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Jason Lopez

The Hero

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a character in “PURGATORIO”, as played by Renegade Spectre


██████████████████████████████████████████████████(S U R V I V E)██████

        NAME : jason nathaniel lopez NICKNAME : ghost CHARACTER ROLE : the hero OCCUPATION : tattoo artist
        AGE : twenty-six GENDER : male ORIENTATION : pansexual
        WEIGHT : 215lbs HEIGHT : 6'3 HAIR COLOR : black EYE COLOR : placid blue
        BODY MODIFICATIONS : various tattoos, piercings and scars. BODY TYPE : tall, lanky and athletic


              jason has a way with words and comes off as very likable. he can sweet talk his way out of situations
              with ease and prides himself with having people wrapped around his finger.
              very much the class clown, jason is light hearted and quick to tell jokes or make comments in order
              to make others laugh.
              both a blessing and a curse, when jason sees something he wants, he gets. this applies to all things in
              his life and he won't be satisfied until said thing is his.
              jason is a natural flirt. whether it's to keep things light hearted and friendly or to get a read on a
              particular someone, he is very suave.

        LIKES: drinking smoking his job sex partying
        DISLIKES : hardcore drugs pushy dealers newsy people when the damsel is high being bossed around
        QUIRKS : jason feels the need to take charge in high stress situations - he has a habit of sneaking up on
        people unintentionally, hence his nickname
        FEARS : the damsel dying of an overdose - another disaster taking place
        VICES : cheating on his significant other - drinking&smoking


        HISTORY : jason was born in buenos aires, argentina. his mother was a dressmaker who made a name for
        herself when a famous actress bought one of her dresses. his father was a lawyer, one who was both respected
        and feared as he was known to be incorruptible. due to his mother's success, they left argentina and traveled
        to america when jason was ten years old.

        he started school immediately and although his english was spotty, jason made friends quickly. the prankster
        and the meta guy were funny and welcoming and soon, jason was spending all his free time with them. it was
        those two that introduced him to the damsel and jason was smitten. at fourteen, jason would make his move and
        asked the damsel on a date. they accepted. the two would be more or less a couple since then, never straying too
        far from one another.

        at sixteen, jason found an apprenticeship in a local tattoo parlor. his parents weren't thrilled, but it kept him
        out of trouble and off the streets. if he wasn't spending time with his friends or the damsel, he was working.
        by the time jason was a junior, he bought his own car and had money in the bank. it was around this time that
        jason started to cheat on the damsel. it started with a hook up with a pretty brunette in the basement locker
        room and just escalated out of control from there. part of him didn't know why he wasn't faithful. it didn't help that
        around that time jason discovered that the damsel had an unhealthy addiction to pills. any attempts he made
        to dissuade them from buying or using was shot down. jason just dealt with it and went about his business. he
        went to school, worked and lived his life as if everything was copacetic. and it was, for him. once he turned
        eighteen he had a job lined up and everything was perfect. of course, it wouldn't last.

        during senior year, jason along with his friends went to the movies as they often did on friday night. half way
        through the movie there was an undeniable smell of smoke. the projector screen suddenly melted and
        caught fire as flames licked the curtains. it happened quickly and unnaturally in hindsight. before he knew it, the
        theater was in flames. the building was densely packed and everyone was scrambling to get out. it seemed
        as if they were surrounded on all sides and all jason could do was shove his way out with the rest of the patrons.
        outside was a mess. people were screaming and crying, some were hurt. there were a few people that were
        unaccounted for; kids, grandparents, a few people in the bathroom. despite the protests from his friends, jason
        bolted back inside. he did the best he could. jason grabbed one kid and scooped him up whilst leading an elderly
        woman outside. he barked orders at the noncompliant, knowing full and well they were scared but he needed them
        to understand and to listen. the last person he was able to save was a young girl hiding in the bathroom. he recognized
        her from high school -- an underclassman. she was crying and hysterical and the bathroom was collapsing and so
        full of smoke he could barely see her. jason wasted no time in looping his arm around her waist, dragging her towards
        the exit. by the time they were outside, the fire department had arrived and physically stopped him from going
        back inside. they yelled something about he needed medical attention but the adrenaline was pumping hard
        through his veins, so when passed out and woke up in the hospital the next morning, it was shocking to say
        the least.

        he suffered second degree burns to his hands and arms with minor burns to his face and back. the doctor salvaged
        all she was able and after a few skin grafts, he was as good as he was ever going to get. recovery was a
        pain in the ass and all jason wanted to do was get back to his job. it took some time, and although he
        had to change the way he worked due to slight loss of mobility in his hands, nothing was going to stop him from
        his dream.

        after graduating, jason fell out of touch with the meta guy. he had a feeling there was a growing resentment growing
        between them. maybe he knew that he was cheating. maybe he didn't know that the damsel was throwing their life
        away. either way, they stopped talking. jason didn't move away like some of the others though, and instead he
        became a licensed artist and took a position at the shop that treated him so well throughout the years. currently
        he lives apart from the damsel despite discussing plans to move in together. jason recently told them that unless
        the pill-popping stops, it'll never happen.


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So begins...

Jason Lopez's Story


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Amelia couldn't help but shake her head as she took a drag of the cigarette. Pressing her palms to the edge of the counter, her eyes never left her reflection. Messy, she thought bitterly to herself, rubbing at the dark circles that rested under her eyes. Tonight was probably her last night to get wild before she packed up and was shipped off to a rehabilitation center. A dread settled in her stomach at the thought, but maybe she needed a break from this fucking town. Surely, no one would miss her. "Ugh, what am I, a fifteen-year-old girl?" She scoffed at her own thoughts, snickering to herself as she took another long drag of the cig. It was a party, for fuck's sake. She should be getting hyped. Not acting like she was about to attend her own funeral. Turning on the faucet of the bathroom sink, she put the dwindling cigarette underneath the water. As it sizzled out, Amelia tossed it into the trash, before splashing her face with the cool tap water.

She needed to look her best for the evening, which meant at least an hour doing her makeup. Her highlighter has to be on point or she'll just be a lost cause. Her eyes scanned the mass array of products she owned, a little hum settling in the back of her throat as she pulled out a plum matte lippie. Jason would surely be there, and she wanted to look her best when she told him about her plan to get over her addiction. Maybe it would stop him from sleeping around. A girl can hope, at least. She grimaced to herself at the thought, pushing it to the back of her mind as she applied the lipstick and smiled at herself in the reflection. Royal purples were always so complimentary.

It took a decent while for her to get her appearance the way she wanted it. She ran her fingers through her hair, mussing it up some before she nodded in contempt. She had to pick out an outfit for the party. She slipped into something simple and stylish, tugging at the sleeves of her throw. She was probably going to be in mom jeans and pajamas at the rehab center, so why not go all out tonight? Grabbing her phone, she looked at her lockscreen. A picture of her and Jason from a couple months ago, grinning together before they started fighting. Scowling, she shoved the device into her pocket.

Stepping into the museum, Amelia grinned as she saw some familiar faces. She waved at a few of them, hugged a few more, and simply made herself known at the party. She grabbed a drink, taking a sip of it and leaning against one of the displays. She pulled her phone out once more, pulling up Jason's number before sending him a lighthearted text.

Tell me when you're here. I miss you. (;

They were always fighting nowadays, but maybe one night of fun could help rekindle their broke relationship.