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Naya Jordan

I can't even describe her.

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a character in “Punch Drunk Love”, as played by ChaosReborn


Naya Jordan

Age: 27


Nickname: Nae Nae

Race:Dominican American

Birth Date: December 25th

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5’5

Build:She's slender, and curvaceous. Naya has always been slim, but since she's started running, she has lost any trace of fat, and is decent mix of muscle and curves.



Hair Color: Her hair is long and black. It naturally falls into perfect waves, and when she brushes it out it falls to the middle of her back.

Eye Color: A light hazel color.

Clothing Description
Naya wears whatever fits her mood. On the go, she'll wear jeans, a form hugging t-shirt and some dark kicks. When she's feeling lazy, she'll wear an oversized hoodie and basketball shorts. She sleeps in nothing but an oversized t-shirt, and when she's dressing to impress she will wear something simple. A tight skirt and low cut blouse, or a short black dress. On the days she's half awake she will grab the first thing in her drawer, and inevitably she will go out in public wearing something nerdy like a pokemon t-shirt, and some jeans with a faded anime symbol.

Career : Naya is a part time D.J. and a full time student. She works nights in the clubs, and goes to school during the day because she's trying to get a master's degree in fine arts.

Known Languages: English and Spanish

Naya is a closet nerd. She still watches cartoons, and will go see kids movies because she has a vivid imagination.
She's a hot mess that is always disorganized. Her clothes are always on the floor. Her sheet music is everywhere. She has to dig through piles to find things.
She is notoriously known for being late to everything.
When she's upset she will massage her temples, or run her fingers through her hair while she's trying to calm down.

-She loves music, and is passionate about instrumentals, and solos, and orchestras. She's good enough to play things by ear. And she loves writing her own pieces.She knows how to play classical music like the violin but she can also play the piano, and the guitar, and the cello.
-Because she's late to everything she's good at running. She's started jogging long distances in the mornings and begins her day by running a few miles before coming home.
-She's good at coming up with stories on the spot, and flirting her way out of disasters.
-She is secretly good at video games and holds the highest online score of Halo.
-She's very good at stunning people, and leaving them speechless. Generally no one knows how to react to her when they meet her.

Naya is charming in her own way. She is bold, and witty and full of crazy ideas. She's always sarcastic and trying to get under people's skin, but if she is using her razor sharp wit on you at all it means she likes you. If she doesn't like you she will simply ignore the fact that you exist. It's very hard to irritate her since she's such a chaotic person herself, but if you do manage to push her buttons there is a chance she will cut you out of her life completely. She avoids drama like the plague, although that won't stop her from trying to get reactions out of people every now and again. Despite her flaws, she is generally a good person with good intentions. She is loyal to her friends, and is always the first one to break the ice when she meets new people.

Relationship Status:

Married? Maybe?

Immediate Family:

She has one brother older brother named Daryl, and her mother Delcia.


Naya grew up in a single parent household. Her mother worked two jobs to make ends meet and her brother joined the army because he was tired of seeing his family struggle. Her father died when she was a baby, so she had no idea what he looked like or whether he would have provided for them. From the stories she'd heard, he was a great man, full of life and virility. He would have done anything for his family, and she firmly believed if he hadn't lost his life in a car accident he would have wanted a better future for his family. Things were never easy at her house, because her mom wanted her to be a doctor or a lawyer, but Naya wasn't built for that lifestyle. All she cared about was music. From the time she'd been old enough to hold an instrument to the time she went to school all she did was memorize notes, and practice new songs. When she wasn't being consumed by her passion, she was out with her friends, dancing flirting and being dumb. (When she was by herself she was watching anime and being a nerd) As soon as she graduated from college, she left her home in the inner city and moved to California. There, she began to D.J. She made new friends. She learned how to drink, and party, and take care of herself without her mother hounding her every step of the way. Because she was such a "bitter disappointment" to her family, her mother disowned her. There is an intense rift between mother and daughter now, and the only real family Naya has left is her brother Daryl. (and her brother is just now getting home on an honorable discharge because he got wounded in battle) She hasn't spoken a word to the woman that gave birth to her in over five years now.

Recently, Naya's friends decided she had been working too hard on her Masters and sent her on a trip to Vegas.

It was the worst mistake she'd ever made

Because now she was married to some random guy.

And she didn't know how to feel....Because from certain angles he was cute...But he was shorter than her.

And the words--HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN???Kept surfacing in her mind.

So begins...

Naya Jordan's Story