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Derek Woodrow

"Do you really think you have a chance?"

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a character in “Pure Royalty”, as played by TenderHeart


Derek Woodrow

"My name is Derek Woodrow, though I'm pretty sure you already know that."

"I'm nineteen, bitches!"

"Do you see any boobs? Neither do I. I'm obviously a dude."

Sexual Orientation
"I like to party with the guys and the girls, if you know what I mean."

PartiesStaying In One Place
MusicNot Having Money
The Color BlueHangovers

Being an A-ListerBeing Poor
Being named "Sexiest Man Alive"Not Making It Big
Getting Invited to A-List PartiesBecoming a Drug Addict
Being On The Cover Of The Rolling StonesGetting Old
Having Fans Chase MeSettling Down

"Let me tell you kow, I'm a realist. I'm not gonna sugar-coat things for you, I'm gonna tell you exactly how it is. That doesn't mean that sometimes I can't be charming in the way that I do it. The fans are looking for someone that's real, someone that doesn't do that fake bullshit. That doesn't mean that I don't lie. After all, I am under age to be drinking, aren't I? I can't be going to jail every two seconds and still expect to make money in a band. I like to have fun, and I joke around all the time, and I party all the time. Some people might get annoyed at that, but y'know what? I do what I want. Except when it comes to publicity. Then I'll pretty much do what the company wants. After all, I kind of have to if I want to make it, and I do. Pretty much, I'm realistic guy that gets called an asshole and a charmer all at once, I like to make jokes and play around, and I am a party guy. I'm young now, and I won't be forever, so why not do it all now?"

"I have these blue eyes that girls and guys alike have gone crazy over. I'm told they're really pretty, and I'm not about to disagree. I like to dye my hair a lot, but right now it's black because I'm told that contrast is really attractive, and I find it attractive myself. My hair is always in a different style, though it s usually up in some manner. Sometimes it's a full fohawk, sometimes I leave some of it down on the sides. I'm a bit on the pale side, though sometimes I can look a bit pink. I also have my ears pierced, and I like to wear big flashy earrings. My style tends to look a bit... gothic and flashy. I wear dark eyeliner and black nail polish a lot, and most of my clothes are black or have metal."


So begins...

Derek Woodrow's Story

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Beeep! Beeep! BEEEP! Alexis's phone was going off. Grumbling she rolled off the couch, and slowly got dressed. Her manager had an important interview scheduled for her with the popular band Black Nitro Circus. She gave herself a once over. Smiling she fixed her hair in some wavy tresses. She looked totally adorable. Maybe not Hollywood material, but it was interview starts.

Finally Silencing her phone, she grabbed it and walked out of the house. She smiled and waved to everyone she met, some took pictures of her. But she didn't seem to care. She was Hollywood now, and she should start acting like it. Shoving that thought away, she continued smiling. Excited to meet the members of the band.

That was when it hit her, she wasn't allowed to date anyone out of free will... it was her Manager's choice, the entertainment of america...that's all they cared about.

It was a Rich Mans world... because it seemed to be all about the money

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Derek sat in his chair and groaned aloud in front of the rest of his band members. He had been poked at to get dressed all morning, and now these girls got to arrive whenever they liked? "Why are we even doing this? I doubt they're gonna make it in Hollywood anyways. Why get their hope up?" Derek then began to play with the spikes on one of his gloves, sighing heavily. "I hope at least one of them is hot if I'm gonna have to date them. Though I really wish I could fly it solo longer. Makes partying more fun." He waggled his eyebrows at Magnus and Alex. "Y'know what I mean?"

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#, as written by Mashotu
Magnus Zeil

"Yes. Because getting drunk of thy ass is so much fun." Magnus said back, "You never get any girl 70% of the time so why bother?"

Magnus was not in a good mood. Not only did he get no sleep, but he had a terrible headache and Derek always knew how to make things worse. It's not like he didn't like Derek, he just knew hoe to get under his skin.