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Pursuing The Invisible

Pursuing The Invisible


The Korana District of The Region is rising from the ashes of a war like no other. Most inhabitants perished, but a small pocket are said to live. One small group of adventurers seek out the rubble, searching for the tiny civilisation said to exist.

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T H E___K O R A N A___D I S T R I C T

Existing in the year 4013, exactly 2000 years from now, is a large flat plain called The Region where Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain, France and the United Kingdom once stood. They were then separated, now are bonded to form one big expanse of rugged, harsh terrain. After the Great War, in which Russia approached the United States of America with unprepared hostility, and was overcome when Brazil and Canada defended their sister land, The Region was obliterated.
...or so it seemed...
Until now, it was thought that The Region was devoid of life and derelict. It was said to be dangerous and inhabitable. However, a small group of young adults have taken an interest in The Region, specifically the Korana District where there is rumoured to be life. They have conducted studies on energy levels, atmospheric changes and geographical anomalies to concur that there is indeed, though perhaps small, a civilisation out there.
Having saved the money, the group of 6 have set a date and time to try to travel. The only issue is that what was once America, is now named Central Lao,and Lao is a militaristic country with strict standards, policies and schedules that must be adhered to. There are rules. There are regulations. But there are also those that must break these rules and regulations.
They have waited far too long for this chance to pursue their investigation.

However, will it be easy to be pursuing the invisible?

So, i'm imaging a small group of 6 authors for this one. Each player having one member of a group of young adults who have been researching The Region's Korana District, not believing it to be abandoned. It's always seemed impossible. Now, it has come to the date where they are going to try to bypass the guards and take the train to the border of Central Lao, where they have arranged a small boat to take them to the edge of The Region, where they will then trek into the middle of what would have once been Russia to the Korana District.

This RP will be predominantly about character and story development, as I expect the group will come across some challenges on their travels which will change them in ways they never expected. I'm very, very excited about this roleplay!!


Female 1 - The Tough, Outdoorsy Hunter - Taken FoolMeOnce - Victoria Hutchenson
Female 2 - The Pretty, Girly Intellect - Taken MaliceInWonderland - Rowan Autumn
Male 1 - The Nerdy, Mathsy Dark Horse - Open - Character Name
Male 2 - The Outdoorsy, In-shape Softy - Taken PulseTrick - Ethan Rasselmore
Female 3 - The Quiet, Shy Surpriser Taken FeralFairy - Marlene Parker
Male 3 - The Solemn, Mysterious Mr Serious Taken Flexar - Arthur Blackmore

Female 1 <--> Female 3 = Cousins
Though related, these two haven't seen each other since they were both 7, and neither is particularly bothered about this.

Female 1 <--> Male 2 = Complicated
These two have always gotten on like a house on fire, with their interest in the outdoors and hunting. She feels something for him that she has never felt before so does not understand, and he would give his life for her. He loves her. But, he never worded this to her. What will it take for him to out his feelings for her?

Female 2 <--> Male 2 = Siblings
Typical brother and sister, they have a love hate relationship. They can't stand to be around each other, but touch a hair on the other's head and you're in six pieces.

Male 1 <--> Female 2 = Perfect Match
They both have an IQ off the charts, and so can hold a conversation with one another, but they are both so shy when it comes to relationships.

Male 3 <--> Female 3 = Unsure
They don't know what it is, but he watches her like a hawk. Is it hatred? Protection? It could be anything. She catches him watching sometimes, but can't make him out.

Male 1 <--> Male 3 = Silent Rivals
Though both on this trip, they have never really gotten on, but also never said anything. But will stress change that?

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3 - Be Imaginative
This is a RP focused on story and character development as well as sudden and interesting events. I'll post any major events such as wild animal attacks or disaster etc but feel free to post what you want.

4 - PG...?
You can swear, there can be mild sexual content, but nothing that would need to be taken to PMs. If so, take it there. Not my problemo :3 I don't mind it, but it's against the main rules.

5- Have fun!!
'Cus that's what this is 'bout, right? :L heehee~

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V I C T O R I A. . .H U T C H E N S O N
The Morning of the Adventure To Come

It was night. Pitch black and teeming with nocturnal mutations that stalked this ever crumbling wasteland. Tory's curtains seemed to her like they strained against the window, holding out more than just the view of the district. She shouldn't even be up this early. The fact that her head was still pounding from the drink last night told her that. The group had celebrated the evening before they set off, and Tory had managed to snag a bottle of liquor from the local black market stall. She was not normally the girl to condone criminal behaviour, but since they were preparing to breach the border and traverse across the barren waste to the train station, planning on taking that to get to the Central Laotian border, this tiny theft seemed like nothing. These trains were normally designed for shipping military personnel, professionals and other civilians; provided you had a pass. Tory had been working on their passes for weeks now, getting them perfectly designed to match the real ones. She just had to hope they were convincing.


Not something she had ever put much faith on, until this expedition came around. Time and time again she used to hope, and pray, that her family would return from the frontline. But they never did. So Tory had to harden herself to the outside world and build a wall to protect her soft innards. It was this wall that also prevented her from feeling too much remorse about the trouble they would certainly cause. At this moment, Tory realised she had been laying in bed for well near an hour, and was fast approaching the time she had planned to leave. She shuffled out of her bed covers and stripped herself of her filthy pyjamas. The war had so altered the environment that to be in shorts and tshirt was so be sweltering. The people had become accustomed to it, but they clothes had not. They sweated at night, as the temperatures rose, and woke up needing at least two showers every day. Tory peeled the last of her clothing off and strode confidently across her room towards the hallway. confident as one can be when she remembered that the house was full of her friends...and...him.

Oh! What if he came out now, of the room he had slept in, whilst she was walking to the bathroom naked?! The thought sent an exciting shiver down her spine that made her skin tingle and her heart race. Breathing slightly faster than she had been, Tory finished the journey to the shower and slipped into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She had almost forgotten; in the drunken haze of the celebrations last night, Tory and Ethan had shared a heated kiss! But their antics were soon forgotten as more drink entered their systems and obliterated any thoughts or inhibitions they may have. Tory had also suggested that everyone crash at hers, since it was late when they eventually sobered up enough to call it a night. Tory smiled to herself, her body hypersensitive and rather arouse as she turned on the shower and stepped into the steaming stream of sprinkling water. Tory reveled in the wet heat, so different from the humidity of her room. She reached out and opened the window to let some cool air in and let the steam out. She didn't want damp now did she?

Tory grabbed the sponge from the shower rack and some perfumed shower gel that left the bathroom smelling of jasmine. Squirting some of the creamy liquid onto the sponge, Tory squashed the sponge and rubbed it with her knuckles to lather it up before starting to rub the suds over her skin. Tory's breath quickened as she covered her body with sweet smelling foam, her skin till tingling wildly from her raunchy reminiscing. Biting her lip, Tory directed the sponge towards her thighs, rubbing the gel deep into her skin. She swirled it in gentle, light circles around the top of each thigh, around her naval and around her groin, making ever smaller circles towards her center. Her heartbeat quickened and her breath came in ragged, throaty gasps. It had been long since she'd felt any of this kind of attention. Tory's fingers strayed, dropping the sponge and feeling their way around her, inching closer and closer to the point between her soapy thighs...


Tory opened her eyes, having slumped into the bottom of the shower. She needed that. The thoughts of Ethan were just too...frustrating. Tory pulled herself to her feet, showered, washed her long dark tresses and dragged herself from the steamy, jasmine scented haze she had been left in. Patting herself dry, she listened out carefully for anyone else that might be awake. Luckily, she hadn't thrown up, and she the shower escapades had seemed to help ease her headaches. She dressed herself in a black tank, navy blue khaki shorts and her trust combat boots. She liked to think of her outfit as somewhat reminiscent of her favourite video game character; Lara Croft. Deciding it was time to finally make an appearance, Tory plaited her hair from her ear to the other side of her neck and let it hang over her shoulder, emerging from the bathroom in a cloud of fragranced steam. Tory turned the corner and made her way downstairs into the living room.


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Character Portrait: Victoria Hutchenson Character Portrait: Ethan Rasselmore
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Ethan's eyes slowly opened, giving way to the pale light shining through the window. He heard the patter of bare feet in the hallway, and looked to the closed door that would lead to those sounds. In disappointment of his curiosity not being sated. He looked up to the ceiling, taking in the fact that he was not in his own bed. He wasn't in a tent, or anywhere outdoors, so where was he? Ethan tried to piece back together what had happened the night before.

1. Victoria had bought some booze, and they had celebrated for something.
2. Him and Tory had kissed

The second memory jutted out in his head, it seemed more important than the alcohol, which probably led to such a situation. Strange since she was not the kind to take such obscene actions, but he supposed alcohol did that sort of thing. He was kind of happy that it did, and he ran his fingers over his lips as a shower turned on; probably the Tory herself. He tried not to think about it, but the memories rushed back of their past experiences, it wasn't much, but as he wrestled his pillow, squishing out all of the air to get a wrinkled ball of cotton, he couldn't help thinking of her. He didn't know if this was a good thing, or a bad thing. Why didn't he just go tell her how he felt right now. It would be a good idea, right? Maybe not, maybe he was reading this entire thing wrong, and she just kissed him because she was intoxicated. If that was the way it was he would just be making a fool of himself, and that would be terrible. Maybe he would just go to the living room, and wait for the others to come out, then decide what would happen from there. That would probably be the best thing too do.

With a small struggle, he got rolled off of the bed, escaping the claws of sleep. He was still wearing his clothes from the night before, albeit his jacket, which was probably hanging up by the door. He meandered over to the door to the hallway, and turned back to see the room he would leave. The beds blankets were still as he had left them, all in a mess with a pillow on the floor. A thought ran across his mind, and he stumbled over to the bed, fixing it up in a half-awake stupor. When he was done, he opened the windows, letting the morning sun shine upon him, making him even more tired.

He opened the door, inviting himself to the featureless hallway. As he moved towards the stairway, he noticed that Victoria's door was slightly ajar. He caught a glimpse of her clothes on the floor. His mind pieced together the not-so-hard to solve puzzle, and he realized just what Tory had done. That was bold. Ethan found himself at the stairs, and gripped the railing tightly, as not to trip due to still having to wake up fully. Once he was at the bottom, he was faced with a few choices. Go into the living room, and wait for the others while staying awake, go into the kitchen and make something too eat, go hunt, or go crash on the couch. He irresponsibly decided on the latter, and walked over to the couch, and flopped onto it, the satisfying THWOMP baying call to a short nap. Just as he had made himself comfortable however, he shuffled to see Tory walking in with her Tomb Raider-esque attire. It wasn't hard deciphering who she had wanted to look like, his sister had told him that. If anything though, he hoped to be the Van Hellsing of the group. It was a shame that he needed a hat for that though. He didn't really care for hats.

"Uhh, Morning Victoria."


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Character Portrait: Marlene Parker
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Marlene woke slowly, objecting silently to the harsh light that had begun to permeate the room. She gave a soft grumble and burrowed her head further into the pillow, but to no use. She was awake, and would have to stay awake. A shame. Taking a deep breath, she rose slowly, twisting to swing her legs off the side of the bed and naturally bring herself to stand. It was something Lenne always regretted, without fail, because her pajamas seemed to get infinitely more constricting during the night. It was both a blessing and a curse that they would be departing soon. Rubbing her eyes with a hand, Marlene snatched up her shower supplies and opened the door a crack, need for care overriding any impatience she could have.

And it was a good choice, too. Ethan had apparently just passed her door, as she could see him for just a few moments as he descended the stairs. Good. Perhaps she had slept too late, but she wanted a shower while she could still get a good one. Her mind reminded her without bidding or want of what she had seen - last night had not been a good decision, no matter how she looked at it. Who knows what could have happened. Shaking her head, Lenne stepped out into the hallway, clutching her things, and slipped into the bathroom. Tory had invited them to her place, after all, and besides, she was a relation. They were leaving today, she could hardly hold it against her. All of her things had already been here as Lenne wanted to be as prepared as possible before they set off. She locked the shower door and began to run the shower, pleased that she could do so and not depart with the night's sweltering touch still on her back.

When she finished her quick shower, Lenne dried off and dressed before she went back to her room. As the almost-encounter with Ethan showed, she could never be too sure. A wraith, Marlene moved back into her room to dress for the day and find the last essences of solitude she may ever get. Clothes? Practical... Practical... Practical... It made no sense to her not to have the ability to adapt to everything that could happen. If they made it out past the border? Excellent. If they didn't? Well, her colors were drab enough to let her blend in to the normal, non-exploratory crowd. It was all good. If she would admit to herself, it was her battle armor. She would never.

For them to start without getting far - that would be the worst. To leave the question unanswered, the sight unseen, the words unspoken and the knowledge unknown. She shook her head at the very thought. Failure was something she wouldn't stand for. This group was formed, the plans made. There was no backing down now. The Region - a land of mystery, where previously there had been none. The sheer allure of the place, shrouded in questions - how could she refuse? Traveling with this many people made her hesitant, but certainly she could make it. As long as they did not expect much of her, she would persevere through it to find the answers. In a world strictly regulated, there could be nothing better. Of course she was nervous, but they would not stand in the way of her goal.

With a sigh, Marlene realised she had sat down on the bed again to think these intolerable thoughts. She gave her head another shake and rose, neatly putting away any mess she had made pulling out her clothes. Lenne brushed her hair back from her face as she did this, coming to the sudden realisation it had been down the entire time. She let her eyes slide close one last time, marking the moment in her mind for when this would all change, and nothing would ever be the same again. Of course, she had done this a fair few times already, but it never hurt to save it for later. Marlene pursed her lips as her hair slid from where it had been tucked behind her ear. This habit of spacing out would be the very first to go - luckily she had begun to make progress on it. Cooly and efficiently, Lenne put her hair up, practise of hundreds of days rendering a mirror unnecessary.

She left the room her relation had so graciously lent her, feeling much fresher and ready to take on the day from the shower. Marlene glanced down the hall, seeing a few more closed doors, but turned her head and made her way downstairs as well, silent as a ghost. Oh. She stopped, evaluating the situation. Ethan and Tory. No one else. It was alright, she decided, and walked straight into the kitchen without a word. A polite smile had flashed across her face, but she wouldn't have known their reactions if she wanted to. She found herself in the kitchen... Might as well help with food this group doubtlessly wanted. Hands on her hips, she glanced about, unsure of where (or what) to start with.


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V I C T O R I A. . .H U T C H E N S O N
The Morning After

Bad idea... definitely a bad idea. With each footstep that took Tory down the stairs, her stomach lurched and bound itself in knots. Her knees were still weak and her heart not much better after her steamy escapades. But, they were all travelling together today, and with the memory of last night's not so romantic romance still fresh and surprisingly clear in the forefront of her mind, Tory knew she had to face Ethan. Although her common sense and logical thinking told her that there was nothing to be so anxious about, her heart and body were telling her to turn and hide until he sought her out. She could almost be sick she was so nervous. But it wasn't regret that initiated this response in her. No. It wasn't even shame or embarrassment. It was fear. Fear for his reaction.

Tory always told herself that if you do something you regret, it's your own darn fault for doing it in the first place. But, despite the slight intoxication, last night had felt right. Last night was meant to have happened. Tory had known her own feelings for Ethan a long while ago, back when they first met. Something about his attitude and his personality had cracked her once steely resolve and made home under her skin, closer to her heart than anyone she could remember. If it wasn't for the fact that they were drunk, Tory would have bet money that Ethan was as happy with the kiss as her. He hadn't pulled away, when he so easily could have. Surely that was a good sign. Right?

But that was all last night. This was now. Tory had to make a decision, and not one that involved turning heel and abandoning ship. Besides, she was pretty sure she heard Marlene waking up. If she wanted to stand any chance of spending a little time with Ethan on her own, she had to move now. Tory took the final few steps and rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs and emerged into the living room. Where was h...? Oh. On the sofa. Napping. Tory giggled, her hand flying to her mouth to stifle it before it turned into a full blown guffaw. Tory reached into her pocket and fished out her phone, managing to snap a quick shot before Ethan awoke. That would go on facebook later...

"Uhh, Morning Victoria."

Victoria? Had he always called her that? Now she was just over thinking things. Tory smirked as she pocketed her phone and watched Ethan drag himself upright. "Good nap?" she asked, swatting his feet off of the sofa and sitting in their place. "Was your bed not good enough?" Tory grinned broadly. She had no idea what she had been so worried about. Now that she was sat here, his feet dropped back on her lap, her hands resting nonchalantly across his shins and ankles and the pair of them acting as usual, her emotions before now seemed unreasonable. But, as she expected, there was a funny twinge in their relationship. A strain. It was like they both knew what needed to be said, but neither wanted to be the first to say it. Elephant in the room.

Marlene then breezed through, a polite but 'i'm going this way don't talk to me' smile on her lips. Tory couldn't help but smirk slightly, knowing exactly why Marlene didn't stop and chat. "I'll have eggs with my bacon!" Tory called through to the kitchen, shuffling in her seat to get comfy. Tory turned her relaxed smile on Ethan. "So. Headache, or no headache?"

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Character Portrait: Marlene Parker
Marlene Parker

Shy, Quiet Surpriser

Character Portrait: Victoria Hutchenson
Victoria Hutchenson

The Tough, Outdoorsy Hunter.


Character Portrait: Victoria Hutchenson
Victoria Hutchenson

The Tough, Outdoorsy Hunter.

Character Portrait: Marlene Parker
Marlene Parker

Shy, Quiet Surpriser

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Character Portrait: Victoria Hutchenson
Victoria Hutchenson

The Tough, Outdoorsy Hunter.

Character Portrait: Marlene Parker
Marlene Parker

Shy, Quiet Surpriser

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