Maireadh Fjestad

Just because I exclude myself doesn't mean I don't pay atention. I see more than those who talk.

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General Info
Full Name:
Maireadh Fjestad
Preferred Name: Maire
Ethnicity: Norwegian American
Age: 18
Sexuality: Bisexual
Face Claim: Mila Mortice/Felice Fawn


Height: 5'5''
Distinguishing Marks: She has a burn scar down her midsection that reaches
from the bottom of her rib to her hip on the left side of her body (the after effect of of one her "exorcisms"). She has no
other distinguishing marks.
Distinguishing Features: Her hair is black, long, and usually a curly mess.
Her body is petite and slim, and her skin is pale. Her eyes are an odd hazel,
but they are large and usually rimmed in smudged liner. Her features are very angelic
and she often has a resting doll face that almost looks blank and lifeless.

Maire has and always been a quiet one. People that did not know of her "mischievousness" referred to her as shy. She is often found daydreaming or staring off into space. She calculates both situations and people and seems as if to be studying people very deeply. She might seem on the outside distant and lifeless at times but that is the complete opposite. Maire has a very wild and colorful mind. It is often too much for her and that is why she writes her poems. They might not make sense to others or seem very dark but they're just her way of emptying out her thoughts. She is honestly a very kid and genuine person. Her heart is pure despite what others have perceived her to be. She suffers from what she experienced at her orphanage and can be found exploding into fits of rage or animalistic behavior. She does have a sense of humor but no one has ever been able to see that side of her. She is socially awkward and often separates herself from a group that she is unfamiliar with. Because of the fact that she has never had any friends or close family she does not know how to act around others. She is definitely shy and secluded but that does not make her an evil person... The fact that she poisoned her adopted parents makes her evil. At least in the eyes of outsiders. Some would consider her personality as psychotic, but maybe that's just because no one has been able to see the real Maire... But maybe it's a good thing people haven't seen the real Maire.
Role: Poison


Relationship Status: Single
Family and Friends: nope and nope
Known Languages: Norwegian and English

As a young child Maire lived in a poor orphanage in Norway. The orphanage was full and often there were days many of the children were left unfed. Most of the children fought each other for food or other resources and that was where her violent and almost animalistic nature came from. Though, now that she is older it only flares up in certain situations that remind her of her childhood. She was adopted by a conservative catholic family by the age of 9 and moved to America. It was there that she learned English and the manners she had not been taught previously. The family was quite wealthy but that did not make her a happy child. The family was neither kind nor loving and there were many instances when she hadn't spoken or seen either parents for a whole day. The enrolled her into a private catholic school where the teachers were nuns and they often used violence and brute force as a way to "educate" the children. The orphanage she lived in prior to her adoption did not teach any religions so it was very difficult for her to accept this new faith they were trying to force upon her. She often refused to pray during the administrated hours and before every meal... so they referred to her as a disobedient child. Her pale completion, black hair, and wide eyes caused unease amongst her parents and teachers and she often overheard them referring to her as a child tainted by the devil. At this time evil had not touched this young girl and their accusations were mainly based on her looks and her refusal to accept god. However something in her began to change when she hit her teen years. She secluded herself even more from her classmates and teachers. She began to draw dark looking figures during art class. She took and interest in music that almost had a dark and sinister sound to it. Her parents often found her staring off into nothing or at walls in their large Victorian home. It wasn't until she began writing poetry that her adopted parents grew "worried". Her poetry was dark and confusing and this frightened the couple. They took her to therapists to see if there was anything the matter. The therapist was also a devoted catholic and so he concluded that a dark entity must have latched onto their child. He suggested a variety of purification methods and the couple took note of every one. They stripped her room of any obscene colors and books and replaced them with pictures of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Bible. A cross was mounted above every door and window in the house and she was no longer allowed to draw or write at school. Every night before bed she was forced to say a healing prayer with her adopted parents and every morning she was to be "washed" of all sins with a thorough scrubbing. They did everything he had told them but it seemed she only got worse. She was found in closets and under desks rocking herself back and forth or smiling sinisterly at nothing. She began scratching her arms and back angrily and often she went into violent fits of rage. When she hit her mid teens she tore down the pictures of Mary and hid the crosses. Her parents found the pages of the bible drawn on and scribbled with dark figures and more poetry. They tried punishing her and "purifying" her more and more but nothing seemed to work. They even hired an exorcist, and after multiple attempts to "banish her demons" they gave up. She began to line her eyes in black and even wore dark shades of black and red lipstick. The thing that scared everyone the most wasn't everything she did... but rather the way she acted when not in violent fits of rage. She was calm and quiet. And always stared at everything in either that blank lifeless stare or that sadistic and and almost sickly sweet smile. She finally was able to escape this hellish nightmare when she turned eighteen and moved out of her adopted parents house and into an old apartment with the money she'd saved up. She also got a job at an old cafe and enrolled in a normal public school. She however had one last thing to do before she said goodbye to her old life... It was an early Sunday morning when the police were called to the household of her adopted parents. The neighbors complained of a horrid stench drifting down wind from their house. What they found inside was a nauseating nightmare. The couple was found dead in their kitchen, their bodies bloated and rotting, having had sat there for about a month. The coroners could not find a cause of death nor evidence of foul play. They still questioned their recently independent daughter but found no evidence to convict her or anyone of their death. It remains a mystery and the neighbors claim the house to be cursed and evil. It has not been purchased since...


So begins...

Maireadh Fjestad's Story