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Alexis Chrystopher Hayes

"Sometimes... a blessing is a curse and a curse is a blessing."

0 · 402 views · located in Hollywood, California

a character in “Pure Royalty”, as played by Nami L'Chi


Alexis Chrystopher Hayes

Alexis C. Hayes

18 yep... i'm still young

female... just don't... ask... to check...

Sexual Orientation
Straight as an arrow...

ReadingNo Privacy


to be a role modelbecoming a drug addict
finding the one she lovesloosing her roots
having her own clothing lineloosing her fame
win an oscargetting hurt
have her own TV showdissapointing her family



"Look, all you need to know is that I am me, and that's all I want to be. People who don't like it or want to change me... well.. their losers."
She's friendly and bubbily. Always trying to find the best in people. Though she can be honest and caring, she tries to be a people pleaser. She carries her southern habbits
with her to Hollywood when she moved, hoping to have a shot at fame and fortune. She cracks jokes when she's bored, and the atmosphere in the air is uncomfotable to her. She tries to keep her private life just like that, private.
She prays that she can make it in hollywood, and not be one of those stars you see on the news everyday with something bad happening to them. She's always laughing and keeping positive energy around her. Though being around the snobby models and snobby actresses its hard. She hates the rules that Hollywood and Fame come with. She tries not to break any as she doesn't want to end up as a Scandal on Perez Hilton. But sometimes she just gets too caught up in Hollywood.

I'm glad of how I look, a tattoo and a piercing... It's not too bad... I like trying to stay natural... though I have an addiction to black leather...
Long blonde and burnette hair that comes down past her shoulders. She's got beautiful aqua green eyes, and a petite frame. She bites her lip when she's nervous.
Her eyes are always covered in Natural Makeup, though sometimes she goes exotic. She's constantly wearing leather and jeans, and sometimes some girly clothes. She's a model after all. She's got a few tattoos, but that's about it.

Photo gallery, put as many pictures as you'd like here. <3


So begins...

Alexis Chrystopher Hayes's Story

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Beeep! Beeep! BEEEP! Alexis's phone was going off. Grumbling she rolled off the couch, and slowly got dressed. Her manager had an important interview scheduled for her with the popular band Black Nitro Circus. She gave herself a once over. Smiling she fixed her hair in some wavy tresses. She looked totally adorable. Maybe not Hollywood material, but it was interview starts.

Finally Silencing her phone, she grabbed it and walked out of the house. She smiled and waved to everyone she met, some took pictures of her. But she didn't seem to care. She was Hollywood now, and she should start acting like it. Shoving that thought away, she continued smiling. Excited to meet the members of the band.

That was when it hit her, she wasn't allowed to date anyone out of free will... it was her Manager's choice, the entertainment of america...that's all they cared about.

It was a Rich Mans world... because it seemed to be all about the money

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Amber had woken up early that morning, excited to be going to an interview with Black Nitro Circus with Alexis today. She had showered and changed into her outfit and was headed to the site of the interview when she saw Alexis ahead of her and across the street. "Alexis! Hey, wait up!" She yelled, smiling and waving to her friend, then looking both ways before crossing the street, doing a half jog to meet up with Alexis. "Are you excited for this or what? I mean, it's the Black Nitro Circus. They're a pretty hot band right now, and they're all hot... I hope the manager lets us date one of them!" She laughs a bit at herself, realizing she sound sa bit stupid and that there are people around, and the manager would definantly hate it if the world knew it was a fake relationship, if one were to be set up.