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Season of Giving 2020

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Audrey White

"Hey I'm Audrey."

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a character in “Puppeteers”, as played by Grrbot



Name: Audrey Marie White "Pretty name, right?"

Age: 17 "Almost an Adult..."

Birthdate: May 5th "Springtime Baby."

Gender: Female "You thought I was a guy?"

Role: Slave "I can take it..."

Appearance: Audrey has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her nose is is rather small and her lips are are a pale pink. People praise her cute smile. Her teeth are white and her cheeks are usually a pale pink. Her skin is a pale ivory and usually she'll wear muscle tees and jeans... She likes the grunge look. She also usually wears oversized baggy shirts... She isn't really a girly girl.. Her hair is usually pretty straight but sometimes it can be kind of wavy. When she smiles, you can see she has dimples and her ears sometimes tend to stick out... She thinks of it as a flaw. Her ears are pierced and she has many freckles on her body. She is pretty tall too and thin.

Style: Grunge

Weight: 113 pounds.

Height: 5'7"

  • Fashion (Grunge) "Its my sport."
  • Art "Its Beautiful."
  • Animals "They are just so cute!"
  • Music "Its easy to express stories and emotions through it."
  • Writing "Its fun to be the controller."
  • Being alone "I get jumpy when I am alone.."
  • Obnoxious/Loud people "Ugh... Just stop!"
  • Liars "I don't like being lied to..."
  • Bugs "Gross!"
  • Sleepwalker "Once I woke up naked in the front yard."
  • Nail Biter "I try to stop.. But its like its burned into my head."
Personality: Audrey is a pretty nice girl... She is kind and friendly and likes to make new friends... She can be quirky and weird and isn't afraid to be herself in front of people... She doesn't like to change for others... Accept her as she is or don't accept her at all. Audrey is intelligent and patient.... She likes to help others too, whether it be math homework or personal problems. She's not very shy, she likes to be out there.... She likes to be different then others and she is pretty creative.

Audrey is persistent, she won't take a no for an answer and she can be pretty pushy when she is determined... She doesn't get bossy though... She knows when to back down and not push the limit. She is fun and doesn't care what others think about her. She has good confidence and she is courageous... But she is also stubborn.. She is empathetic and feels for others... She is a good listener and usually when you have a personal problem or something, you go to her. She is persuasive and charismatic and usually knows the right things to say... But not when she is nervous... She is a flirt but when she is nervous, anything she thinks comes out... She'll often say something without thinking when she is nervous.

History: Audrey was born to Katherine and James White. Audrey didn't have any siblings... She was an only child... Her parents said she was a twin but the other twin didn't make it.. Audrey was born on May 5th, a healthy child.. She didn't have any health issues as a child and she was pretty happy growing up. As a child growing up, she already had some good common sense, not getting into trouble often. Her grandparents lived in the same city so she saw them often.. But although she was smart, she was curious... She'd wander but always managed to get out of trouble.

Audrey was always artistic as a child... She loved Art and she was pretty talented... She also was pretty popular because everybody else was shy and she would always go up and meet people... People were envious of her courage... Audrey was oblivious though. Audrey had great grades growing up... Being one of the smartest in the class... She always brought new ideas to school and she inspired many... Audrey was always grateful and humble for the opportunities she had... She was also thankful to her parents to many things she had... She never took anything for granted and she would help others in any way she could. She was active in many school clubs and sports...

In High School Audrey kind of dropped... Her grades took a slight down turn and she didn't have as many friends as before... Many had changed and had grown apart from Audrey. Audrey started to hang out more with her friends and let her grades take a little drop... She was started to be tired of being the "perfect" girl. Audrey started hanging out with new people and a couple months later she was at a house when she discovered contacts and she pieced it together and learned they were a puppeteer, becoming a slave.

Family: Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather.

Other: She adores Oranges.

So begins...

Audrey White's Story


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