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Faith Mackenzie

Leader of the unit

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a character in “Psyhunters”, as played by Belynta





Name: Faith Mackenzie

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shoulder length dark brown hair cut in a choppy style, dark brown eyes, long and narrow face. Five feet eight in height with an athletic and slender build. In physically very good shape, her build reflects this as she has enough curves to show her as being female but not much more. Small bust and hips and trim figure shows her as being on the healthy side of being thin. Her skin is normally slightly tanned from her time spent outside on her various missions. She has various scars due to injuries received in the line of duty. She has one scar on her shoulder from a knife wound and another on her thigh from a phase pistol. She also has one scar on her face, slanting diagonally from the bridge of her nose to the the top of her right cheekbone, which is another knife wound.


Skills: Military trained in armed and unarmed combat, Experienced leader, Specialist training in interrogation and intelligence gathering.

Psychic Ability: Telepathy - Can hear the thoughts of others. Faith hears a constant background noise of the thoughts of those around her but over the years she has managed to learn how to ignore it and only focus on it when she wants to. She can hear the surface thoughts of others around her within a large radius but only the surface thoughts (what someone is thinking about at that moment) However with skin contact she is able to perform a deep scan in which she can penetrate the deepest recesses of the mind. She has honed this over the years and is adept at pushing past the minds natural barriers to reach what she wants. There are times where she is unable to read someone and that is when she uses her influence ability or interrogation skills.

Influence - Another aspect of her psychic ability is the ability to influence others effectively overriding their willpower for a short time. She has to make eye contact to use this aspect of her ability and can only use it on one person at a time. She can influence almost anyone to do anything but there are some who have either a natural defence or there willpower is simply too strong.

Combat Reading - As a side effect of her telepathy Faith can predict how someone will act before they perform their action, this is because people always think their action before doing it even if this is on a subconscious level. Faith's psychic talent transform's this thought into an image of the person performing the action seconds before it actually happens. This allows her to react to the actions before they can do her any damage. This only works during combat situations however and Faith has no precognitive abilities.



Faith carries mostly standard military issue equipment but she has her own preference on which equipment she chooses to use. She carries two phase pistols as she prefers their accuracy over the heavier yet faster models. She does carry a phase rifle as she recognises that some situations require the messier approach.

She also carries a knife in each boot as the ultimate last resort.



Faith is a strong willed and determined woman who does not allow anything to get in the way of getting the job done, she can be cold and ruthless when the job demands it. She is able to switch off her emotions and this allows her to do things, such as interrogate criminals, without the emotions getting in the way. She has learned during her years in the military that being soft only gets you dead and as such she strives to always maintain a professional and objective view to whatever her current mission is. She is known in the PSEA as one you can rely on to get the job done no matter how difficult it is or how high the odds are stacked against you.

But underneath this hard exterior lies a warm blooded woman like any other, she feels just as anyone else does and in some ways more so than others. Having access to people's deepest thoughts means that she cannot help but feel strongly. Switching off her emotions in order to do her job effectively also has the drawback of her feelings rebounding on her later and being much stronger by being repressed. She keeps these strong emotions under iron control and only those closest to her ever sees her let them out. However those she trusts are few and far between. Most of those she called friends have died in action.

She is generally seen to others as either coolly professional or dry and sarcastic, the latter becoming stronger the more stressful the situation. She has a very morbid sense of humour and finds things amusing that others would be disturbed by. This is a legacy of being a soldier and having to find a way to deal with the unpleasant and dangerous things they see on a daily basis.

She may not know her new team yet but they will soon learn that she is dedicated and loyal to those she works with and will not put them in unnecessary danger or risk. She expects no more of others than she does of herself and would never ask her team to do something she wouldn't. In time she hopes to form a bond with her unit, perhaps even a friendship yet she knows this will be difficult with her normal demeanour. Perhaps if she knew another way of life she would leave the military and begin again, try and have a normal life and even a relationship. But no matter how lonely she is deep down, her job is the only thing she knows.



Faith was born on one of Earth's outermost colonies and as such during her early life she knew very little about Earth, except that it was of course her people's homeworld and where the important people lived. Her parents were farmers and that was all that Faith was told to expect from her life, they were out in the reaches of space and as a relatively new colony there was little in opportunity's for someone to grasp. Her life changed dramatically however when she was still young enough not to care about her future. Though technically humanity was not at war with anyone there were still races out there who thought humanity's colonies were fair game. Mostly alien criminal organisations or warrior races who were not part of the treaty's that kept peace in the galaxy.

One such group were the pirates in that area, they specialised in raiding colonies and selling their haul to bidders on the galactic black market. They had no qualms on what was sold and they had been known to sell people as slaves. In this case when they raided Faith's colony it was for slaves to sell to other races or for other equally unpleasant reasons. They attacked the colony and being so far from Earth the people there were vulnerable and helpless and had no one to help them. The colony was also still small enough that the pirates could raid it and not attract attention for quite a while. By the time Earth heard of the attack the pirates were long gone and the colony was in ruins.

The colonists taken by the pirates were separated and those discovered to be psychic were sold on the black market to an alien organisation who wanted to study the evolved humans. She was kept prisoner by them for years as they studied her and experimented with her abilities, wanting to understand how she did what she did. She was kept by them for five years until she was fifteen and by then she had almost completely forgotten her previous life on the colony. She was almost sixteen when the complex where she was held was attacked by the government of that aliens who held her. They and a human task force had discovered the complex and agreed to work together to shut it down.

Faith and the other prisoners were rescued and taken to Earth where she spent years in rehabilitation recovering physically and psychologically from her ordeal. During this time she was adopted by one of the soldiers who had rescued her, he and his wife helped her recover and raised her the last of the way to adulthood. Though she will always remember her ordeal she managed to move past it and become a functioning individual, she felt a burning drive to make a difference to stop others from experiencing what she had. She joined the military when she turned twenty and quickly proved herself to be an excellent soldier. She spent years in various hot zones before joining the PSEA where she headed a unit based in a system near sol.

Her unit was killed however on a mission gone wrong and she only just survived, though some suggested retirement at that point or a leave of absence she refused to let them win, she saw quitting as doing just that, and continued working for the PSEA, she worked as a lone operative for a time (that was when she first met and worked with Mal Reynolds. Now she has taken command of a unit again with Mal as her second in command.

So begins...

Faith Mackenzie's Story

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#, as written by Belynta
PSEA Headquarters, London Earth, 0800 Earth hours

Faith Mackenzie, Psychic and PSEA member, stood in front of the offices windows staring out at the view below. The windows spanned one wall of the office and provided an excellent view of the office. From the window she could see the Thames and the sprawling metropolis that spread on both sides of its banks. London was vast and towering skyscrapers filled the horizon for as far as the eye could see. The city was lit up to such an extent that even in darkness you could still see your way around, thanks to the screens on the sides of buildings that constantly advertised various companies and products. It truly was a city that never slept with its streets crowded even this early in the day.

The door hissed open behind her and Faith turned as the one she had been waiting to see entered. Commander David Shaw. A man in his late forties strode towards her and clasped her hand in a firm handshake. Dressed in standard PSEA uniform, similar to the ordinary military excepting its black colour and the PSEA insignia on the shoulder, he looked as no nonsense as Faith herself did. He had the short cropped hair that was popular amongst soldiers and a fair few scars on his lined skin. His eyes were cool and assessing and like most with his training always alert for any threat. This was a soldier without question, one who would never be comfortable with the desk job he had ended up with.

"Mackenzie, glad you made it. How was your trip?" He asked though Faith knew he asked for politeness and he really just wanted to get down to business. Which was fine with her.

"No trouble."Faith replied. "You here to brief me on the situation?"

"Yes. But first I need to ask. Are you sure about this? Taking on another team so soon after what happened. If you're not ready then it won't be an issue."

"I wouldn't have come if I wasn't."Faith said firmly. "I'm fine and frankly getting tired of being asked."

"Fair enough." Shaw nodded brusquely satisfied with her answer, for him that was the subject closed which Faith was immensely grateful for. Since getting out of the hospital she had been barraged with psychological evaluations, enforced counselling sessions and generally annoying sympathy. It had gotten to the point where she had been ready to shoot anyone who even spoke to her, that and the constant inactivity. Used to being in motion, to being active, the forced inactivity had almost driven her mad. So when she had heard of the new unit being created she immediately requested leadership of the team.

Shaw indicated the polished long table in the centre of the room and she took a seat with Shaw sitting next to her. He began pulling up files and video images on the large display on the wall opposite. Faith nodded as she saw the team members recruited so far but frowned when she realised the team was not complete. Seeing her look Shaw pointed at the empty positions.
"We haven't found anyone to permanently fill the slots but we'll make sure you have the personnel to fill them in the meantime. I know its not ideal and normally we'd give you and your unit shakedown time. But we need to move on this now, if we wait too long we'll our chance."

"Understood."Faith said though inwardly she didn't like it one bit, she was going to be working with people she didn't know and would have no time to test their capabilities before hitting the fire. She was being thrown in the deep end with a group of strangers, wasn't that going to be fun. But at least she would know one other member, Mal Reynolds, a somewhat unwilling member of the team but a good operative all the same. Against her better judgement Faith had found herself liking his easy charm and almost cavalier attitude, it made a refreshing change. That and she knew from the previous mission they had worked on that he could be relied on to have your back.

"I'll send for the others." Shaw said. "Here's the details on the mission, I'll brief you fully when they have arrived."

Faith stood and went to the window again, she held the electronic pad in one hand and lit a cigarette with the other, Shaw frowned at this but said nothing. He knew Faith too well to argue about it and the office did have excellent ventilation.

As she read the file and smoked Faith heard the comms unit sending its message to those she would be working with.

Report to Commander Shaw, PSEA Headquarters immediately would be received by the personal comms of the others in her team. All she could now was wait until they got here.

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Holing up in a place like London might seem like a peaceful respite from tumbling through the endless black on a derelict 03-K64 Firefly-class transport to most anyone else, something some pastoral-dwelling scholar might have even written municipal poetry about--the pleasures of city life after so long adrift in space, a metropolitan scene right out of some over-priced painting...but then, Malcolm Reynolds never really did have much taste for art. His skin itched and crawled in anticipation as he sauntered through the building, he could hardly wait to get off of this rock and back into the sky. The black called to him like a siren with her song. Men like Malcolm Reynolds needed freedom and seeing as he was bound by law to be at the governments beck and call, that meant the only 'respite' he was going to find was out from under big brother's ever watchful eye in the howling abyss of the universe, hunting down psychic criminals.

As he approached the wing of the building he needed access to, he knocked shoulders with a black clad PSEA member trolling the halls. People in these parts didn't take too kindly to his being there, they red flagged him for trouble the moment he arrived and they were hardly wrong to. The circumstances under which he had been brought to service for the PSEA were sketchy at best and everyone knew it. Mal was a criminal(Formerly) and worse, a bit of jackass. Next to him, the government official spewed a long string of Chinese words, illustrating just what he thought of one Mr. Malcolm Reynolds. Mal only half-listened to it as he traipsed off down the hall, but he was sure somebody’s uncle got mentioned in a very non flattering and too close for comfort relation to a syphilitic donkey.

He turned down the hall and came to a stop in front of a closed office door before it slid open automatically and audibly. A clove scented curl of smoke rose up from a lit cigarette in between a dark haired woman's fingers who had her black clad back to him, it unfolding in the air but not permeating the entirety of the room. The air ducts were too top-notch for that sort of thing, which was lucky for the woman as smoking was expressly forbidden in the building, supposedly. But then again, Faith wasn't the sort of woman you told no to.

Image"Looks like we got us some imminent violence, a real recipe for unpleasantness here, Faith." He said in a way of greeting, meaning to startle her but knowing he never would. The door had given him up. A wry twist shaped his mouth as he stepped in from the empty threshold. "And that's just based 'round the fact they got me workin' for you, Yao Nu. Least they could do was not saddle us with the back-berth." Mal teased in reference to their motley crew, laughter coloring his warm southern accent. He had received the memo about the change in staff and he was none too happy about it. He wanted to ask her how she was holding up after...well everything, but he knew better. They weren't overly acquainted, she and him, but that much he could be sure of. Faith was not to be coddled. "Am I the first one here, Gorram! Off to a mighty fine start already, I see."

Mal watched her closely for a moment with a long, measuring look that indicated he was not as stupid as he made out to be and which saw more than he was sure she wished he did. What few people knew, Faith included, was that Mal Reynolds was in fact a psychically gifted person as well. It was something he worked at constantly to keep secret because of the nature of his gift.

He was empathic. He could feel what other's felt, he could not be deceived in matters of emotion or the heart. It was overwhelming at times, being so choked with the feelings of others, and it was also dangerous. Turns out, most folks didn't like the inner sanctum of the emotional state being pried into. It set them off kilter to immediately be so vulnerable. That, and as a hard-boiled leader, Mal could not be seen as the emotional type so when you cut it down to brass tax, he had to feign at being just a regular old mundane person with no powers of any kind. Most of the time, that meant playing dumb.

He could taste the thick emotion that was inlaid into the room around her now, but she'd never own to it. He could hardly blame her for that.

  • Back-berth - Stupid, naive, inexperienced, unimportant or "slow". Derived from the nautical term for a ship's position in a harbor. As a naval metaphor, the "back berth" would be the last ship out of port, i.e. one trailing at the rear of a fleet, therefore meaning slowest and/or of least importance.
  • Gorram - A version of "God damn."
  • Yao Nu - 妖女 - Demon woman

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Natalia Sescia Cosca wanted to kill someone that day just short of literally.

She'd been reassigned suddenly and without warning to the crew of Malcolm Reynolds, a man she 'd never met but knew by reputation and of course by his famous abilities. Apparently she was being called in to assist with a mission of top importance. No doubt some terrible example of human depravity and atrocity that they were being ordered to reign in. While it was part of Sescia's job to go where she was designated, lately she'd been bounced around more than she preferred. Generally because alot of the "Psy" clinics were prone to accidental disasters usually at the hands of patients who were sick or injured and who had a harder time controlling their abilities when in a compromised state. Most of Sescia's job when stationary and on the ground dealt with managerial responsibilities, triage, and reorganizing whenever someone accidentally or purposely set fire to a ward, mind manipulated the nurses to do any number of compromising things, or just acting like entitled assholes because they could do a few mental tricks.

Post of the people she dealt with on the ground weren't criminally dangerous they were just really sick or sick and utterly infuriating. In fact Sescia spent a large part of her mental down time on duty imagining stabbing both her more inept staff members and a few patients in the necks with syringes or crying to herself when they occasionally lost a patient she couldn't help. Then again she also tended to cry when she sent one home alive as well.

Ultimately she was a very emotional and reactive person. More so than most people could handle but she was also deeply compassionate and good at her job if a bit of a loose canon at times.

Sescia knew she'd have to tone herself down for Malcolm. she didn't envy him the strength or nature of his abilities. then again having an empath around would potentially be a nice change. Seccia's own abilities were in a similar vein to Mal's but they were based in biology and not in the inner workings of the emotional mind. There was only so much knowledge she could gain from the biological reactions of her subjects but in a way the body's biological reactions were more accurate then the subject's emotional state at times. Biology was instantaneous, emotional reactions, thought patterns, and impulses took time and they could lie. The body could lie too but not as subtly or as completely.

Just as Sescia was preparing to leave for her briefing with the rest of her fellow crew which she felt she was already late to, an elongated crashing and smashing sound in the ward closest to her. Secia instantly spun on her heels only to come face to face with one of her nurses who looked to be in a state of panic.

"What." Sescia demanded.

"I'm sorry doctor, but it's Mr. Rodrigo again." The nurse looked apologetic but insistent that Sescia handle the situation before she left for the day.

Sescia rolled her eyes and muttered a few foreign obscenities under her breath. Crispan Rodrigo was a telekinetic of median ability with a annoyingly high sense of entitlement. He'd been admitted to the ward to have his appendix out and had turned into a raging adult child when her staff had tried to explain to him that while in the hospital he wasn't allowed to eat his normal diet. The first time he'd thrown a tantrum he'd used his powers to throw a bedpan at an orderly's head which had badly concussed the man. After that Sescia had personally informed her patient that if he hurt, maimed, or made any more of her staff cry during his stay with them she would personally make him regret his lack of humanity and cooperation by shooting him. In Crispan's case he preferred to channel his telekinetic abilities through his hands since he usually couldn't focus enough to just throw things about without a grounding physical gesture.

And since his hands were apparently causing the most trouble Sescia knew exactly how to handle him. Dropping everything except her phase pistol, Sescia turned on her heels and made a direct line for Mr. Rodrigo's room. Leaving the nurse who had summoned her with an expression of anxiety on her face that said she wasn't entirely sure it had been wise to alert the doctor to the problem.

A few seconds later the sound of two phase shots were heard as the room suddenly went quiet. A few seconds later all that could be heard was Mr. Rodrigo. "Jesus Christ, you bitch! I can't believe you just shot me! What the hell kind of place is this!"

"This place is mine, Mr Rodrigo. Make any more fuss and I'll have you sedated. The burn unit should be here shortly to attend to your hands. There shouldn't be any permanent damage. If you'd like to file a complaint you can speak to my supervisor. Do have a nice rest of your stay."

At that Sescia walked out of the patient's room, suddenly stoic and even. Picked up her thing once more and left without another word to anyone. She was not a woman to be trifled with.

A while later, Sescia approached the crew's meeting point. She was late and she knew it and took a moment to adjust her nervous system so that she would read as smoothly as possible. Male would be able to detect her emotional states regardless, but Sescia felt she could at least try to sensor herself a little bit so that she didn't overly chaff him. while Sescia was naturally emotional her abilities allowed her to calm her own chemical reaction to the point of creating a kind of meditative state that was responsive but more or less blank. It was as much of a tool to help her focus and get mental relief as it was for the benifit of any sensitives around her.

Sescia came to the door of their meeting place and knocked once before she entered and nodded to the other to people already present.

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"Morning ladies and gentleman." Mal glanced around at the occupants of the table and scoffed, neither of those labels could be applied to any in their freshly assembled crew. "I am Faith Mackenzie your commanding officer. Be sure you remember that. Malcolm Reynolds is my second in command and you will follow his orders as if they were mine when I am not present. You may address me as Mack, Captain or Ma'am. In time we may work well enough to be on a first name basis but we're not there yet. You have been assigned to my unit, newly formed to hunt down this man and his organization. You each have been sent a dossier on Williams and I expect you to read it. Don't be fooled by his appearance or passive behavior, the man is a dangerous criminal and terrorist responsible for several recent atrocities. These are his known associates. Carmen Hernandez his second in command and equally as dangerous, she is a true femme fatale and not to be trifled with. and this charming man is Seth Aviur, he's as psychotic as they come. His history reads like that of several horror stories combined. This group are behind the recent attack on the police station on Artemis colony, I'm assuming you all heard about that? 48 hours ago it was blown sky high and the death toll was in the thousands. Carmen Hernandez was seen on vid footage entering and leaving the building. As such the PSEA have stepped up their search for this group and have tasked us with finding and apprehending them. This is our top priority ladies and gentleman and we will get it done. We will be leaving for Artemis colony at 06:00 sharp tomorrow morning to begin our investigation. Any questions?"

ImageMalcolm sympathetically took a deep breath on Mackenzie's behalf, feeling like his lungs were burning just from listening to that lengthy spiel. She was thorough, he'd give her that, but it was hardly up to his standards of debriefing. It was more relaying dire information with professionalism and somewhat less petty theft and getting hit with pool cues. Six AM was a mite early for his tastes and there was not currently a drink in sight, where was the fun in this? "Ni Ta Ma De. Tianxia suoyou de ren. Dou Gaisi." He cursed, stretching his legs and resting them crossed on the table top, fingers interlocked behind his head. "They must possess a whole lot of trust in us...that, or they're out of any other options." Mal drawled. He failed to mention door number three which was that their employer's could very well want them all dead, and this would be the most effective method if the PSEA didn't want any blood on their hands. Malcolm tried to dismiss the thought as soon as it came, but he just couldn't. He was suspicious by nature and he hadn't exactly volunteered for this gig. These people they were hunting were the cream of the crop, the baddest sort. Now he had gone toe to toe with those who would rape their enemies to death, eat their flesh, and sew their skins into their clothing, and if they were very, very lucky, they’d do it in that order. But even those guys did not give him as much cause for concern as this group did.

"Well if we're all to be working together, I suppose, though Captain Mackenzie gave me adequate introducin', that I ought to do so for myself. I'm Malcolm Reynolds as the lady said, you can just call me Mal. No sir's required unlessen you're into that sorta thing." He allowed his eyes to lazily trail over each individual at the table. "And if I can add somethin' here...some of you have got extra 'gifts', but maybe some, like me, don't. I don't want any funny business, no using your abilities on your fellow crew members, that clear?" Mal looked to Faith for approval. He may lord over the rest of the crew but he still had to answer to her, a girl who probably saw the chain of command as a literal chain she could go get and beat him with until he understood who was in command there...but given that she was as pretty as she was, he idly thought he might not mind if she was the one doing the beating. "Ain't right. Save it for the criminals."

  • Ni Ta Ma De. Tianxia suoyou de ren. Dou Gaisi. - Fuck everyone. In the universe. To death.