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Charlene "Scene" Skoda

Let me just strengthen my walls, put my mask back on...

0 · 150 views · located in Purgatory Heights

a character in “Purgatory Heights”, as played by Froggiepril


>Charlene Skoda<
>We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them<

Nickname/Alias: Charlene Scene (CS)

Race: Angel

Type of Angel/Demon:Nephilim

Age: 26 (Her ID says 21)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Usually hetero

Occupation: ER nurse

Abilities/Skills: Wound/sickness transferal

✔ Party
✔ Fun
✔ Stress and hectic situations
✔ Loud places
✔ Crowds
✔ Her job

✘ Quiet/down time
✘ Trying to sleep
✘ Being alone
✘ Having to think
✘ Theraphists
✘ People

Born to a higly religious mother in a strict, spiritual cult and a virtue, Charlene, born to a different name, never fit in anywhere. The other members of the cult wanted to shun her mother if she didn't give up her "bastard" child, and the father was no where to be found. Charlene was raised in the cult as an orphan. No one could figure out why, but Charlene was always ill, and everyone close to her, exeptionally healthy. When she was eight, she was dying from three types of cancer. Insted of talking her to a doctor, the cult members attempted to drive the sickness out with exorsism. This frightened the little girl, and she lost control over her powers, transfering her cancers to the exorsist. No one really understood what had happened, but everyone was vary of the little girl, and she began to isolate herself. Her mother felt so bad for the little girl who was once again constantly getting sick. When Charlene was 12, her mother told her who and what she was. Charlene's shock once again caused her to make someone else sick. She ran, ran from the only life and world she's ever known, and she's been on her own ever since, doing what ever it took to get by. Leaving the cult and going out into the open, suddenly made her a target for both arch angels and demons.

Years of a struggling life has made Charlene build up walls towards the whole world. She's got false papers, a fake name, and she's dwelled in the darkest corners of the world. She's never had to care for anyone else but herself, and never had anyone give a rats ass about her. Charlene suffers from PTS, and is very well aware, and unwilling to deal with it. She works the graveyard shift in an extremely busy hospital, lives in a crowded collective, and is always in a party mood, because everytime she sleeps, everytime things get quiet around her, the memories comes pouring back. She knows she has to work out her issues at some point, but she just doesn't want to.

Even tough Charlene trusts no one, she's grown to be quite capable of faking it. Being around people distracts her from talking or thinking about herself. She has a lot of "friends", but she'll run when things gets to complicated. She's, deep down, very kind hearted, but selfish in the sence that she's only used to take care of herself. She has saved lives, and taken lives with her abilites.

As far as hobbies and interest goes, she's never really been in a position to find herself and have time for such things, and at her current age, many of her friends are establishing themselves with families, getting married and having kids. She's trying to keep busy, but it get's more complicated. She's joined her friends on all sorts of activities, and found certain gym studio activities such as aerobics, body pump, trx and similar that are suffiently niosy and fun. She's always the go to for an adventure, and the one her friends call when they need a listener and someone to cry to. She hardly ever talks about herself, and has gotten quite adept at on the spot lying should she be asked.

She's quit a lot of habbits after she came to PH, but there's still temptations she can't resist. Breaking a guys heart gives her some strange confidence, and making other girls hate her doesn't bother her one bit. She's got the outlook that everyone is selfish, and that she's one of the few to admit it. She's had a history of drugs, and still flirts with that part of the city underworld. When she's to drunk, she'll suddenly say random things that to her make a lot of sence, but to others it just sounds scary. "Something happens to you when you wait for someone to hurt you so bad, that when you hurt them back, they wont be able to hurt you anymore". After a few spills like that, she's grown a prefrence for going to very loud clubs. Before moving to PH, she bought herself a new ID and knocked a few years of her age, making it easier to blend in with the busy, loud crowd.

In certain aspects of life, Charlene has more experience than anyone ever should have, while for other things, she seems very ignorant. She didn't really learn to read untill she was 14 and started to attend a highschool without really registering, and her basic education and common knowledge is far from complete. As far as pop culture goes, she could just as well have been raised on the moon. She recognizes songs played in clubs, and the midnight news shows, but that's about it. She's always had to deal with just eating what she could get, so "favorite food" is not something she's had a luxury of figuring out, and for a nurse, she's blatantly unaware of what's healthy or not. She's trying to catch up so she can seem normal, so her "favorite thing" will often be something she's just been introduced to.

Why did you come to Purgatory Heights?:
It was the only place she could feel safe


So begins...

Charlene "Scene" Skoda's Story