A gem witch was created in the kindergarden and fought for Homeworld during the gem war but who knows maybe he took the wrong side ;p

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a character in “Quality Rocks”, as played by Fenix


Name: Emerald

Homeworld/Earth bound?: Fought for Homeworld During the gemwar even though he never has been there he was grown in the kindergarden


Gem type(if applicable): Emerald

Gem placement(if applicable):at the position where a human would have his heart left part of his chest

Appearance:see pic

Quick personality synopsis:Kind and Protective of his friend , intelligent but very thick headed and isn't good at making friends

Weapon(if applicable):Blade

Quick history synopsis:He was grown at kindergarden and was forced to fight for homeworld not knowing what homeworld is like during a great battle he was heavily wounded witch resulted in him retreating in his gem now after all this time he has been able to reform his body but he is now in a world diffrent then the one he knew without fellow gems and witouth knowledge of the world. He has no idea what to do will Homeworld come to his aid or will he find friendship with the crystal Gems

Any last thoughts?:

So begins...

Emerald's Story