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Abel Speight

"It's alright. We can live through this."

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a character in “Quarantine”, as played by Wingedness



Character Name: Abel Speight
Age: 21
Gender: male
Role: subject

Abel's skin is a dark shade of olive, and his hair is a messy mop of curls. At 6'4" he's tall, built like a basketball player: wiry muscles, streamlined and strong from manual labour, soldered to his bones. His face is angular, his eyes are hazel-green, and his facial hair black. At home, he kept it neatly clipped short. Hidden beneath his curly hair, his ear lobes sport one hole each, a gaping reminder of the gauges he used to wear before he was diagnosed and his possessions taken from him. Also hidden is a short, faded scar above his right eyebrow. The top of his left foot is tattooed with a tribal symbol.



Guarded, rational, and strong-willed, Abel isn't the most complacent subject to ever pass through the Denva Quarantine Facility's front doors. As the oldest of four children, and then later through his dating relationships, he has always filled the role of Protector. He's used to being in situations where he is the tallest, the fittest, the oldest, and therefore required to be the strongest- both emotionally and physically. It's a role he's embraced, albeit not without some hidden bitterness.

While fairly reserved and easygoing, especially when it comes to his own well-being, he turns into a giant momma bear of anger when those he deems 'under his care' are threatened. Abel views himself as strong and unshakable, whether it's actually true or not. He considers it his personal burden in life to always be strong enough to take the hits for those who can't. So he'll step quietly into whatever role he thinks the people around him require him to step into. Physical or emotional support, he can do it all, stuffing his own emotions down into his gut to fester dangerously.


Fears :
• Being left alone for long periods of time. Abel hasn't spent much time developing his own personality, and so he doesn't do well on his own. He has no purpose or drive when he cannot live for others, and it scares him. He's essentially aimless, and doesn't know who he is or what to do.
• Helplessness. Complete loss of situational control. Abel is easygoing in general, mostly content to let events play out how they will. But he needs to know that, if he needs to, he can alter their course.
• Not being strong enough. Breaking down, showing his soft, squishy, vulnerable emotional side. He'll do just about anything to keep from being emotionally broken.

Strengths :
• Physical strength. Abel is used to working with his hands eight+ hours a day, and is therefore in top physical condition. He's muscled, strong, and fast.
• Street smarts. He's lived in a 'tough neighborhood' his entire life, and has been in more than his fair share of brawls. He isn't formally trained, but knows how to handle himself if he needs to.
• High pain tolerance. Years of pretending to be strong have actually turned him into a self-fulfilling prophecy and calloused him. He can take a fair emotional and physical beating.
• Caring. He has a genuine need to protect the people around him. It's rooted in selfishness, but the end result works out well for others.
• Disciplined. He's guarded, and controls himself well. He rarely acts or reacts without thinking through the consequences.

• Abel doesn't address his emotions, preferring instead to ignore them. It may seem to be a good coping mechanism in the moment, but as things build up, he's pushed closer and closer to the edge.
• Guarded. Those wanting a deeper relationship or a glimpse at his emotional side will soon find themselves up against a wall. He can't afford to let it slip, even for a good reason, because once it's down he has a hard time bringing it back up for when it's needed.
• Low sense of self-preservation, and low self-esteem. He doesn't think highly of himself. He believes that he merely exists to aid others, and not for his own happiness. It's given him a severe martyr complex.
• Stubborn. Once involved, he doesn't back down easily, regardless of personal consequences. He doesn't know when to quit, or when to stop and take a break, and is liable to run himself into the ground.



Abel is the oldest of four children, in a family where both parents worked low-income jobs. Abel took on much of the role of caring for his younger siblings when his parents were away. Though his father was a heavy drinker and occasionally an abusive man, Abel managed to have a decent childhood, never particularly happy, but not particularly sad, either. Ask him, and he'd consider himself normal, for everyone in his social circles come from a similar background.

Abel started working as soon as it was legal. He finished high school, but never went on to college; didn't see the point. Before being diagnosed and shipped off to quarantine, he was working part-time in construction and full-time as a freight handler.

He skipped between relationships for several years, never being able to hold one down for long, until he found Lonnie. The eighteen year old was small and weak, and in a terrible living situation- and very much in need of a Knight in Shining Armor. It only took the two a few months before Abel invited him to move in, and they've been living together for nearing a year now.

Until, of course, quarantine.



Abel lay on his back and stared at the ceiling, hands absently tracing the outsides of his ears. He was worried, and afraid, though he didn't care to admit it, and it was all making him angry. His hazel eyes flickered over to the window, where a few weak beams of evening sunlight were filtering in, trying their best to cheer up the room and failing dismally. Between the bars across the window and the strength of the cold fluorescent lights, they never stood a chance. Abel pressed his lips together, willing himself to remain silent rather than letting out the sigh that wanted to rush from his lungs. There were others in the room, but the silence radiating from them was deafening, and he did not want to the the one to break it.

It had been a simple thing at first: a quick jaunt to the doctor to get his arm checked out. A box at work had tipped off a truck, and he'd strained his shoulder trying to keep it upright. He'd just needed a doctor's signature and he could have been right back into the swing of things. Abel grit his teeth in an ironic smile that turned out more like a grimace. Right. Just a physical. As if.

The doctors had completed a few other tests, and before Abel quite knew what had happened, he'd been loaded into a van and driven a couple of hours out to a barbed wire fortress. He'd protested, struggled, told them that he felt just fine. They told him he was a carrier, that it was dangerous. And They were unbending.

He hadn't even gotten a chance to get word to Lonnie.

Lonnie. He mouthed the name, eyebrows scrunching up and then smoothing out. If something happened to that kid....

Abel rolled over, burying his face in the hard pillow and bunching up the sheets in his fists as his anger dissolved into helplessness. He would not cry, no. But he would allow himself this feeling of misery tonight. Tomorrow he would be strong. He would be unmovable, a pillar, a rock.

But tonight. Tonight he could let the sorrow leak through.

So begins...

Abel Speight's Story

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The dining hall was pitifully silent as the subjects scraped at their meals. It was a pained, uncomfortable silence, and Abel didn't like it one bit.

It had only been a few hours since his arrival, and he was still reeling from the speed of events. The man hardly even glanced at the bowl of goo a staff member had set before him, preferring instead to glance pensively around at the other patients. They were a grim lot, he quickly decided. Something about this facility was off. Very off.

Being yanked from his life and shoved into quarantine was bad enough. But for some reason, the whole atmosphere felt more like a sterile prison and less like a medical facility. He'd braced himself for tests and needles and poking and prodding, but this-- this was something else entirely.

Abel glanced again at the other patients, picking at their bowls of gloop. They were quiet, trying to choke it down. Any conversations seemed furtive and short. He frowned. He could probably pick out which ones had been here longer, just based on eating habits alone. And by the circles around their eyes, and the pallor of their skin. They all seemed cowed, submissive, and afraid. Yes, definitely afraid.

But of what? Of dying from the sickness? Or- Abel glanced sideways at the man standing, watching them eat- of something else.

This was seeming more like a prison every minute.

As the redheaded girl next to him began to murmur something to her neighbor, Abel came to a conclusion. Maybe everyone else here knew something he didn't, but the rules hadn't exactly been explained to him yet and he wasn't about to sit around and follow the crowd into silence and fear. He may be diseased, but he wasn't going to mope about it.

First order of business: get word to Lonnie. Abel grimaced silently as he thought of the kid, alone and probably worried. It would be apparent now that Abel wasn't returning from his doctor visit, and Lonnie wasn't the best equipped to be on his own. Or to deal with disappointment. He needed to speak with him, somehow, to reassure him and make sure he would be alright.

Abel turned to scan the room one more time; this time he focused on the staff members. A few kitchen workers, milling about. And a solitary man, standing, watching the patients eat. He looked official, more powerful than the kitchen staff. His best bet, Abel figured.

He stood and took off toward him in one swift, fluid movement. His shoes clipped against the cold floor as he crossed the room. He felt as if every eye in the room bored into the back of his head, but he willed himself to keep walking. Just keep walking, eyes ahead. Just do it.

Even still, Abel crossed the space as quickly as he could without breaking into a run. He stopped a few feet from Jack, eyeing him for a split second before forcing himself to speak. If he didn't do it now, he never would. Once the words started, they jumbled together, pouring out like a breaking dam.

"Hello, um- I've been wondering: Is there a phone I could use? I want to make sure my family's alright, and let them know I'm still okay. I didn't get much of chance…." He trailed off, gesturing vaguely with his hands and pulling up his best contrite smile, meeting the man's eyes. He'd never really considered himself a suckup, but hey, now seemed as good as any a time to start.

Anything it took.

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"Yes, but-" Abel trailed off as Jack shooed him back toward the table, not sure if he should argue the point further. The man seemed nice enough, but unusually dismissive, and he couldn't shake an uneasy feeling. In fact, with every interaction in this facility, unease seemed to grow in the pit of his stomach.

He finally just snapped his mouth shut and nodded slowly. He would just have to ask the doctor about it, whenever he made it there. Hopefully that would be soon. Probably would be, he assumed. It was only logical that a supposedly terminally ill patient would meet with the doctor frequently, for tests and treatment and whatever else happened in medical facilities. Abel hadn't seen the doctor yet, but he had only been in the facility for a few hours. He was probably still getting settled. Maybe tomorrow the tests would start.

But then again, everything was off in this place.

The man returned to the table, walking slower than he had when he'd gotten up to charge across the room, and sat back down next to the redheaded girl. He stared dismally down at his bowl of goop, as if seeing it for the first time. He'd been distracted when it had first been placed before him, and hadn't inspected it closely. It had looked like a bowl of grits or something, upon first glance.

It wasn't. It really, really wasn't. It was further confirmed as a girl down the table from him lifted her plate and asked if anyone wanted hers. Abel shook his head at the girl, avoiding her eyes, and looked back down at his own plate. No way he was even eating his own.

But that wasn't his immediate problem. He glanced sideways at the redheaded girl next to him, frowning. When he spoke, his voice was low, not quite a whisper but definitely not at normal speaking volume. He didn't want to disturb the silence or bring too much attention to himself. And he didn't really want Jack to overhear.

"You met the doctor yet?"

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#, as written by Lexen
Valeri ignored most of the ongoings, such as talks of phone calls and doctors, and let her attention stick onto this man. He seemed so...weak. Yes, weak was the way Val understood him. Quiet was too general a term and didn't include his seemingly low disposition. It was as if he viewed her as a threat. Valeri had ever been seen as such a thing. No, most considered her a playful fool that was easily disposed of. And yet, as this man formally called her a 'miss', she couldn't help but wonder how in the world she would play this new role or if she liked playing it. Watching him seem to sigh and look slightly downtrodened in her eyes, Valeri took a brief moment to mull over her options. It would seem she would fall back into her more silent side as her mind went on and on.

With time and a mild tune in her head, the red head spoke to Lex, "Does all the food taste the same?" She didn't finish asking before her fork found its way over to his side and pulled some of the mess from it. Quickly the utensil was forced into her mouth and she finished off the bite. "Wow, they really do know how to make the taste consistent. It must be fiber..." Her voice died off as she took another bite of hers. Yes, it seemed that way. Her mind went over again how unhealthy this would actually be for a person considered sick. It didn't look good. Turning back with a furrowed brow, she asked, "Do we get any vitamins pills or the like? This doesn't mean very...right." Her green eyes would search his face for a moment before turning to look around. She didn't want to wait. Yet, seeing no way into a kitchen from her current spot, there was very little she could this room.

Forgetting about her previous question to the male, Valeri almost stood from her seat. That was until another low voice was heard by her. She looked confused by the question. It was an easy question to answer. She too was a recent addition to the facility and had little knowledge of anything else but the look of defeat from everyone else. "I assume you don't mean Dr. Suess. If not, then no. Sorry. No doctor has appeared yet. Now if you will, I shall be back." She flashed Abel a quick grin before rising from her seat.

Taking to her feet, her green eyes would stare at Jack for a brief moment to see if he were watching. Even if he was, the girl used it more of gage of how far she could leave her table - well, she would have had Valeri been a person for thinking of future action at all. Instead, she simply bolted. Her legs taking her from the cafeteria to down the hall. She was in search of a kitchen; however, with each stride, seemed to not find anything remotely related. There was a class, a gym and a room of curiousity - or so Valeri described the box. Since she was already out, Val decided that perhaps it may be best to take this chance to look around as it may not last much longer.

Her thin hands went for the door nob, and to her dismay, found it locked. Immediantly she reached for her hair to grab onto a bobby pin for such situations, but she fell upon a rather terrible situation: there were no bobbypins. She had forgotten that all had been removed upon her enterance into the facility. "Those sneaky bastards." Val cursed under her breath. The girl removed her hands from the door and took a step back to stare at it. Her mind was able to wonder the many possiblities that laid behind this strange door and what it would mean for her.

[[OOC: Sorry if I'm jumping the gun a little...just want some excitment.]]