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Adrian Carlos

Who exactly is running the facility? Some get the feeling it isn't the Doctor.

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a character in “Quarantine”, as played by Shané


Adrian Carlos

Adrian Carlos


Harsh would be one of the best words to describe Adrian Carlos. His whole demeanour gives a sense of pride and arrogance, that he would say is well deserved. He has a tanned, rather muscular body with a square jawline and hard, commanding features. He has rather long, sandy brown hair that falls partially over his face. His piercing blue eyes are the stuff nightmares are made of. It's not hard to imagine someone being lost in their ice cold depths. There's not a hint of mercy in his unfeeling irises. He never seems to miss anything, his eyes always alert and stern gazing over area's with a sense of authority.
There's always an aura of power around him, and even the most rebellious of subjects fear him. He tends to dress rather smartly, and never in white as it tends to have trouble hiding the blood. He's never far from his trusted revolver either, which is always found in his belt and clearly visible. Normally there will be a sharp knife accompanying it on his left side as well. Adrian styles normally a fairly dark black jacket that seems to be on in all weather.


Adrian is a sadistic killer. He is however completely within his mind, at least not clinically insane. Adrian's main aim is power, though some assume it is causing pain. He prefers to see pain as his hobby with power the main goal in mind. Adrian is one of those people that knows exactly how to break a person. Ever since working for the government he's completed his work with malicious enthusiasm. He sometimes seems devoid of emotion except for anger and a sadistic hunger for blood.
He is not simply a mindless killer however. He is normally very calculating, never leaving things to chance and always making sure he stays on top of the game. Adrian has a tendency to not trust people, finding himself the easiest person to make sure the job gets done. Sure he relies on the Staff B to remain in control, however he keeps the major secrets to himself, like the real purpose behind the facility.
Adrian is a conceited type. He loves being the centre of attention, in control and always right. Thanks to his position of authority within the facility this pride has steadily grown, and the only thing that matches it is his anger. Anger is one of the things that breaks Adrian's control. He easily falls into rages and finds himself doing more damaged than he plans. This, obviously causes problems for himself, however seeing his complete authority he tends to be able to fix the consequence rather than control his anger.
Pain is something that stimulates Adrian and gets the adrenaline coursing through his veins. The terror of a victim is a thrill he doesn't get out of much else. Adrian prefers the older methods of torture, finding they leave just as much as pain as when they are directly applied. Adrian has a particular dislike of survivors, hence his hatred towards Shanae. He enjoys putting all the subjects in the box for one reason or another and finds it a reward for a hard day. Staying control is something that he finds easy; especially with a gun. And he is known to be a good aim. . . A very good aim.


Adrian doesn't seem to have many fears, due to his conceit, though if he really thought about it, failure might be a major one. That or humiliation, though he doubts that is in his future.

Calculating, Adrian always seems to have the upper hand in the mind games of the facility. He thinks ahead of a situation and makes sure there are no possible deviations from his plans. Adrian is also masterful at torture, both mental and physical and has been trained to use a number of different weapons.

His pride and fierce temper. His pride blinds him in some aspects, and if he fails at something sometimes his pride will stop him from fixing the issue. His temper often causes him to overlook logic and give in to the temptation of the moment.

This is not revealed to anyone…..yet.

Roleplay Sample:

I'm leaving this one in order to keep a bit of his nature in the dark.

So begins...

Adrian Carlos's Story

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#, as written by Shané
Adrian Carlos

Adrian inspected the new machine before him. Perhaps The Doctor would be finally successful...perhaps. He allowed a thin, grim smile tilt the corners of his mouth. It had been updated at least twenty times in the last four years. Not once had it given the desired results, quite frankly Adrian was almost at his wits end with The Doctor, and had been considering...misplacing her. That was if he didn't need her so much. His half grin turned into a frown as he contemplated how much he needed to rely upon her technology. He didn't like having to rely on anyone, however he was in control. He'd give himself that much credit. The smirk returned.
Adrian was Upstairs in the testing room. He allowed his hands to run gently over the queerly shaped headpiece. It's metallic sheen glistened between Adrian's caressing fingers. There were wires running up from the top that joined to a strange looking mechanical structure in the corner of the room. It was a large black box, the top had a glass semi-sphere attached to it which looked rather like an upside down fish bowl. Inside was a bubbling maroon liquid. There were a few different dials at the bottom of the box, and though all were carefully labelled, they seemed to be rather randomly placed.
Turning away from the machine, Adrian left the room and turned into his own chamber. The whole room had a dark and brooding atmosphere to it. As he approached his desk, Adrian grimaced slightly. He had work to do before he tried it out...then there was deciding who was next. There was Shanae, whose time had evidently run out. She'd been with the first lot and therefore was running out of strength fast. Adrian's face contorted with distaste as he throught of her. He had a particular dislike of Shanae. She had a rather infuriating way of staying just within the boundaries. Fortunately, Adrian could push the boundaries further in and allow himself the honour of an hour or so in the box. She tended to have a sarcastic mouth and a more calculating way of bending rules. Yes. Rather than outright breaking the rules, Shanae bent and twisted them.
He had just spent the last half and hour beating the rebellion out of Shanae in the Box. He smiled slightly as he remembered her pain filled face...yes it was good to be in charge.
And then there were the new subjects. The majority had only been there around a week or two and during that time Adrian had been a little distracted by the new modifications of the machine to keep order. Probably things had got a little slack, as he hadn't really had any displays of authority in that time. Time to show them his type of discipline. He would use one of the classes...
Then to get back to sorting out who was to have the next visitation to The Doctor. Two at a time, probably the two that had been here the longest, that would hopefully drill the fear deeper into the newer ones. Now...which one. Probably a male. They were harder to scare, this, if it succeeded, would result in scaring the others. It always worked like that. Get the stronger ones nervous and the rest would follow. Daniel might just cut the bill...He was older and therefore would be a bit of an irritation unless he was cut down fairly quickly.
So it would be Daniel and Shanae. He sighed. Shanae. She had been there too long. Plus, even the death of her sister had not broken her. Maybe it was time for Shanae follow her sister, that is if the machine failed. He frowned at this thought, it had better not.
He had better get Jack to bring both of them up, but he'd be at the supervising the subjects from the dining hall to the dorms. Beside, he had to finish fixing the machine. It wouldn't take to long, then he'd get Jack to bring both Shanae and Daniel up.

Shanae Vena

Shanae was sitting on her bed, gazing out of the barred window. Her legs were pulled up to her chest, her head leaning slightly on her arms. Her deep green eyes were sombre and the suffering was clear. The left side of her forehead was blackened with a large bruise were she had been struck. Her lip was also split in the middle and the metallic flavour of blood could still be tasted in her mouth. Her long black hair partially covered these injuries, however she could not hide her back.
Adrian had lost his temper a bit and had used the whip on her. A long, bloody line was carved across from her left shoulder right down to her right hip. It hurt to move. Her shirt was slightly ripped and the blood had begun to soak through. She would have to ask one of the staff for a bandage, but for now, she could barely walk without the wound proclaiming it's presence. Better to wait til the others came back from the dining hall. She would ask one of them to get it for her. Just don't let them as Jack. If that was the case, Shanae would prefer to keep silent and just endure it. She hated the man with a passion. He had a sick way of pretending to be an ally before stabbing in the back. The amount of people that had come back broken from Jack's punishments was numerous. She shuddered slightly, before wishing she hadn't. It hurt. Not that it truly mattered. After all, it wouldn't be long before she would no longer feel a thing. Shanae knew Adrian had it in for her, and The Doctor was her next appointment, then she would follow Melissa...her eyes filled with tears at the thought of her younger sister. She closed her eyes, her sister had deserved better...a lot better. Maybe a life? Searing anger burned through her at the thought of what Adrian had done to her.
All the new ones had no hope either, at least for now some of them did not know of the hell that was almost indefinitely their future. One was about her age when she'd been brought in. Where was the justice in that? She had not really had the chance to meet any except in glances. Most of them were shocked to even see her twice. The last week, she had mostly spent her time in the Box awaiting Adrian's presence. She had spent the last five nights there, and finally he had come. The only time she had seen the others was when they were filed past for classes. Some pitied her, others refused to look at her altogether. Not that Shanae could blame them, the staff would probably manage to find a crime in even that.
They'd probably all be in the dining eating the mush that Adrian called 'food'. The first time they'd been served it, Shanae had flatly refused. The second day, she accepted it without hesitations. When you only had one meal a day, you took what you were given. She hadn't eaten properly while she'd been in the box, and she was starving. Her stomach clenched painfully, a now familiar feeling. Not for the first time, nor the last, Shanae wished her self back into a normal life.
Her head was pounding and her ears were ringing slightly remembering Adrian's last blow. If only she could just imagine it away. Her back kept up a continuous throb. Adrian had no mercy. He always found reasons to have you locked up for his own personal pleasure. The bruises covering her back and forehead were proof of that.
There was a slight creak as the door to the dormitory opened, and Shanae quickly wiped her eyes, and attempted to re-arrange her hair to hide the blatant bruise and split lip. She turned, hiding her now scarlet back, wincing as she did so. She wasn't in the right frame of mind to deal with comments, not that she'd be able to hide it for long. Her green eyes darkened at the thought of Jack seeing the wounds. If you had a weakness he'd use it just as much as Adrian. Both of them were continuously seeking out ways to give more pain.
She returned her mind to the situation at hand. Obviously the others were all coming back from the dining hall. It was hard to cope with newer ones who all wanted answers Shanae so desperately did not want to give. How do you explain to someone that their one purpose in being here was torture and experimentation? Shanae frowned. She didn't believe that. There was something more then just experiments. If it was just experimentation, why were they not in some sort of lab? And why was Adrian here and practically in charge? He had no scientific qualifications as far as Shanae was concerned, and as much as the Doctor was supposed to be in charge, he or she was never around, and no one knew much about them.
Shanae took in a deep breath, trying to prepare herself to cope with the new lot coming in. Hopefully the questions would be minimal...but she doubted it. And really she owed them answers. If there was one thing she could do to annoy Adrian, it was inform his 'subjects' to give them the best opportunity to rebel.