Purification Hero

Purification Hero

In the woods, you come across an old forgotten run down shrine. An old woman tells you that if you honor the residing goddess, you will be bestow upon a lot of luck. However you get more than you bargained for.

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Wandering in the woods above the village of Amakeyama, you come across a forgotten run down shrine. Even the priests home seems to be abandoned. You however come across an old lady in a kimono, who seems to know the place. She tells you about the shrine and says if you honor the residing goddess and make an offering, you will be bestowed upon with great luck. So you give it a try, clean your hands, walk up to the shrine, bow, throw in 100 yen into the donation box, clap and pray. Upon finishing you bow and turn to the old lady. "Now what?" You asked. The old lady thanks you. Her wrinkles begin to clear up, she grows a bit, her chest gets bigger and her hair gets longer. Suddenly you have a young woman who only looks a couple years older than you in front of you.

The woman says she is the residing goddess and will give you great luck and asks you to serve her as shrine maiden or priest. She offers you much more than just luck in return, but the ability to see all spirits, fight off demons and more. You reluctantly agree. Now you have to ward off evil spirits until the goddess is strong and influential enough to do it herself.

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