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Dante Miller

"Just because I'm short doesn't mean I don't know where to to stick it!"

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a character in “Punch Drunk Love”, as played by RahRadio14


Dante Miller

Age: 30

Gender: male

Nicknames: Danny , Dan

Race:Asian American

Birth Date: May 16

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: a depressing 5’4

Build: though he is short and thin. Even though he eats and works out like crazy he only gets slender muscles.


Skin Tone: Healthy gold tan color

Hair Color: Raven black cut shorter on the sides then the top, which is styled to a spikey frohawk

Eye Color: A piercing light gray.

Scars//Tattoos//Piercings: small gauges in his ears and regular lobe piercings for regular earrings above the gauges. He has one tattoo of a black phoenix rising on his back.

Clothing Description
Dante likes wearing jeans with holes, studs, or spikes. He likes jeans, but he also likes darker colors mostly black and gray. He wears leather jackets and is fond of black shades. The only colors he like is blue. His foot wear is mostly combat boots, converse, boots, and sneakers, all in black. If the occasion calls for it he has formal dress.

Career :Freelance tattoo artist, and graphic designer for a big company.

Known Languages: English/ Korean

He has the bad habit of biting on his lip when in thought.
He is a horrible neat freak, and mess appalls him.
He has artist ability.
He loves playing the drums
He knows how to skate board, and loves roller blading, snowboarding, jet skiing, mountain back climbing. Anything sports related he loves doing, and going to the gym.
He has a smile that makes friends easily.
he hates being called short, or cute. (I'm a MAN!!!!)

Dante is a funny guy who loves having fun but more importantly having fun with the people he loves. He is laid back till you cross a line. Insulting his family he doesn’t care if people insult him but insult his family and you release a wave of anger.


Relationship Status:
Single…well now he is married!

Immediate Family:
His mother Koi Miller and father Drake Miller. He also has three older brothers Jason, Marcus, and Zeke.

As a young boy he grew up with fierce parents who wanted the best for him and out of him. All his older brothers over shadowed him getting better guards and more trophies then him. Dante as a teen was angry and depressed and always rebelled. He found his first passion in the drums, he could bang away and release his frustration, and he played as a backup in a lot of different bands but didn’t feel it was his true calling. Because of his height girls always treated him like a rebound boy or a best friend, till he meets Amy a short girl who loved the earth and art. Amy was his first everything and his first heartbreak, she taught him how to draw and like magic he just suddenly knew this was what he wanted to do. Amy and he were together for six long years until Amy broke up with him to be with a richer man. Since Amy he has had more girls in his life all more different from the next. He grew up and learned that he was his own person different from his brothers. He worked hard with his talents and designed a lot of different products as a free lancers.
A big product company say his website and immediately signed him on to do product labels, website design, and posters. He makes more than enough money to get by. He was in LA to work on some designs for a partner company.


So begins...

Dante Miller's Story


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The party had been a hit! All most everyone was in love with Dante just for his culinary skills. They had at first been stunned that the place was clean.

Soon Dante had started talking to Naya's friends like they were his friends. Naya's friends were all young, wild, and in collage like her. There was also a different variety of relatives but most of those were distant cousins. How Daryl got their numbers Dante didn't know.

Speaking of stupid giants.

Dante glanced across the room at Daryl. He had decided to be Naya's shadow for the nigh. Naya was looking very pretty to night among her friends she sparkled like a gem. She smiled and fluttered across the room like a social butterfly. It was a welcome change from the sour mood from earlier. She and Rosa had talked before the party had started and came out both relaxed and giggling.

Naya was dressed in a pretty loose blue dress that didn't cling to her figure but gave her figure a bit more fullness. Her hair was styled in some complex design that was beyond him...

the out come?

She look DAMN good.

Most of her male friends (which was over half) were eyeing her like vultures.

This made Dante busy. While he trusted Naya to be responsible, he didn't trust her male friends. This lead to a lot of stealth never hits to the balls and whispered threats. (More often yelling over the music.)

After his first few victims most backed off but some brave souls still remained.

No problem. Thats what he had Daryl for. Daryl's sheer devotion to Naya would keep unwelcome companies away while Dante served food.

But just was a reminder. He raised his hand and made a quick jab in the air that had all the males in the room pale. Yes None of those fuckers would try anything now. Noticing that they were low on lemon chicken Dante went to the kitchen to refill it.

Only to find some woman messing with his pots! Dante shrieked and almost dropped the serving tray. "What are you doing!?" He ran over to the pot of steaming stew and tasted the mixture. The woman had been adding something to the pot. Dante tasted the mixture and..

"Thats good.." Dante said. The stew had more of a salty kick to it. The woman huffed hands on hips. She was tall with dark brown hair and eyes, wrinkles showed her to be an older woman.

"I know what I'm doing boy! Your stew needed some of Gran's spice!" She huffed again.

Dante's eyes lite up. "What is Gran's spice?"

The woman eyes him for a moment before grinning. "Something tells me I'm going to like you boy..."
An hour later fond Dante and Naya's grandmother Julie talking like best friends.

"No way Julie you did not add green peppers to vanilla ice cream!" Dante said while shaking up a cosmopolitan martini. He poured the mix into two glasses and added a cherry and straw to both.

Julie accept the drink. She tasted it then nodded. "The man deserved it. He tried to mess with me. Not even my husband should be able to mess with me."