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Josh Anderson

The only demons I'm possessed with are the demons of awesomeness.

0 · 92 views · located in PURITY: Correctional Camp

a character in “PURITY Correctional Camp”, originally authored by Wunderland, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Josh Anderson

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Gay


Personality: Josh is the only openly gay person in his town and is, most of the time, very proud of that. He's flamboyant and expresses himself in the way he chooses to. That's probably why he got sent to Purity Correctional Camp by his unaccepting, close-minded parents. He makes friends easily and is a natural social butterfly, a people-person. He wants to stay true to his identity and who he is, but struggles with his desire to please others. He doesn't to be, but Josh is a people-pleaser.

History: Josh found out that he was gay in junior high when he started to develop feelings for a male classmate. All before then, he was in denial. He had been bullied for the way he acted and looked, but always lied about being gay and said he was straight. When Josh finally came out to and confessed his feelings to his crush, the guy promised not to tell, but outed Josh to the whole school. Because of this, Josh's parents quickly found out and did whatever they could to "cure" him of this "lifestyle," sending him to Purity.

So begins...

Josh Anderson's Story

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"Hey, Hannah! I haven't seen you since...forever! Never thought you'd end up in this hell, huh?"
Hannah's mouth formed a wide O at the sound of the voice.
"Audriana? Oh my god! It's been ages!" She gave her former best-friend a grin, just as a boy walked into the room. He had light brown hair that fell in tufts on his head, and brown eyes to match.

"Wait, are these cabins like unisex, or am I in the wrong section?"
Hannah grimaced slightly. Probably unisex. So we will have sex, and rid us of our old gay ways. Whatever," she said with a roll of her eyes, just as Audriana added, "No, you're in the right place, but the boys side of the cabin is over there." She pointed to the other sid eof the room, where some beds were. "So Josh, why are you here? I'm here for being bi, 'an outrage to human kind,'" Audrianna added, making air quotations at the end of her sentence. Hannah noted how Audrianna was looking curiously at Josh, and how she specifically said Josh's name. "Bi?" Hannah asked, raising an eyebrow. "As in, boys and girls, yeah?" Maybe Audrianna did like Josh.

But it seemed that Josh either didn't hear the uestion, or was avoiding it, as he started unpacking his bags, and once he was finished that, he left the room, leaving the girls in awkward silence. "So..." Hannah said uncomfortably, giving her friend a sheepish smile.


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#, as written by Tom Ice
Jackson appraised Josh's smile with a small one of his own. He nodded briskly over at him. "Jack Abbey. I figure we're gonna be cabin mates or some shit?" He would have smiled wider at the prospect of having a cute boy in his cabin but honestly, Jacksonwwasn't really into the whole flamboyant type. Flamboyants tended to be so feminine it was ridiculous, and while Jackson did prefer holding dominance in his relationship, he didn't want to do it over something that was pretty much a girl with a dick. And flamboyants were often just pushing themselves to be as feminine as they could be without going tranny, or that's what Jackson thought. Yes, they were gay, but gayness didn't make them any better than anyone else. Jack Abbey shook his head and looked Josh straight in the eye.
"Do you like videogames? Also, what's your last name?" Jack Abbey had a tendency to file people in his mind under their first name or nickname and their last one. He just felt it more proper. He was already calling that attractive boy from earlier Chris Hart in his head. Things like that, they just filed right in his mind, that was all.

Caleb sighed and stood, anxiety washing over him as he realized he needed to actually get up and talk to people. His throat closed to sound once again as he walked toward the entrance of his cabin, the female side. He pushed through the door, head down. Madoka was inside, on her bunk. He looked up at her.
"Hello there," she said, a softly maternal smile sliding over her lips. He looked down at his whiteboard.
'hi. i'm CAleB rutherford."
Madoka just gave him a displeased look as she squinted at the board and he nodded, a little downtrodden that his first attempt at socialization in a while had been completely struck down. He turned and left the cabin again, sitting on the step out front of it, watching people again, anxiety flickering between his eyes.