treated as such. She was always babied by her parents, nurtured and protected to the extreme, and then she hit 16 and met Archer. Suddenly mommy and daddy's little girl was staying out late and sharing stolen kisses on the back porch, caught up in the storybook romanticism of her first love. This, of course, did not sit well with her parents, and Violet got to experience the Romeo/Juliet romance firsthand (minus the poison and death, of course). Her parents did not approve of Archer, not in the least, but Violet didn't care. Do love-struck teenagers ever care? I thought not.

And then IT happened- the change in government and the following dystopia that changed everything. Suddenly there were no parents to look out for her, only Archer, and she ran off with him, safe and certain in his arms. The fairytale she'd been living came to an end, and things got hard. She still loved Archer, of course; she always will, but the trials of this messed up world have tested her in terrible ways. She's had to toughen up, and quickly, but Archer is always at her side, the one person she can depend on amongst the chaos of an uncertain world.

So begins...

Violet Moore's Story