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Eliana Kingston

"For justice and crap, what do you want me to say?"

0 · 174 views · located in Toledo, Ohio, United States of America

a character in “Puella Magi of America”, as played by Áine


Eliana Kingston
Eliana Kingston; Her name wasn't selected for any particular meaning or context, rather, her mother just picked something she thought would sound lovely and her father had little complaints on the matter.

Ellie and Anna are definitely the most common variants of her name, though she's not fond of the latter at all. Her father was the first to call her Ellie, as he has continued to call her since; she can't quite recall when the first time she'd been called Anna was, though she remembers quite well how much she loathed the name.



Considers herself Demisexual, though she's never much enjoyed her dates with men before and hasn't told anyone outside of her friends that she might be interested in women as well.

Unruly would probably be the easiest way to describe Eliana's mass of tangled locks. Hair maintenance had never exactly been of much concern to Eliana, maybe an occasional picking here or there, but for the most part it just settles however it pleases. Stuck somewhere between a deep curl and a more coily texture, her hair flares flares outwards in every which way, barely falling to just below her chin.
Her irises are an off golden orange in color inherited from her father's side. In terms of her vision, she's relatively normal—she's a whee tad far-sighted and technically should wear reading glasses, but she never really does and can manage to make most things out with a bit of squinting.

Situated just below her shoulder blades art two almost symmetrical oblong shaped birthmark, her mother took to calling them her “angel wings”, regardless of how much she actually resembled them. Other than that, she has a few small scars scattered across her knees and elbows, just the typical scrapes and scratches from childhood really.

Tall and somewhat curvaceous, Eliana has a heavier build about her. She's built large and strong, and years of athletics have only increased this.

Typically leaning towards parka's and flannel wear, Eliana prefers more "masculine" clothes more often than not. She's loathe to actually call them that, and she has nothing against dresses or skirts, she just doesn't feel quite right in them. She dresses for comfort first, style second, but it's not so far out of her mind that she looks haphazard or anything.

She typically wears a boar bone bracelet around her wrist, not for any particular sentimental attachment so much as she just likes it really.

Rather than use her bare hands or a more "traditional" weapon, Eliana relies on her pitching prowess in Puella form. She's able to physically channel energies into the palm of her hand that she then hurls at foes and allies alike.

Natural Skills
Sports(to some degree any sport, but particularly Baseball), annnnd, according to she herself, that's it

Learned Skills
Baseball(her current skill level at least), wood work, and juggling(however unlikely it is she'll ever admit it)

emotions and actually dealing with them, self-doubt in general, and her friends opinions of her



Not required.

cute things, nature, baseball, her friends, rabbits

large dogs, rude people, arrogance, high heels, and misogyny

large dogs, betrayal, and rejection

Definitely on the "abrasive" side of things, Eliana is more or less a complete asshole on the outside. She's curt to anyone she doesn't know, and has a permanent glower glued across her features. She rarely means ill, but she's definitely comes across badly on first meetings. To those she knows she's a tad kinder, do still her words are harsh and blunt, to some degree it's just the way she is. She's often filled with doubt and self-loathing, and it's these traits that make her come across so forcefully most of the time.

Personal Life
Significant Relationships
Her father and elder brother are the most constant presences in her life, her father means well and does the best to his abilities, but he's quite distant and aloof, her brother moved away to college when she was only five, and though she sees him at least a few times a year and she loves every occasion, he's still not around all that often any more. She's dated along the line, but always felt uncomfortable with the experience and didn't genuinely much care for her partners. She had a sizable group of friends in elementary school she remember fondly, but when her family started moving around in middleschool she found it much more difficult to connect.

Her mother lives across country with her two younger siblings, a brother aged 5, and an infant sister, along with their father, who Eliana has never met. For the most part Eliana doesn't have much contact with her mother, and she's not particularly upset by that. She lives with her father, and used to live with her grandfather as well, but he's since passed away and she's still not entirely over it.

Just what you think might come up/be important. We can always add/edit later on.

So begins...

Eliana Kingston's Story

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Jiang & Vimala

"Okay! See you soon!" Vimala chirped, hanging up her phone. She turned to Jiang. "Gwen said that they're over by the rose bushes! We just need to keep looking for Eliana, and we should find them!"

Jiang nodded at her friend, looking over at the designated area, and soon enough, saw Eliana's waving hand. She gestured over to the spot to Vimala, and the two of them strode on over, eager to meet up with their friends.

"There you are!" Jiang beamed, smiling widely at the duo. "I was wondering if we'd have to go look for you ourselves. Oh, and here's your application form, Gwen. And something...else, I thought you might be interested in. Both suit you perfectly, if you ask me."

At that moment, Jiang held up said application form, and a rather...interesting flyer. Said flyer depicted a the silhouette of a woman wrapped around a dancing pole, with a small caption at the bottom proclaiming it to be the 'Heisenberg Gentleman's Club'. Below that, a small line of text read, 'Hiring Now!'.

How on earth Jiang got such a flyer, especially from a school of all places, wasn't readily apparent. For all they knew, Jiang had been carrying that flyer around for just such an opportunity...

"I think you'd be the star of the show, Gwen! You should really give it a chance," Jiang proclaimed, a cat-like grin on her face. Her eyes drifted over to Eliana. "Or how about you, Ellie? I'm sure you'd get just as much attention..."

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Character Portrait: Jiang Chen-Creed Character Portrait: Eliana Kingston
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Jiang gave a chuckle, and stuck her tongue out at Gwen for a brief moment. "Fine, fine. If you so insist. My Dad's picking us up, as usual. Should be here, now."

The smaller girl led the group over to the parking lot, and low and behold, Jonathan Creed, one of Jiang's fathers, was there, waiting for them in his minivan. Jiang took shotgun, letting the other three take the rest of the seats in the back. Jiang exchanged some pleasantries with her father, and they were soon off. Around ten minutes later they arrived at Jiang's house, a rather nice but modest looking two-story house.

Jiang dashed in with her friends once the door was unlocked, and they all traveled up the stairs to her room. Jiang tossed her backpack on her bed once they were inside, and turned to her friends.

"So, who's going first?" the Chinese girl inquired, gesturing to the bathroom that connected with her bedroom. "Since you're all my guests, I'm willing to wait! Or...we could always double up, on the showers. Make things go faster that way."

Jiang punctuated that statement with a suggestive wink, looking at Eliana in particular as she said so.