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Season of Giving 2020

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Garrett Wallace

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a character in “Puppeteers”, as played by bandgeek



Name: Garrett Wallace

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Male

Role: Human Slave

Appearance: Garrett is largely known for his crazy amount of tattoos, most of which can be seen in this picture. His right arm is fully covered, he has some sort of demonic zombie-like tattoo on both sides of his neck, "FTH"[ Which stands for either "Fuck The Haters" or "Forever The Highest", depending on who he's talking to ]under his hair on the right side of his face, the word "PATIENCE" on his knuckles, "Changes" on his right hand, side of his thumb, "Gnarly" tattooed on his lower stomach, and multiple on his chest.

Other than his tattoos, he has huge gauges that he started stretching around the age of fifteen. He has long arms and legs, a six pack that he adores, and is quite strong. His lips are pierced, snake bites, and so is his left nostril.

Style: He wears a lot of button downs, either open or halfway buttoned with something underneath, jackets, hoodies, and muscle-tees. You can usually find him wearing jeans, though they may be a little tight he refuses to wear skinny jeans.

Weight: A hundred and twenty five pounds

Height: Five foot eleven inches

DrumsBeing Threatened
FlirtingShy People
FightsPeople Who Give Up
His LooksJudgmental People
MusicWeak People
Being StrongDumb Blondes/Idiotic Guys
His TattoosSpacer

Cracking His KnucklesRejection
Joking AroundInk Poisoning

Personality: Garrett will flirt with anything and anyone. He is openly bisexual, and quite fine with it too. Those his music usually used to revolve around him and girls, it was usually his best friends bed that he ended up at the end of the night. He has a very dominant personality, and likes to be in charge of everything and is quite the leader. This obviously makes him very defiant and often even angry when the Puppeteers are around, since he very much dislikes not having control of his own body. Still, he is the sarcastic asshole that he always is, and refuses to submit to them. He has begun to think they just keep him around now for amusement.

Though he acts like an inconsiderate, arrogant jerk, there is two sides to him. When he isn't showing off, he's actually quite smart and down-to-earth. Few people actually see this side of him though, as he doesn't like to show it off. It's sort of ironic, because that part of him is exactly like the kids that he and his friends used to make fun of.

History: At age seventeen, he was performing on stage at the Vans Warped Tour when a Puppeteer took over his body. After the show he killed his best friend, Jason- who was his first kiss -, and his current girlfriend, Kaley. A few months later, he found out that it wasn't the "crazy hater guy" that did it, it had been him. Upon finding this out, he began searching for answers. How could he have forgotten something like that? When he came upon the information about Puppeteers, he tried to hunt them. Obviously, they were quick to make him a slave.

Living Family: None that he knows of.

Other: Oranges.


So begins...

Garrett Wallace's Story


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