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Punch Drunk Love

Punch Drunk Love


a couple wake up in Vegas, with rings on their fingers. There is no way out of the contract for at least a year. Might as well have fun.

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It was a morning like every other one. The sun was shining, the birds where chirping, the city of Vegas buzzed outside the open window. Except for that pounding headache....

GOD! You think...what did I do last night? You memory is fuzzy, which is never a good thing. You think back to that the last time your head hurt this much, you where at your sister's wedding and had woke up face down in the hotel pool. Your sister has never let that go either. Every time she calls she always mentions it. You never bring up her made moments because that's the great sibling you are....

Enough about your sister! Think! What happened last night. Pushing past your horrible headache you try to piece together your shattered memories. To many many...


Your head hurts to much. You just want to go back to sleep. You bring your hand to your face to massage your temple and that's when you spot it. A ring. Not a one of those awesome suckers, not the ones you put on to complete your outfit. No...this is THE RING. Shining in the sunlight from the open window, the simple gold band fights comfortably on your finger. But all you can feel is the growing horror in your stomach, and a strange urge for donuts. And if it wasn't already bad enough that's when you hear your partner wake up. Oh joy. You don't turn to look at them to busy looking at your own ring, but your pretty sure how its going, the headache, then a glimpse of the ring, and then -

"..shit.." the quite rasp from next to you has you turn to your bed partner who looks equally horrified as you.

The first reaction is to yell at each other, chairs are thrown, then its just panic.

After finally settling down you both manage to act like the adults you are.

In Dobson's office your partners personal lawyer. (Who needs a personal lawyer?) The jerk had took one look at your black eye and your partner's swollen jaw and laughed. He stopped from a glare from your bed partner though.

After looking at the papers he shakes his head a smile on his lips.

"Well?" You ask. Maybe it was fixable.

"I'm sorry you two are stuck, in deep shit. There is no way around this your just going to have to work it out. At least for a year."

Your partner and you give each other look at each other, could you really live with each other for a year?

"Congratulations!" the lawyer chuckles at you and your partner.

No you don't think your going to survive...but at least your can make fun of your spouse now.

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Dante had woke up with a pounding in his head that meant one thing and one thing only. He had gotten drunk. He had been sitting at a reserved table waiting for the business companies delegate to show when he got a text from said delegate. The man’s plane had been delayed and the next flight wouldn’t come until next Monday.

Dante was stuck in Vegas. Anyone else would be mad at the delegate for not coming. Dante used this opportunity to chill. He loosened his black tie that matched his black suit. God how he hated formal attire, almost as much as he hated messes….oh he hated messes.

Dante signaled the waiter an asked for a starry night and a Cosmopolitan. The waiter asked for ID.

He was 30 but he looked like a nineteen year old boy. The waiter then said the most hated thing on Dante’s list besides formal wear and messes.

Cute. She had called him cute.

Dante because of his size and height hated the world cute. As a child his hair had been longer adults would come up to his mother and say,

“What a cute little girl you have! She’ll be gorgeous when she grows up.”

His mother then corrected the poor person who was now being glared at by Dante, and for a toddler he had a very impressive glare.

The word cute just fit with Dante; thorough out all his life everyone had called him cute. His older brothers, his mother, his father, the old lady down the road, his past girlfriends, even the waitress had called him cute.

To this Dante had just scowled. He had a very impressive scowl. It sent fear into the heart, and it made his light colored eyes lightened further. A past girlfriend had told him when he scowled his eyes turned to ice. She then proceeded to do things that shouldn’t be mentioned in polite company.

The scowl worked and got the waitress to hurry up and give him his Cosmopolitan. It was a girly drink but man did it taste good! A man could drink what he wanted and still be a man!

To prove his point to no one, he proceeded to order a Pina Colada, a starry night, rum and coke, old fashion, pomegranate Margarita, and a whole slew of girly drinks.

It was probably between the pomegranate margarita and his third cosmopolitan that this vision got blurry.

It was at this exact time that he saw her.

At the time he didn’t know this would be his future wife in the morning.

He didn’t what it was maybe it was the darn alcohol, or maybe it was the waitress calling him cute, but suddenly he had to prove himself as a MAN. In his poor judgment the only way to prove himself was to bed the woman.

She was pretty if a little young. She had a body that made men crash cars for.

He congratulated himself when he made it to her in one piece, the amount of alcohol he had inhaled he thought he would be passed out.

He also gave himself points for not using stupid pick up lines, no Dante was start to the point.

“Look I like you and I want you, possible wine and dine you later, but right now I wanna dance and you look kind of lonely, and I’m lonely. So please dance with me.” He added the wide puppy eyes with a devious smirk. This mix usually got him the girl. It was mix of truth, cockiness, and begging that had the girls agreeing with him.

For further effect he added the Dante look #1 a intense eye gazing. He only looked the woman in the eyes, the look said ‘you see how I’m not looking at your breast. Its because I’m not a asshole, i'm a nice guy I care. I won’t take advantage of you.’

For an added bonus he added the Dante smile. All of his previous girlfriends, friends, and colleges said was the only his smile, it got girls to love him, people to be his friend, and parents to trust him with their daughters.

The women blushed but none the less agreed to the dance. In his head he did a victory dance.

When she got of the stool she was taller than him. Six inches taller!

Darn you heels.

Oh screw it! I put in the work to get her; Dante would not abound ship now.

So they danced and that’s when Dante noticed that she was a fire cracker on the dance floor Also that she was as drunk as he was. So they danced for a hour, had a few more drinks, a couple of times Dante paid for her drink.

The as the night dragged on Dante’s vison got more and more blurry, he began to black out and come to.

One of these occasions he and the woman had almost gotten talked into going to a group orgy by a really creepy looking dude and his creepier boyfriend.

Dante had sobered up enough in fright to slur a no thank you and had dragged the woman to his hotel room, which was thankfully in the same hotel as the club. Once inside he and the woman had made what he hoped to be passionate love, judging from the box of completely used condoms and the ache in his back and ass. What the hell had they been doing? He had found various things in the bed, fruits, vegetables, a curling iron?

Now Dante and the new Ms. Naya Miller stood outside his lawyers office. Just staring at each other, neither had bothered with changing clothes so both were in wrinkled wear from the day before, both more interested in finding out what happened . Naya still in her short black dress and heels.

That didn’t look comfortable.

Dante bit his lip while he thought. Maybe he could come to like Naya, I mean she had some nice legs.

Well first things first breakfast!

Dante grabbed Naya’s had gently. “Hey why don’t we go back to my hotel room and order room service and talk about how we are going to deal with this.” He notices in the back of his mind that her had is bigger than his …darn genes. But his fingers where thicker and square, rough from sports, drawing, and drumming all his life.

Well might as well make the best of things eh? With a wife like those he wouldn’t mind coming home every day. Though he doubts she would let him near them any time soon with the way she had swung that chair at his head.


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"Ay dios mio." Full red lips pursed in into a pout.

It should not be this hard to get dressed. She was in Vegas for gods sakes.

With her tawny complexion, and smokey gaze she was bound to look like a goddess in anything. But since this was her vacation she wanted to look desirable, and she wanted to splurge. She had just purchased a thin black dress, and brought it back to her hotel to change. It hugged her curves in all the right places, and the hem ended just above her thigh. She felt like a temptress while she was wearing it, but she was concerned it might be overkill. She wanted to attract attention, not look like she was desperate. "Nope. Nope. Nope." She grumbled, threading her fingers through her silky raven locks. She was so bad at partying by herself.

Turning on her heel, she walked over to the unmade bed and began to look for her phone. She couldn't remember where it was.

It was somewhere in the sheets?

She pushed the comforter onto the floor, tearing all of the bedding away from the mattress. Her phone was nowhere in sight. "¡Maldita sea!" (damn) She cursed blindly as she fumbled around the room. It wasn't on the night stand. It wasn't by the entertainment set. It wasn't in the bathroom. Where was it??? She was starting to panic as she picked up her purse from the floor and turned it over so it's contents were sprawled over the bed. She dug through a pile of keys, a box of tampons, her ipod, and her wallet, and found it beneath a pack of gum. A soft exhale escaped her lips as she picked up her Iphone, and cradled it to her chest like it was some lost treasure.

She left the mess where it was and flicked the phone screen open just as a text bubble popped up from her best friend.

Rosa: hey Mija, how's Vegas?? Are you enjoying yourself?

Naya frowned, and her fingers glided over the glowing letters in front of her: "I can't even decide if I should leave the hotel room..Why am I here?? I have stuff to do at home."

Rosa: ...We sent you there for a reason All you do is D.J. in the clubs And study. You don't sleep. You don't eat. You have digested so much caffeine in the last two months, I'm pretty sure you have more coffee than blood running through your veins right now. Just enjoy Vegas. It's not that hard Naya."

Naya snorted unhappily, and sent a quick reply to her nosey best friend. "Bete a la verga." (Go to hell)

Rosa's reply showed up less than a second later: tch. Love you too, chica. Let me see what you're wearing before you leave. Sometimes I can't trust you to dress yourself.


Naya was 27, not five. She didn't need help picking out an outfit.

Grumbling incessantly to herself, she reversed her Iphone so the camera was facing her, and snapped a quick picture that she sent to Rosa with a frowny face. She was beyond done with this conversation. Rolling her eyes at her own belligerence, she turned her attention to the disaster she had created on the bed. Palming her cell in her hand, she dumped her Iphone and the pile of necessities on the mattress back into her purse, and put her purse on the floor. She was almost ready to go out for the evening but she needed shoes. She knelt down next to her bag and began unearthing her heels from the massive pile of sheets and blankets on the floor. She had kicked her black heels under the bed when she unpacked her suitcase, and now she needed them because she didn't want to come back to the hotel with blistered feet.

Sliding them on her petite feet she hefted her purse over her shoulder, and her hazel eyes did a cursory sweep around the room--trying to visually assess her surroundings to see if she forgot anything. Purse. Cellphone. Extra cash. It appeared nothing was missing. Her room was in shambles. And the bed was a catastrophe, but for a night out in Vegas she had everything she needed. "The maids are going to hate me." She chuckled, as she glided out of the room. Her heels were the only audible sound against the sidewalk as she left the safety of her hotel to call a cab. There were other noises. The sounds of traffic, and the buzz of people. There was even the faint sound of sirens in the distance, but considering she was from California--Those noises were so familiar to her that she able to ignore them completely.

What happened after she stepped into the cab could only be described as a blur.

Her only goal for the night had been to get plastered and to have a good time.

She remembered being dropped off at the club.

She remembered walking over to the bar and claiming a stool.

She even remembered downing her first Shot, and the burning sensation that followed.

There were vague memories of being approached by several men, and a few brave women over the course of the evening. But only one face surfaced in her mind with vivid clarity. A good looking guy, with a charming attitude, and an endearing smile had captured her interest and had even convinced her to dance. He had moved with her. Grinded against her. And on a whim she had followed him back to his hotel room. That's where her memories ended. The next morning she had woken up with a throbbing headache, and ring on her finger with no recollection of how it got there. Every inch of her body hurt, and if she looked carefully she saw teeth marks, and hickeys trailing down her body. She could get over the love bites. She could get over the condoms, and the freaky things that happened in the bed.

What she couldn't get over was his stupefied expression and how he couldn't seem to remember getting married to her. Nevermind that she was guilty of the same sin. He was the man! Men were supposed to know when they did dumb things like this. Lost in a fit of rage, adrenaline pounding in her ears, she unleashed all of her fury on him. She threw at chair at his face, and tried to break his jaw with her fist, but she only succeeded in bruising her knuckles.

That was this morning.

Now they were sitting in a lawyer's office.

And he had that same stupefied expression in place as they learned just how stuck they were.

They had to be married for a year.

She was stuck with this man for a year.

Tired, hung over, and dressed in the wrinkled black dress she had been so proud of the day before she absorbed this news with a placid expression. She didn't know how to react. First of all she didn't believe in marriage. Second of all she wasn't lucid enough to be having this discussion. And last of all, her eye was still swollen from their fight this morning and it was making her seethe with rage how useless the legal system was.

When the meeting ended, and Dante actually had the gall to touch her. To try and discuss their situation rationally as their lawyers were leaving, She ripped her hand away from him. "Last time I went with you to your hotel room, this happened," She held her ring finger up bitterly for him to see. There was a marriage band around the curled digit, and it was a constant reminder of the mess they were in. She took a step forward so she was invading his personal space, and she pushed him back so he was pressed against the wall. With her heels on she was able to look down on him for a few seconds, and her hazel eyes glimmered furiously as she gestured between them. "This is a joke. I don't really care what the damn marriage certificate says. I'm still Naya Jordan. You're still Dante Miller. And I'm gonna pretend this never happened." She threw her hands up in the air in exasperation, and turned around to stalk away.

Her enraged walk was more of a hobble because her feet were raw from the previous night.

"Don't say a word." She scowled darkly at Dante before she stopped walking altogether. Pausing in midstride, she bent down and ripped the heels off her feet so she was walking barefoot through the legal office. Her shoes were in her hand. And her purse was hanging unevenly off her shoulder.

All she wanted to do was forget about Dante.

And his stupid good looking face.

And his stupid charm.

And this stupid marriage.

She was in pure denial mode as she tried to escape the lawyer's office, and get to the parking lot.


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As Dante watched Naya walk away he didn’t know what to really say to her. She had thrown a chair at him before he could even try to explain what had happened. She had yelled and screamed and bitched at him for being just as clueless as her. Sure he was the man, but didn’t women want to have equal rights now a days? What right did she have to bitch at him then? Wasn’t she an adult just like him? And as adults shouldn’t they both be responsible for their own actions? Dante had not forced her to drink, he had not forced her to dance with him. Dante understood that both had been drunk off their asses. So what happened to people who were drunk? They made poor decisions. It didn’t matter if you were a man or a woman, drunk equals acting stupid.

So as Dante watched Naya walk he was content to see the bitch walk out of his life, he would gladly send the papers in the mail. He had been all but kind to her and she makes this whole mess out to be his fault.

He had turned the opposite direction to go back to Dobson’s office when something occurred to him.

His mother.

Chung-Ho Miller was a fierce woman to mess with. She had moved to from South Korea to the states all by herself, she didn’t speak a lick of English, or have an education past the third grade. Yet in two years she was head of her own fashion company, had four degrees, and could speak English like a pro. Chung-Ho was typically a boy’s name meaning righteousness. And that was exactly what Chung-Ho was, she was always supporting the weak and had wielded a wooden spoon like a weapon. Dante loved his mother he did (Even though he got her looks, while his brothers were tall and blond like their father) but he was very afraid of the small woman.

If she heard that he had gotten married while drunk and had left his wife (those words he spoke loosely) alone. She would make his life a living hell.

While his brother and father would understand Chung-Ho wouldn’t she had always expected the best out of her sons, and if that meant being a gentleman to a rude woman, so be it.

He could already see her pinched expression her eyes turning a icy gray. Her small hands reaching for the wooden spoon she kept in her apron when at home.


Dante felt the phantom pain hit upside his head.

Oh Naya was mean but Chung-Ho was worse.

So his next actions could only be rationalized by fear of his mother Chung-Ho.

Dante turned around quickly spotting Naya’s hobbling form, she hadn’t made it to far. Good.

In the highest voice he could make Dante screeched. “Oh-May-Gawwwddd…is that Ryan Gosling?!!!!” He added his best valley girl accent.

Naya’s head immedatly turned to the side, she also began trying to fix her appearance. (This was a law office for the rich and famous, both had seen Miley Cryus as they walked in.)

While she was distracted Dante began to run towards her slowly picking up speed. Hearing his footsteps she turned around, her mouth opening to say something, most likely to yell at him for his existence. Well Dante was about to give her more things to yell about. In a move that showed practice and perfect timing. Dante swiped Naya’s legs from under her, and caught her in a fire man’s carry.
The next event was purely Dante on adrenaline rush. The building’s floors were stationed in a rectangle around an open square that was the lobby. Dante and Naya were on the third floor. Not wanting to risk her escaping him by taking the elevator or the stairs he chose the next best option.

Jumping off the railing.

Now if Dante hadn’t had years of parkor and stunts under his belt. And if Dante hadn’t already done this stunt several times, the first of which he broke his legs, he would have killed both himself and Naya.

What Naya didn’t need to know was that he had never done stunts while holding someone.

But that wasn’t really concerning.

In the air Dante felt the spike in his rush, the contract of his muscles, and the steady beat of his heart. With perfect timing he grabbed one of the low hanging chandeliers and slid down the rope, then proceeded to front flip ten feet of the chandelier to the nearest soft surface. Which happened to be the sofa across the room. Some more front flips, and both Dante and Naya were bouncing safely on the sofa in the lobby.

No one gave his antics a second glance. As stated before he had done this plenty of times. The sectary just shook her head at his antics.

Naya hadn’t said a word once. Well at least she wasn’t talking anymore.

Dante then picked the mute Naya up bridal style and took her to his car. Though he had flew into Las Vegas he actually didn’t live to far from the hotel he stayed in. The reason Dante had flew in was because he was coming from another meeting in Chicago. Dante had shipped his car to the hotel. It was a pretty blue VW eos. The two door car was small, thin, and clean. Dante had the engine given an upgrade to suit his need danger and speed. The engine now went from zero to three hundred in five seconds flat. There was also a neat blue button that if pushed sent a chemical fluid to the engine that would speed them up even faster. The button had the words printed in black, “Unless you want to die in a car crash don’t press me...” on it. Dante thought it was funnier than the classic don’t press.
Taking his keys out of his pocket and holding Naya with one hand he unlocked the butterfly doors and trunk he set the still stunned Naya in the passenger seat. Dante hoped she took the time to admire the butter soft leather bucket seats. Naya was clutching her shoes and purse to her chest. Taking while she was still stunned he took her phone from the front pocket of her purse entered his number under his name and the word husband. He texted himself from her phone and had her number. He also took a picture of her stunned face to go with her number, putting her phone back in her purse Dante went to the trunk returning with a water bottle, a first aid kit, and some flip flops.

Dante the knelled by Naya on the ground and proceeded to clean the blisters on her feet, while he was doing this he talked to her.

“Sorry about that, I didn’t see any other option, you didn’t want to talk to me…and well I’m a kind of a dumb dumb. Should have apologized as soon as we got up but I was kind of stuck thinking how I got so luck.” That he said with a smile, not the Dante special, but an honest crooked smile. He then went back to adding ointment to her scrapped feet. “I know we don’t like each other but I feel we can work this out….You know? I could move in with you I work from home and I’m a house wife. Oh no that sounded wrong…I’m an awesome bottom bitch? Hmmm I want to man up and be a good husband? Uh we’ll figure it out. “

He then took out a jar from his medical kit. Tiger balm. Aloe Vera cream and Tiger balm were the products his mother swore by; she had made sure to give a jar to her children every chance she got. Growing up she had used the two creams and an arrangement of teas for everything, headache, stomachache, cold, flu. Tiger balm was great for aches and pains, but more importantly massages.

Dante greased up his palms and then started working the balm into Naya’s calves and feet. He instantly felt her muscles relax. He kept up the massage for a good ten minutes, then gently stuck some band aids to the bigger cuts and then gently put the flip flops on her feet. He felt mild irritation at knowing that she wore the same shoe size at him. Returned the kit to the trunk closes Naya’s door and then got into the car.

He then took her to get ice cream cones and got her to talk about her life.

He really wanted this to work. He hoped it showed in his eyes, in his actions.

He told her about his life and she told him about her’s.

The night ended with Dante escorting her back to her room at the hotel.

The peak of the mess inside had him let loose the second girly screech today. He moved past Naya and began cleaning the mess. After a two hour battle against mess Dante had everything organized, he gave Naya a hug, left with an open invitation to breakfast on him.

“I’ll know we’ll work this out Naya you’re a strong woman and I’m a strong man.” He said looking the taller woman in the eye and giving her another hug.

Dante than went back to his own hotel room to shower and go to bed. In the morning he’d bring coffee and pancakes to Naya. Dante had pleasant dreams of a girl with nice legs.


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Damn him.

"Estoy hasta la madre." (I'm done.)

What was she doing? Last night they had gone to separate hotel rooms after having a hallmark moment that was so sickeningly sweet it made her teeth rot. They had talked about their lives. Their families. She found out that he had a strong enduring bond with his relatives and he found out she was barely speaking to hers. They had shared an ice cream together, and he had driven her back to her hotel. Along the way she came to the conclusion that being rude to him was like a kicking a puppy. The speech that had melted her icy reserve was the not-so-eloquent one that made him sound like a dork. Unbidden, the words surfaced in her thoughts. They were like a persistent cold-always coming back to haunt her."I know we don’t like each other but I feel we can work this out….You know? I could move in with you I work from home and I’m a house wife. Oh no that sounded wrong…I’m an awesome bottom bitch? Hmmm I want to man up and be a good husband? Uh we’ll figure it out. “

He was being cruel and unfair. How was she supposed to hate a man like him? He rubbed her feet last night for gods sake.

Wiggling her bandaged toes as she got out of bed, Naya sighed and shook her head. Moving in a rather zombie like fashion she stumbled off the mattress, and began to make her way over to the bathroom to take care of her hygiene. Mechanically she brushed her teeth, and put some deodorant on to take care of the funk, before going utterly still as her ring caught the light radiating from the bulbs above her.

She was married.

She was married.




Forgetting how to funnel oxygen to her lungs, Naya began to tremble, her face taking on a sickly pallor. It was just a ring. He was just a guy. The certificate was just a piece of paper. Trying to rationalize her situation in her head was becoming an ordeal. Her nearly blue lips, pursed into a thin line and she gripped the edge of the sink. Her knuckles were turning white as her fingers tightened over the marble surface. Naya had never told anyone but she had a complex about commitment. She knew the fundamental rule of life was the closer you are to someone the more it will hurt when they are gone. It proved true when her father lost his life. It was true when her brother joined the army. And it was the harsh reality when her mother disowned her. Who says Dante will be any different?

Biting back a heavy sigh, Naya rubbed her fingers together to get more circulation going through her limbs, and suddenly she remembered how to breathe again. Inhaling heavily as the effects of the panic attack faded, Naya threw her toothbrush and her deodorant into a haphazard pile before walking over to the closet. Dante had rearranged her room so everything was easy to find, and she didn't have to dig for a clean shirt, and some clothes. Tugging her oversized sleepwear off of her body she discarded the dirty clothes to the floor, and slipped into some form fitting jeans and shirt that fell into a low V. Taking one of her many Ball Caps from her bag, she placed the perfectly fitted snap back on her head so the brim could shade her eyes if she needed it.

Stepping into some tennis shoes, she grabbed her purse, and hefted it over her shoulder.

Technically since he had given her his own pair of flip flops yesterday she had to return them

Dropping them into her purse, she walked out of her hotel room, and ran straight into a guy that looked oddly familiar. He was wearing a wrinkled suit, and his tie was on backwards. She realized after a moment of agonizing over who it was staring at her, that it was the same lovely gentlemen that had asked her to participate in a threesome with him and Dante. "Ay dios." She muttered beneath her breath. Gripping her hat tightly to hide her disgust, she moved to step past him but he grabbed her arm in a bruising grip.

"I know you." His morning breath reeked of alcohol, making her nose wrinkle in disgust.

She didn't even think about it. Reacting on instinct, her fingers curled into a fist, and she cold cocked him with a right hook, that made his nose spout blood like a geyser. Circumventing his broad form as he held his bloody nose, she jogged around him and made a beeline to the elevator before he could recover. Naya was a runner not a fighter. She knew she could outpace him. She didn't know if she could beat him in a fist fight. Stabbing her finger on the "3" Button, she repeatedly pressed the number for Dante's floor until the doors slid shut.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the elevator began to move and she was out of range of her rather violent adversary.

Glancing down at her arm, she saw a hint of purple beginning to take shape, and she shook her head ruefully. Her eye was just beginning to swell down from waking up married to a complete stranger. And now she had another bruise? "Tarados" (Douchebags)

Frowning heavily she made her way over to Dante's room and knocked on the door. It was pretty early still, 9 am, so there was a possibility he was still sleeping. Dismissing the other guy from her mind, she held the flip flops up for him to take when he opened the door. "These are yours." She none too gently shoved them towards his chest. "Can we go get coffee now?" Naya rarely got the chance to eat breakfast so she was used to chugging down coffee in the morning so she could survive the rest of the day. She owed him a thank you for the previous night, but that would come in good time. There was alot they needed to discuss.

After all, this was her last night in Vegas.


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The first thing Dante noticed was the look in Naya’s eyes then the bruise on her arm. Someone had hurt his wife! Instead of asking her who, he brought her inside his hotel room, picked her up set her on the bathroom counter and gently applied tiger balm to the bruise. The flip flops laid abounded in front of the door. After slathering the bruise with tiger balm and a good amount of Neosporin, he felt a lot better.

Dante helped Naya down from the counter checked her once over with his eyes and assumed that whoever her attacker was had suffered worse than Naya. She hoped she had kicked them in the genitals, or punched them in the boobs.

Dante had been just about to head out the door to come get her. He was freshly showered with his hair gelled into spikes, he was wearing a black tank top with army printed cameo shorts that had plenty of pockets, and black combat boots. A peak of his tattoo could be seen curling up his shoulder and curling around his left biceps.

With a smile he grabbed Naya’s hand and guided her to his car, where he took her to his favorite place to eat in LA.

It was a Dim Sung restaurant called Wolf Fang. The place early in the morning wasn't packed. The hostess seated Dante and Naya in a table off to the side. The table was huge use to sitting more quests. As soon as they were seated the morning rush came in. Business men were placed next to janitors, and street walkers. In a Dim Sung restaurant people were seated in places that were free. This resulted in being able to seat more customers. Carts pushed by Asian women or men shouted out their carts contents. A customer would have to get the cart pushers attention to get food, than the cart pusher would write down how much they got on a ticket.

Dante had years mastering the sport, like all the other sports he liked it required speed, timing, and skill.

Sure enough a variety of food was settled before Naya and Dante while the other customers at their table only had a couple items. Picking up his chopsticks he showed Naya how to use hers. The two enjoyed grilled fish, meat, vegetables, and noodles, and even Dante’s favorite steamed buns. This he showed to Naya with great excitement. The bun he had scored where peach buns, almond buns, and pork buns. He had shown the pretty pink bun to Naya and had broken it in half giving the other half to Naya. The food was delicious, after paying for both of them. Dante took Naya for coffee.

The two went across the street to a Vietnamese place and after taking to the waitress got a table away from the chatter of the restaurant. Dante ordered to Vietnamese ice coffees. The drink was a sweet blended drink of coffee, sugar, and milk. It came with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top.

He ordered to smalls knowing from experience that the drink was really sweet, and to much could make one sick.

Dante started off the discussion by asking what Naya wanted to do. Dante wasn’t in school his, he worked from home, and he had a big salary already, a house, and a car. He was able to pick up and move when he wanted to. Naya on the other hand was a student and only visiting LA. She didn'’t have the funds or the time to move. It was agreed upon that Dante would move in with Naya. Naya’s plane also left today.

The two agreed upon meeting again in a week. Dante needed to pack up some stuff, nothing much since Naya lived in a small two bedroom apartment, with no roommate. He also needed to inform his job of his move and marriage (added health care benefits for the spouse.) He wasn’t ready to tell his mom yet. He feared what Chung-Ho would say. He would wait until he was sure that he and Naya would still be together. He mentioned this to Naya.

So after walking around LA’s shopping districts Dante took Naya back to her room (helped her pack and clean up again) then took her to the airport.

Before she left he held her hands tightly. Looking up into her eyes (because the woman just had to be taller than him) he kissed her forehead. It was light and quick. He gave her a crushing hug lifting her up off the ground a little bit before placing her back down.

“Naya I’ll see you in a week, I promise I’ll come.” With a week and another squeeze Dante was off back to his own house. He had already checked out of his hotel before they left. Once home he began packing a suitcase and things he would need and things Naya said she just didn’t have in her apartment, like a vacuum. Who didn’t have a vacuum?!

Dante’s didn’t live in LA he lived a couple hours’ drive away. His house was apart of Ocean Breeze beach homes. The private neighborhood had play trees with coconuts on the block. Each house was different from the next. Dante’s house was a modern house with black sidings and brick. The inside was spacious and wide with four bedrooms and a finished basement. The kitchen was an open floor plan. The floors where bleached wood with a heating and cooling system under the floors. The appliances where modern black and stainless steel. Everything had the same design of modern, black, and bleached wood. The only rooms that weren’t like that where Dante’s work room and his own room, the work room was a bright blue with dark wood furniture, and all his art supplies, while Dante’s rooms were a light blue with white wood, and white fuzzy carpet. The kitchen opened on to a patio that lead to a crystal blue pool.

Dante covered the pool with the automatic pool lock and locked it, so no annoying teens could skinny dip in his pool. He made sure a friend would come and check on his house and plants once a day. This friend was having a ugly fight with his current girlfriend and would be moving into Dante’s house temporarily. The friend Louise was clean and organized just like Dante, so Dante didn’t have to worry about a messy house when he came back.

Dante alerted security for the neighborhood that he would be leaving for a while and his friend was staying in the house. (He had to fill out forms and give a picture of the friend.) He alerted his job of the change, and called all friends who would need to know. His mother was on a two month long business meeting in Paris and he would tell her when she got back.
Dante packed all the work supplies he would need into his car and all the clothes he would need. He also grabbed needed things like his shades, favorite stripped pj’s and, his favorite comforter. Once packed he head straight for Naya. The drive would be long.

Here I come!

After a two day drive Dante arrived earlier than he though. He found the spare key under the mat that Naya told him about and walked in to find….

A complete disaster! Almost hyperventilating and the horrible mess…

With his skills with messes Dante had Naya’s apartment organized and neat in an hour. He had cleaned out the second bed room and had filled it with his things. He was surprised after cleaning up to find tasteful wooden floors. He had found a desk in his room and had organized the desk with stick on labels of were things go. His room was spacious without all the mess. The small amount of things he brought filled up the space nicely.

When he went to make lunch later he found nothing in her fridge. That promoted at trip to the grocery store. The fridge contained healthy and junk food now. He made a grilled chicken salad and left the left overs for Naya whenever she got back. He decided to work in the living room using one of the sofa cushions as a seat he worked at the coffee table on his work.

He had texted and left a voice mail on Naya’s phone telling her that he was here.


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*One New Message*

As soon as she saw Dante's name Naya's head fell forward so it collided painfully on the desk in front of her. The thud that resonated in the air attracted stares from the nearby music students. "Ay dios. No me gusta." (Oh god, I don't like this) She muttered as she rested her head against the cool surface of the wood. On a whim she had decided to go through with this marriage. She could do a lot worse than Dante for a husband, and he seemed to be genuinely trying to make things work. The least she could do was cooperate. And she could admit that after a week of not interacting with him, she kind of missed his presence.

However, she was still wary about having someone in her house. She hadn't shared her living space with anyone since she left her parents house. And she hadn't missed the complex he had with dirty messes. He probably had a mental breakdown when he saw the state of her living room. "Naya." Someone shook her shoulder,and she glanced up warily from the desk. Rosa, her best friend, who was studying to be a music teacher was staring at her with an incredulous expression. "You're gonna be late for your next class. What are you doing?...." Naya flinched when she noticed all of the other students had left the class already except her. Moving quickly she stuffed all of her books into her bag. Rosa's hummed thoughtfully as she watched Naya panic. "I haven't heard a word from you since you got back a week ago. Did something happen while you were on vacation?" The question was innocent enough, but there was a knowing look in her friend's eye, that was making her uncomfortable.

Naya hefted her bag over her shoulder, avoiding eye contact with the woman next to her. "Nope. Nothing happened." She lied. "I'll tell you all about the trip later." She promised, her words coming in a rush as she fled the classroom.

She couldn't explain Dante in one breath. There wasn't enough time in between classes.

Mindlessly she moved from one class to another, taking notes when needed, and mentally mapping out what needed to be done in her head when she got home. She was writing a piece, and she had a gig that evening. Not to mention she had a thesis due in the morning. "So much." She muttered, lamenting about her full schedule as she finished her last class. She had forgotten to eat lunch today because she was so preoccupied with music, and when she got home there was Dante to worry about. Sighing she took the back way off campus to avoid Rosa, and took the bus home. She had a car, but she had forgotten to fill the tank so it was sitting in driveway at her house.

As she watched the scenery go by, she put her earphones in, and turned up the volume as the sound of a violin graced her sensitive hearing. A quick look at her phone told her it was Escala, an all girl group with only string instruments that was playing right now. The scales entranced her for the entire bus ride to Pasadena. She had the song on repeat so she could memorize the notes, and play from memory. When she got off the bus, her head was bumping as she walked down the street, and turned into her neighborhood. It didn't take her long to get her house, and when she did, the first thing she did was freeze at the doorway. The first thing she noticed when she opened the door was that everything was clean. Spotless even. "Someone's been busy." She groused as she dropped her bag on the floor.

One eyebrow went up as she heard the tell tale sign of her laundry tumbling around in the washer. And she could smell fresh chicken in the kitchen. That wasn't her handiwork. When she left this morning her clothes were strewn all over the floor, and there was no food in the house. Only one person could have cleaned up after her, and he was less than ten feet away from her. Dante was sitting on the couch, working on some project for work, and a grateful smile tugged at her lips when she saw him. Walking over to him, she carefully shoved his laptop aside so it wasn't directly in front of him on the table. She had decided she wouldn't be rude to him since they were both mature adults who were maturely dealing with a mature situation. However that didn't mean she couldn't mess with him a little. Stepping forward, she straddled his waist, and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. Lingering on top of him for a moment she smiled. "I see you made yourself at home." Her hands slid up his shirt, in a slow yet sensual manner, before she chuckled, and rolled over, climbing off him like nothing happened.

She made her way to the kitchen, evil smile still firmly in place as she looked for the food that he had bought. She found a chicken salad to eat, and after dousing her meal in ranch, she began to fill her stomach. She was starving. "I know it's your first night here, and everything but I have a gig tonight so I can't really stick around...." She hesitated a moment before sending Dante a reluctant glance. "You can come along if you want." She offered, tilting her head to the side as she eyed her "husband" from the kitchen.

She worked as a part time D.J.

Tonight, a club called the Loft wanted her to spin for them. "But that won't be till later." She spoke through a mouthful of chicken and salad before finishing up her plate. She rinsed out her dish in the sink, before walking to her room, and gently shutting the door behind her. She needed alone time to work. She wanted to finish up the piece she started to write. When one entered her room, the first thing they saw was a computer, that was constantly editing her music. There was an electric keyboard in the corner, sitting on top of some amps, and she had a guitar, and a violin in the closet buried beneath all of her clothes. Her room was a constant mess, and there were a jungle of wires covering the floor from sight.

Carefully making her way over to the computer, she plopped back into her seat. "Let's make the magic happen." She murmured sliding her headset on, and cracking her knuckles.

It took hours for her to breathe life into a piece.

And her muse only worked when she was alone.

A look of complete concentration ghosted across her face. And she poured herself over the sheet music in front of her, treating it like unmolded clay.

She didn't move again until it was time to leave.


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Dante had stared surprised at Naya when she had tried to tease him. He wouldn’t say that he was unaffected by the closeness, or the sexy position, but Dante had meant try.

Naya was pretty.

She was, and any man without the experience that Dante had would probably melt like butter under her. But Dante had experience with a capital E. His last relationship had ended two weeks before he met Naya. He had left the woman in Chicago, a saucy and short red head. She had been a BIG tease and had just wanted one thing. Dante as a man was happy to give it to her, but as an individual was looking for something more. He wasn’t getting younger. He wanted stability, kids, someone to grow old with. The red head had just wanted a romp in the hay (or in their case on the sandy beach). So when he left Chicago he parted the relationship with no feelings, and a number of a pretty red head. She had told him to stop by whenever he was in town.

Speaking of girls, he had not known Naya would live so close to Chicago. Naya lived in Springfield. In some ways the move had been good for him he was closer to the HQ for his job, but Dante really missed his home, and his pool.

At Naya’s offer of going to see her show was very tempting. He hadn't watched her perform yet, and he was sure it would be magically. Dante would have love to go but he had work to finish and something he heeded to get, like winter wear, it was fall now so he could get away with wearing him lighter clothing for only so long, before he started freezing his toes off.

So he had to decline Naya’s offer. He would see her another time; he also had just got here and could sense that Naya wouldn’t like the sudden intrusion to her life. He had purposefully left her room a mess. Even though it had pained him to walk away from such a mess, he understood the feeling of having someone invade your work space.

It wasn’t pleasant.

He did make dinner. A nice salmon croquet on bread rolls, with cheese, and other toppings. He added green beans, and pear slices to both plates. He poured a glass of water for Naya and took her plate and water on a tray. He slowly eased into the room, carefully side stepping objects to place the tray next to a focused Naya. He went back to the kitchen ate his dinner. Her finished off his work scanned it to the different clients, he opened his e-mail to find more jobs to do and made a list that he stuck on his desk calendar. He cleaned up his supplies in the living room putting them back into the right places in the room.

Dante then grabbed his keys and wallet, sent a text and left a note on the front door for Naya, and headed out.

He went to the nearest mall and first bought a coat. It was a bright blue north face jacket, said to be very warm. He had fallen in love with the bright color. He had then bought a running jacket in the same blue with silver dots on the inside that kept the runner warm or cool. At JcPenny’s he found snow boots. They reminded him of the ones he had as a kid, bright blue with black rubber toes and heels. Expect this pair had tuffs of fur that matched his north face. He also picked a taller pair in black that looked similar to the blue ones. He then bought rain boots, rain coat, warm soaks, long johns, scarf, hat, gloves, a trench coat, some light sweaters, and cardigans. He took his purchases pack to his car and went back to Naya’s place.

He wasn’t surprised when she wasn’t back yet. Her note saying that she was going to stay the night at a friend’s explained a lot. He took his purchases to the laundry room, and washed all the things he bought except the shoes. Once done he put everything away in its proper place. Dante then went through his night routine, shower, brush teeth, pep talk, and then to bed.

The next morning when he didn’t see Naya he wasn’t fazed. Using his new jacket, Dante went out on a run of the neighborhood. His regular outfit of black running shorts, white t-shirt , and blue nike shoes. After he returned he went into his usually workout routine. He was working on yoga when Naya came back. He didn’t he even look at her while he followed the soothing music playing from his Iphone. He changed postions from air plane stance to downward dog.

“Hello Naya how was your job?” he asked his voice relaxed from yoga. Dante was now in the resting position laying flat on his back, eyes closed and breathing deep but slow. A good ten minutes of that. He cleaned up his mess in the living room, returning his yoga mat to his room. He went to the kitchen and was making a breakfast smoothie. Fresh papaya, mango, and bananas with orange juice and greek yogurt. He put most of the smoothie into a thermos for himself. The rest he put into a small glass for Naya, if she wasn’t going to like it, Dante wasn’t going to waste his favorite smoothie on her.

To go with the smoothie he made a light breakfast of cheese white egg omelets with bacon bits. The omelet was huge. He made one for Naya also. At the kitchen table he read the news on his kindle while he ate his breakfast. He briefly wondered how did Naya's night go. His was peaceful.


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Naya didn't finish her music piece before it was time to leave, and because she had been so engrossed in her task she was late heading out the door. It took her a minute to gather all of her equipment together, and the time she spent pandering around her room was doubled when she realized she couldn't find the headphones she used to D.J. with. Her room was always such a disaster, it was a miracle she could find anything. After doing a quick sweep of the mess in front of her she found her headphones buried under some clothes in the closet. She didn't remember putting them there, but it wouldn't be the first time her music equipment ended up in some random place.

Sighing dismally at the sorry state of her workspace, she was about to take a step forward when she noticed that a plate was sitting on her desk. Had Dante been in her room? Frowning at the alluring scent teasing her nostrils, she noticed that there was a beautiful salmon dinner sitting on the tray, and she hadn't even noticed the food until now. Shaking her head at her own inattentiveness,a small smile tugged at her lips. "He's such a..." Sweetheart? Loveable dork? bottom bitch? She chuckled a bit when his words surfaced in her mind. Taking a quick second to eat the food he had prepared, she scarfed down the salmon, the roll, and the beans. Washing it down with the cup of water sitting on the tray, she took the empty plate to the dishwasher, and left it there to be cleaned later.

Most of the time she didn't have dishes because she frequently ordered take out. 90% of her food came in a box, and left in a box. Dante didn't seem very keen on letting her fridge stay empty anymore though. Cognizant of the time, Naya tried to banish Dante from her thoughts, and began dragging her equipment to the door. She dumped all of her bags into her Honda, and began speeding to get to the club. Since the gauge in her car was on "E," She took a quick detour to the gas station to the fill the tank before continuing down the freeway.

She arrived at her job in record time.

And she was out of breath after dragging all of her equipment into the club.

"YOU'RE LATE NAYA!" Her client screamed over the beat of the music. All around her, flashing lights, and heated bodies were moving in tandem with the song being played. It wasn't the work of the professional. Even after being there for a few seconds, she could tell it was a simple hip hop playlist blaring from the speakers.And all of the tracks were comprised of popular songs from the radio. The owner of the club was just killing time till she got there because everything sounded better when a D.J did it. Naya could create magic from her mixing board.

"I KNOW, I'M SORRY. I'LL WORK FOR AN EXTRA HOUR THOUGH." She promised. Dragging her equipment up to the sound stage, she began hooking up all of the wires to her mixing board. After making sure the speakers were securely connected she began her least favorite part of the evening, addressing the crowd. Dialing the volume down on the stereo system, she adjusted her snapback on her head. "HEY THIS IS DJ. JAZZY J IN THE HOUSE." She introduced herself, using her hip hip pseudonym. "ARE YOU ALL READY TO GET THIS PLACE JUMPING?" The crowd responded in excited screams. And she smiled at how enthusiastic they were to party. Placing her headset on, she began expertly running her fingers over the scratchboard.


From there she lost herself to the music.

Naya was one of those people who could become so entranced by the notes, and invested in the beat, and the vibe, that nothing could distract her from the sound. She liked spinning music that made people feel some kind of way everytime a new song vibrated through the air. It was her passion, and that's what she focused on all night. When she got her check at the end of the evening, it was lower than expected because she was late, but she took the money with a smile. It had been a fun night considering everything. While she was in the building she was still running on a performance high, but as soon as she walked outside, she realized how tired she was. She didn't feel like driving all the way home. Unlocking her phone with nimble fingers, she called Rosa up, and her friend answered the phone with a tired groan. "Puta, do you have any idea what time it is?"

"Yep." Glancing at her phone screen for a second, Naya grunted tiredly. "It's 5 am. I'm too tired to drive home. Can I crash at your place?"

"Key's under the mat." Rosa yawned before hanging up on her.

Naya shook her head at her friend's ridiculous behaviour before climbing into her car, and driving two blocks down the street to Rosa's house. Parking in the street, she left all of her crap in the trunk, and trudged tiredly up the driveway. She didn't knock, or ring the doorbell, she simply unlocked the house, and invited herself in. Stumbling into the living room, she collapsed on the sofa and instantly fell asleep.

The next morning she received a rather rude awakening when Rosa shoved her off the couch. "Go home Naya." Her friend smirked, still feeling vengeful for that past week of silence. Naya hadn't told her about Dante yet, and her friend knew something was up. Groaning as her head hit the floor, Naya threw a shoe at Rosa's stupid face. "See you at class tonight."

"I hate you." She muttered darkly, climbing to her feet she stumbled over to her car and drove home.

Moving around like a very exhausted zombie, she yawned tiredly as she entered the house. To be honest, she forgot Dante was still there, and she kicked her shoes off at the door. She was still wearing her camouflage jeans, and her form hugging tanktop, as she trudged over to her room to take a nap. The only thing that stopped her was the sound of soothing music coming from the living room. Circling around the couch, she saw Dante was doing Yoga on the floor. From this angle, she had a startling view of his curved muscles, and his wiry frame. He was toned but not overly bulky. And for the first time she noticed he was more than just adorable.

She was so busy oogling him, it took her a minute to realize he had asked her a question. "Wait what?...No my night was fine. Totally fine. I had the crowd jumping." She recovered quickly, and turned away from him. She was so tired it was hard to think straight. When he got up to cook breakfast, her eyes followed him around the kitchen. And came to linger on the smoothies and omelettes he made. Sleep came before food. Walking over to the plate he left for her, she wrapped it up in cerran-wrap to eat later, and put it in the fridge. "Thanks for breakfast." She ran her fingers through his silky hair, and placed a kiss on his cheek, before stumbling over to the nearest sleeping place: the couch.

She needed at least 4 more hours of sleep before she could function.

Unbeknownst to her, her phone was buzzing on the counter.

The name Daryl kept flashing on the screen.


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Dante had finished his breakfast and cleaned the kitchen counter top down with bleach twice, and worked on some jobs for clients. He played angry birds, and predators on his kindle. He did everything he could think of to avoid the phone on the kitchen counter besides leave the house.

At first it had been easy to just ignore the phone. The device wasn’t his and he disliked snooping into others private lives. He was very content to ignore the person calling. Naya would return the call when she woke up.

But then the phone started to blast the most annoying ring tone. A horrible wailing alarm, that beat his ears and his head.
It sounded every time that the person called.

And the person had called thirty five times. THIRTY FIVE TIMES!

Who the hell does that?

After the second ring Dante toyed with the idea of bringing the cell phone to Naya. He did on the tenth call. On the twelfth call he had pressed the device to her ear. On the twenty call he had connected it to her room’s speakers, which he had found under a pile of clothes. He then proceeded to turn the volume up to max.

It had only gave him a massive headache.

By call number twenty nine he had tried to physically wake Naya up. He shook her, jumped on her bed, sat on her face, threatened her life, splashed her with water, and lastly buried her under all the dirty clothes in her room.

Naya wasn’t waking up anytime soon. When she did wake up she would find herself at the bottom of a huge pile of dirty clothes, sore, and on Dante’s shit list.

Now he was trying to answer the phone so he at least get a message to leave for Naya. How the woman could sleep through this he wouldn’t know, but Dante was not going to suffer anymore!

When he tried to answer the call the person would drop the call to and then call again. It became some type of demonic phone tag. Dante found almost hit the phone button and the call would drop. After ten rounds of this ,Dante succeeded in finally picking up the call.

“YES!!!! In your face ma! You said flappy birds was a waste of time! But I showed you!”

He forgot for a moment he was on the phone. Dante was on Naya’s phone.

He cleared his throat and said. “Naya’s phone! Can I take a message.”

Dante had been aiming for the polite customer service voice but it had seemed to fail for the person on the other line.

“WHO.THE.FUCK.ARE.YOU?” The voice was anger and filled with the promise of a thousand years of pain. Each word was punched with a growl, and a horrible crackling noise like the person’s grip on the phone was too harsh.

Dante having dealt with bullies all his life because of size wasn’t intimidated by the voice. He checked the caller ID to find the name Daryl and a picture of a decent looking white boy. He looked like the bad boy type with blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He was dressed in leather and was the type that looked like he ate broken girl’s hearts and nails for breakfast. He wasn’t the picture Naya had shown of her brother or any of her close male friends.

Dante hated his type.

This was the type of guy that Dante competed with not only for women but in life. He found himself in situation with macho guys, who felt like they needed to prove something by picking on the little guy. Then Dante would show him that he wasn’t so little, which would lead to the guy trying to pick on him every time they met. Only in Dante’s life would actually run into these people a lot.

But this wasn’t Dante’s phone he reminded himself. This was Naya’s and for all he knew this could be a client of Naya’s. Thinking about the question he didn’t know if he should say friend, or just go with the truth.

Better use the truth.

“I’m her husband.” He said cheerfully.

The silence that came after that statement made Dante rethink telling the truth. Well until he heard the next words.

“Oh yea fucker! Well I’m Naya’s boyfriend and I’m going to fucking kick your ass!”

Aww…the crazy ex appears. Dante had been waiting for one of those to show up. Naya being pretty and successful would probably have a following of males. More likely if she dressed like she did in the club more often. Naya had an inner fire that drew people to her. Dante wouldn’t be surprised if she had past relationships, in fact he would be more surprised if she didn’t have any. (Then something is just wrong with her.)

The fact that Naya hadn’t mentioned him didn’t escape Dante. He was either a really bad fling, someone who broke her heart, or crazy dude who thinks they were together.

Dante was leaning toward crazy dude.

“Look…um Daryl? That’s your name right? Naya doesn’t need another bottom bitch. Mhm K? You got me you feel me? Good. She already got my crazy ass to deal with I don’t think she needs to add you to the mix also…unless your into that stuff. That’s creepy. You’re into that stuff aren’t you? No wonder she don’t want you. I didn’t know your type could go chocolate. Aren’t you all vanillas with little dicks?” Dante had decided that he didn’t particularly like this guy and if he wanted to be an ass he would be one back. Just not outright threaten his life.

“Do your have a message or not Daryl? Who the hell calls someone forty times, texts them ten times, and fills up their voicemail?”

“Stay right where you are little fucker…” Daryl then hung up the phone.

Dante only thought one thing. How the hell did he know I’m short. Unless…

He turned to the window in the kitchen to see Daryl storm out of an apartment across the street and up to Naya’s. He then proceeded to go to the front take the key from under the mat and open the front door.

Damnit Naya hid your key in a better place! Damn it stupid self why didn’t I grab that!

Dante quickly grabbed the nearest thing. A frying pan and placed himself quickly and silently next to the door when Daryl came storming in angry Dante was ready and posed with the frying pan above his head.

Daryl screamed. “Where the fuck are you!”

“Right behind you!” Dante swung the frying pan in Daryl’s turned face using all the force in his body.

Daryl went down like a deflated cake. For good measure Dante kicked a few times in the groin. Dante then dragged Daryl to the kitchen table and found a pink pair of fuzzy hand cuffs in the vortex that’s Naya’s room. Dante then hand cuffed Daryl with his arms behind the chair. The cuffs were twisted in such a way that Daryl wouldn’t be able to jerk his hands or try and wiggle free.

When Daryl woke again it was to Dante and a kit of tiny needles for sewing.

“You choose the wrong little guy to pick on Daryl.” Dante had a sheen in his eye that promised pain for the number of annoying phone calls.

Daryl gulped.

When Naya woke up she would find her crazy ex and husband playing flappy birds. Daryl would have a pack of cold peas on his swelling head and crotch, Band-Aids would litter his arm. Both men would be concentrated on flappy birds and winning.

“Wooooo! All right man! We made it to thirteen points!” Dante screamed to Daryl both high five each other.

Dante noticing Naya smiles and invites her over. “Hey! Look who showed up while you were sleeping!”

Daryl blushes while eating some lunch Dante made. Stir fry with lemon and orange chicken. “He packs a mean punch and makes some mean orange chicken.”

Dante pats Daryl on the shoulder and laughs. “As long as you remember dude I won’t have a problem.”

Daryl nods. “Yes your Naya’s bottom bitch, and there is no room for me.”

Dante grins while ruffling Daryl’s hair. “That’s a good boy! You want to make low fat brownies?”

Daryl whoops excitedly. “Yes! I love brownies!” The two start making brownies to add to the growing feast.

Dante pauses at Naya’s expression. “Oh and Naya Daryl called all your friends they should be here any moment. He was very upset a while ago, its ok though I straightened him out! Now we are going to celebrate our marriage with your friends. You should talk to Rosa she sounds upset.”


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"He what?..Wait what? Ay dios. " Naya wasn't lucid enough for this. What the hell was Daryl doing here? And why were Daryl and Dante suddenly so close? "What the hell happened while I was sleep??" She muttered rubbing her eyes. Her vision was swimming in front of her, and maybe if she wasn't seeing double of everyone she could understand the scene unfolding in her living room. Drinking in Daryl's appearance with tired eyes, she noticed he was holding an ice bag over his crotch, and her gaze traveled to Dante. "Did you break his manhood while I was asleep?...that's hilarious." She chuckled, ignoring Daryl's indignant yell in the background.

"I might not be able to have kids anymore. What part of that is hilarious, you dick??" Daryl grunted, his face disintegrating into a pout as he stared at Naya.

She smirked, and swiped his phone, turning off the Flappy Bird game. "The part where your future girlfriend is going to thank me, because you suck in bed anyways." She tossed his phone onto the table, before getting up off the couch to stretch. Daryl was silently fuming, and he left her alone to go help Dante in the kitchen again. He couldn't match wits with her, and she liked that about him. As far as boyfriends go, Daryl was a mistake. He was too possessive. Too immature. And too much for her to deal with. Naya was so busy with school and work, she didn't have time for his BS. He was the perfect ex-boyfriend though, and she considered him a true friend. Her bro-mance with him was still very much alive.

Before she could ruminate about the males in her life some more, a light bulb went off in her head. Struck by a sudden realization, her fingers gripped the edge of the couch and she vaulted over the side, stumbling into the kitchen. Grabbing Dante's arm, she shook him rather violently. "You said he called all of my friends?...ALL of them?" She demanded, her eyes wide. Naya knew people from the old neighborhood back home. She knew people from the college. But Daryl wouldn't just call her friends, he would call her family too. Naya hadn't spoken to her mother in years. And her brother wasn't in the country. So that meant there's only one family member he could have called. Whirling on Daryl, she grabbed his collar and had a very long inner debate on whether she should strangle him or not. "Please tell me you didn't call my abuelita."

"Now Naya...."

Daryl began, but she didn't let him finish.

"Dammit Daryl." She yelled, slamming him against the sink.

Panicking a little, she let him go, and tried to gather her nerves. Darting over to the counter she grabbed her phone. Dialing Rosa's number, she bit her lip nervously as the dialtone echoed in her ear. She was dizzy with anxiety, and had begun to pace back and forth as the phone rang. Rosa's snarky tone greeted her a second later. "Chica what's this I hear about a marriage celebration. This better be for your brother dammit."

"No. No. It's for me." Ignoring the surprised stares from the boys in the kitchen she had to physically bury the urge to chew on her fingernails. "Look. That week you sent me to Vegas. I met a guy. We got drunk off our asses. I woke up married. I'm still married. And now my abuelita is coming, and I can't breathe." Naya could feel the pressure building up her in stomach, like a slowly awakening volcano. Fear was clawing at her insides like a living thing. Her abuelita was hardcore. Born in a time that no longer existed, Naya's grandmother was a strict disciplinarian, with a firm sense of right and wrong. The old woman related everything to religion, and she thought Naya was a "spawn of the devil." Or some other crazy nonsense. Because she was pursuing music as a career, there was no hope of Naya ever seeing eye to eye with her grandmother-who thought a woman's only place was in the kitchen.

All of these thoughts were surfacing as Naya was on the phone with Rosa. Sensing her friend was in the midst of a panic attack, Rosa sighed. "I can't believe you didn't tell me...And I had to find out third party about this Naya, that's some cold ass shit...But you're still my girl and I can't let you deal with that crone by yourself. The boys won't know how to deal with her...Who invited her anyways?"

A strangled noise left Naya's throat. "...Daryl."

"Figures...Well, I'll be there in ten. Try to survive till then....And I want details about this marriage later."

A deep, shuddering breath escaped Naya as she hung up the phone. Turning to the two boys that were staring at her, she shook her head ruefully. "Alright here's the deal, I don't care who you mingle with at this party because everyone's cool. But my grandmother's coming and she's evil incarnate. You are not allowed to say anything to her." She pointed to Daryl with a frown, and her gaze sidled over to Dante. "And she's going to be asking you deep probing questions..." She shook her head. "She's really old school. She doesn't believe in divorce, and she's going to want to know everything about you. Where you come from. What you do for a living. What religion you are, and when she's done interrogating you, she will start asking you all the relationship questions, how serious you are, if you want kids, if you love me." She prattled off the list with a sigh and rubbed her forehead.

Her gaze softened minutely when she glanced at Dante. "I'm just warning you now, before she gets here, so you don't get blindsided by her crazy."

Standing up off the chair she was sitting on, she mumbled something incoherently. "What a glorious day to be wed."

Rolling her eyes, she walked over to her room to shower, and change.

No one wanted to smell funky during a party.


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The party had been a hit! All most everyone was in love with Dante just for his culinary skills. They had at first been stunned that the place was clean.

Soon Dante had started talking to Naya's friends like they were his friends. Naya's friends were all young, wild, and in collage like her. There was also a different variety of relatives but most of those were distant cousins. How Daryl got their numbers Dante didn't know.

Speaking of stupid giants.

Dante glanced across the room at Daryl. He had decided to be Naya's shadow for the nigh. Naya was looking very pretty to night among her friends she sparkled like a gem. She smiled and fluttered across the room like a social butterfly. It was a welcome change from the sour mood from earlier. She and Rosa had talked before the party had started and came out both relaxed and giggling.

Naya was dressed in a pretty loose blue dress that didn't cling to her figure but gave her figure a bit more fullness. Her hair was styled in some complex design that was beyond him...

the out come?

She look DAMN good.

Most of her male friends (which was over half) were eyeing her like vultures.

This made Dante busy. While he trusted Naya to be responsible, he didn't trust her male friends. This lead to a lot of stealth never hits to the balls and whispered threats. (More often yelling over the music.)

After his first few victims most backed off but some brave souls still remained.

No problem. Thats what he had Daryl for. Daryl's sheer devotion to Naya would keep unwelcome companies away while Dante served food.

But just was a reminder. He raised his hand and made a quick jab in the air that had all the males in the room pale. Yes None of those fuckers would try anything now. Noticing that they were low on lemon chicken Dante went to the kitchen to refill it.

Only to find some woman messing with his pots! Dante shrieked and almost dropped the serving tray. "What are you doing!?" He ran over to the pot of steaming stew and tasted the mixture. The woman had been adding something to the pot. Dante tasted the mixture and..

"Thats good.." Dante said. The stew had more of a salty kick to it. The woman huffed hands on hips. She was tall with dark brown hair and eyes, wrinkles showed her to be an older woman.

"I know what I'm doing boy! Your stew needed some of Gran's spice!" She huffed again.

Dante's eyes lite up. "What is Gran's spice?"

The woman eyes him for a moment before grinning. "Something tells me I'm going to like you boy..."
An hour later fond Dante and Naya's grandmother Julie talking like best friends.

"No way Julie you did not add green peppers to vanilla ice cream!" Dante said while shaking up a cosmopolitan martini. He poured the mix into two glasses and added a cherry and straw to both.

Julie accept the drink. She tasted it then nodded. "The man deserved it. He tried to mess with me. Not even my husband should be able to mess with me."

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Re: Punch Drunk Love

Hahaahhanaha I didn't know what to do. I was also up late on. So I just kept thinking is this where the brother comes in or the ex.

Re: Punch Drunk Love

I'm laughing so hard.

I should have introduced Daryl better.~

Originally he was meant to be Naya's brother, but I'll re-work her bio so he's an ex-boyfriend xD

Re: Punch Drunk Love

Yay I'm stills working on her character :/

But your list will like grow and keep growing....muwhahahahahaha

Re: Punch Drunk Love

I'm laughing.

It would have been more interesting to have her be an effeminate boy, but she's still a fun character right? :3

My list got larger o.o Ohlord. Goodbye free time~

Re: Punch Drunk Love

Well I tried making her a boy the GM said "no...that's not going to work just make her a girl......"

It's nice to know someone understand the struggle is real. (I'm the reverse though I want a real picture, if it's for a role play that I've created. I don't mind which.)

Yes! Trouble Maker is an awesome Duo =3. I have a whole BigBang Album.

Lets add to this shall we?

Girls Generation
B Block

Re: Punch Drunk Love

How're you gonna make her a guy? lol you're so wrong for that xD

Tsosti reminds me of Hotel Rwanda for some reason. >.> And after looking up pictures of the movie, I remember seeing it in Blockbuster (When Blockbuster was still a thing) but I don't think I ever watched it.

And I know what you mean. I tend to use anime or digital drawings because they fit the closest with the image I have in my head. When I'm looking at real people they just...don't work. Like I can see them in certain roles, for certain characters, but because most of my characters are bad ass pirates/demons/halflings/deities/dragons/supernatural thingies. Those are the kind of pictures I want xD

My friend, the music junkie, said this: Trouble Maker is a duo, they took two members from of other bands (4Minute and Beast) listen to some of Vixx and BigBang since that's the group GD belongs to :3

I can't with her sometimes xD

And here's what I got from you two so far~
Epik High
Utada Hikaru
and TVXQ

Re: Punch Drunk Love

Hahaahhanaha I know! I died laughing because I made her a guy. But at first I wanted to use a different person all together. I wanted to use an actor from the movie Tsosti. He is plays Tsosti in the movie and is also South African. I like I be diverse with my characters. I find only doing one type of person not challenging and boring. But it seems some people on this site like you to use only anime or digital drawings when submitting a character sheet. I could draw m own but it takes to long. So it really limits my image options.

Yea G-Dragon is one of the top KPOP artists and Shinee is awesome. Ask your friend if she likes Trouble maker or Epik High.

Manly men are cute. But we all just let them pretend they aren't.

Re: Punch Drunk Love


I don't recognize him o.o but I ran him past my friend and she damn near had a meltdown. Apparently G-Dragon is in her top three along with TVXQ, and SHINee. I need to catch up on these things lol

*cough* Manly men are cute~ Their denial of their cuteness, only makes them more adorable.

On another note, I just noticed one of your newer characters is one of the chicks from Michiko and Hatchin and I died a little bit inside.XD

Re: Punch Drunk Love

I have no idea...I actually used a Korean pop start that I like ( his name is called G-Dragon, look him up sometime if you have the chance I like his songs) once I had his image down it was easy to find the character.

And Dante doesn't like being called adorable or cute cause he's a MAN. A manly MAN. From my experience with guys that I've known they don't like to be called cute, they don't like to be called adorable. The want to be respected for being a man, a good man. So Dante is like that. He also doesn't like being short his brothers and father are all like 6ft.

The struggle is real!!!!

Re: Punch Drunk Love

Why did it take longer to find pictures than it did to post the bio itself? Why is your character so short and adorable, but he hates being called adorable?

The struggle is real xD

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