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Nathanial Winter


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a character in “Psyhunters”, as played by Belynta





Name: Nathanial Winter

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short blonde hair bleached by continued exposure to the sun, blue eyes and a long face rounding at the base. Six foot three in height with a lean, rangy frame. He is in peak physical fitness yet he is not overly muscular as he likes to be light on his feet with the ability to move quickly. His legs, thighs and calves are particularly developed due to the consistent amount of running he does both in his career and in his spare time. His skin is tanned, again from continued exposure to the sun, and he has faint lines on his forehead, eyes and mouth. Like most in the military he has taken injuries which, even with advanced medical technology, has left scars. He has no immediately visible scars, instead he has scars on his chest and right calf. The scar on his calf is from a bullet wound and the ones on his chest are from shrapnel when he was caught on the edge of an explosion.


Skills: Military trained in armed and unarmed combat, specialist in long range weaponry.

Psychic Ability: Body Manipulation - Nathanial is able to manipulate his body in various ways, these manipulations are enhancements and for a significant time he can enhance himself. But there are consequences to the enhancements which he suffers afterwards. He can do the following:

Sense Manipulation - He has the ability to enhance his senses at need, he can increase his vision, hearing and smell many times more than that of an average human. He can do this for a significant length of time but not indefinitely and not without consequences. After using his ability whichever sense he has enhanced is dulled to the point where the sense is almost useless.

Adaptive camouflage: He can adapt his skin tone to the environment around him blending in with his surroundings much as a chameleon does. After using this enhancement he is always tired and needs time to recover.

Metabolism manipulation: He can control his own heart rate, heat output and other bodily functions, he can use this to slow them down to avoid detection and remain hidden.



Nathanial carries very little equipment as in his role as a scout/sniper he needs to be able to move quickly and not be encumbered with lots of equipment. Most of it is standard issue with the exception of one item. His custom phase long range rifle, he has made extensive modifications to it and it matters more to him than anything else, it is his most prized possession.


Nathanial or Nate as he prefers to be called is one of the most relaxed and laid back people that anyone is likely to meet. He is a good natured and jovial man who most people find very easy to like. This is because he takes people as they are, he is very open minded and relaxed and this puts most people at ease. He can be relied upon to ease the tension in a given situation and often plays peace keeper when things get out of hand between others. He is a natural communicator and social skills such as flirting and charm comes easily to him. He is something of a womaniser enjoying their attentions without committing to any one in particular. However due to his jovial nature few bear him resentment and often remain friends with him even after the affair has ended.
His good natured demeanour often means that others assume and take for granted that he feels nothing else but this is far from the truth, most humans are not one dimensional and Nate is no different. Whilst generally he is as amiable as he appears there are times when he gets angry, sad or frustrated but because he doesn't show it often it shocks people more.


Nate was born on the Luna Colony, the thriving community based on Earth's moon, the moon had long since been terraformed and made habitable and become a prosperous colony. Nate was the youngest of three children with an older brother and sister, his early life was idyllic with very little to worry about. His parents whilst not wealthy were sufficiently well off for the family to live comfortably. He and siblings spent their days at the beach most days after school and generally had a good childhood.

He discovered his psychic abilities in his late teenage years but he adapted to having them pretty easily and it affected his life very little. Unlike many who joined the PSEA Nate did not join because of any past tragedy or trauma. His family are still alive and well on Luna Colony and he still communicates with them regularly. Nate joined out of a strong sense of duty, he felt he could make a difference and help stop those Psychics that are out of control.

So begins...

Nathanial Winter's Story

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"Morning ladies and gentleman." Mal glanced around at the occupants of the table and scoffed, neither of those labels could be applied to any in their freshly assembled crew. "I am Faith Mackenzie your commanding officer. Be sure you remember that. Malcolm Reynolds is my second in command and you will follow his orders as if they were mine when I am not present. You may address me as Mack, Captain or Ma'am. In time we may work well enough to be on a first name basis but we're not there yet. You have been assigned to my unit, newly formed to hunt down this man and his organization. You each have been sent a dossier on Williams and I expect you to read it. Don't be fooled by his appearance or passive behavior, the man is a dangerous criminal and terrorist responsible for several recent atrocities. These are his known associates. Carmen Hernandez his second in command and equally as dangerous, she is a true femme fatale and not to be trifled with. and this charming man is Seth Aviur, he's as psychotic as they come. His history reads like that of several horror stories combined. This group are behind the recent attack on the police station on Artemis colony, I'm assuming you all heard about that? 48 hours ago it was blown sky high and the death toll was in the thousands. Carmen Hernandez was seen on vid footage entering and leaving the building. As such the PSEA have stepped up their search for this group and have tasked us with finding and apprehending them. This is our top priority ladies and gentleman and we will get it done. We will be leaving for Artemis colony at 06:00 sharp tomorrow morning to begin our investigation. Any questions?"

ImageMalcolm sympathetically took a deep breath on Mackenzie's behalf, feeling like his lungs were burning just from listening to that lengthy spiel. She was thorough, he'd give her that, but it was hardly up to his standards of debriefing. It was more relaying dire information with professionalism and somewhat less petty theft and getting hit with pool cues. Six AM was a mite early for his tastes and there was not currently a drink in sight, where was the fun in this? "Ni Ta Ma De. Tianxia suoyou de ren. Dou Gaisi." He cursed, stretching his legs and resting them crossed on the table top, fingers interlocked behind his head. "They must possess a whole lot of trust in us...that, or they're out of any other options." Mal drawled. He failed to mention door number three which was that their employer's could very well want them all dead, and this would be the most effective method if the PSEA didn't want any blood on their hands. Malcolm tried to dismiss the thought as soon as it came, but he just couldn't. He was suspicious by nature and he hadn't exactly volunteered for this gig. These people they were hunting were the cream of the crop, the baddest sort. Now he had gone toe to toe with those who would rape their enemies to death, eat their flesh, and sew their skins into their clothing, and if they were very, very lucky, they’d do it in that order. But even those guys did not give him as much cause for concern as this group did.

"Well if we're all to be working together, I suppose, though Captain Mackenzie gave me adequate introducin', that I ought to do so for myself. I'm Malcolm Reynolds as the lady said, you can just call me Mal. No sir's required unlessen you're into that sorta thing." He allowed his eyes to lazily trail over each individual at the table. "And if I can add somethin' here...some of you have got extra 'gifts', but maybe some, like me, don't. I don't want any funny business, no using your abilities on your fellow crew members, that clear?" Mal looked to Faith for approval. He may lord over the rest of the crew but he still had to answer to her, a girl who probably saw the chain of command as a literal chain she could go get and beat him with until he understood who was in command there...but given that she was as pretty as she was, he idly thought he might not mind if she was the one doing the beating. "Ain't right. Save it for the criminals."

  • Ni Ta Ma De. Tianxia suoyou de ren. Dou Gaisi. - Fuck everyone. In the universe. To death.