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Amber Trumble

"You want to make it, don't you? Then just go with the flow for now."

0 · 321 views · located in Hollywood, California

a character in “Pure Royalty”, as played by TenderHeart


Amber Trumble

”My name is Amber Trumble. Nice to meet you.”

“Well, I just turned eighteen, but that doesn‘t make me any less mature.”

“I’m female. Not sure what gave it away first, the boobs or my face.”

Sexual Orientation
”I am most definitely straight. I mean, girls are pretty, but I won‘t date them.”

MusicThe Color Yellow

To make it big.Being alone forever.
To find my dream guy.Failing my family.
To get out of my small town.Letting fame get to my head.
To gain confidence.Losing all of my friends.
To get a tattoo.Drowning

"I think that I'm a pretty sweet girl. I mean, that's what I've been told. I try to be as nice as I can, but I can be a bitch. I like to keep my sarcasm with me in my back pocket, and usually use it to deflect people from actually getting too close. I like to make jokes all the time, keeping conversation light and teasing. I also find flirting to be a bit fun, but don't let that make you think I'm some whore. I'm actually looking for love, I just find it realy hard to trust people enough to let a relationship become love. I find that i do genuinely care about people, and I often look at their issues before my own. Unfortunately, I'm also really self concious and I will let people tell me what to do to be accepted into whatever crowd. Not my best quality, I know. Oh well I guess, maybe that will come to change. I don't often stand up for myself because I don't have much self esteem. Hopefully that will change. I also really hate it when I am treated like a child or talked to like I am stupid, and that will get me angry. i don't usually explode when I'm angry, preferring to hold it inside for fear that I'll just put my foot in my mouth, but my face will let you know, and I will avoid talking to you for some period of time."

”I have been told all my life that I have gorgeous blue eyes. My mom always said that they were made of the purest water from the clearest lake. My hair is blond with darker, dirty blond roots. I think the contrast between colors is nice. I either straighten my hair or I curl it, or I make it a bit wavy. The only time I put it up in a messy bun is when I think no one is going to see. I almost always have make up on, putting some light lip gloss on my lips and eye liner and mascara on my eyes. I‘m 5‘5“, and I am not about to tell you my weight, but I have been told that I have a nice body, thin enough with the right curves. As for my clothes, I always wear shirts that are form fitting and some skinny jeans, or shorts that aren‘t too short. In fact, the shortest shorts I own hardly go above my knees. I have this leather jacket that I absolutely love, it is possibly the love of my life. I‘m kidding of course, but still. I don‘t usually wear dresses unless it‘s a special occasion.”


So begins...

Amber Trumble's Story

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Beeep! Beeep! BEEEP! Alexis's phone was going off. Grumbling she rolled off the couch, and slowly got dressed. Her manager had an important interview scheduled for her with the popular band Black Nitro Circus. She gave herself a once over. Smiling she fixed her hair in some wavy tresses. She looked totally adorable. Maybe not Hollywood material, but it was interview starts.

Finally Silencing her phone, she grabbed it and walked out of the house. She smiled and waved to everyone she met, some took pictures of her. But she didn't seem to care. She was Hollywood now, and she should start acting like it. Shoving that thought away, she continued smiling. Excited to meet the members of the band.

That was when it hit her, she wasn't allowed to date anyone out of free will... it was her Manager's choice, the entertainment of america...that's all they cared about.

It was a Rich Mans world... because it seemed to be all about the money

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Amber had woken up early that morning, excited to be going to an interview with Black Nitro Circus with Alexis today. She had showered and changed into her outfit and was headed to the site of the interview when she saw Alexis ahead of her and across the street. "Alexis! Hey, wait up!" She yelled, smiling and waving to her friend, then looking both ways before crossing the street, doing a half jog to meet up with Alexis. "Are you excited for this or what? I mean, it's the Black Nitro Circus. They're a pretty hot band right now, and they're all hot... I hope the manager lets us date one of them!" She laughs a bit at herself, realizing she sound sa bit stupid and that there are people around, and the manager would definantly hate it if the world knew it was a fake relationship, if one were to be set up.