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Denva Quarantined Facility


a part of Quarantine, by Shané.


Shané holds sovereignty over Denva Quarantined Facility, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Denva Quarantined Facility is a part of Quarantine.

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Jack Sullivan [8] "The mind, to me, is as easy as reading a book. . ."
Valeri Gaarth [5] "It's folly to go...and yet."
Lex Bluarry [4] ''I d-don't know...''
Abel Speight [3] "It's alright. We can live through this."
Kelila Voirin [3] "The glass is not half full, it's half empty. . . moron. . ."
Shanae Vena [1] Someone has to find out what's happening.
Adrian Carlos [1] Who exactly is running the facility? Some get the feeling it isn't the Doctor.
Daniel Fierro [0] "A promise should never be broken. I hope I don't have to break the one to my sister."
Willow Moore [0] Don't push me. I always get my way.

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#, as written by Shané
In the year 2012, London was hit with a viscious viral pandemic. Certain facilities were raised all over the country of England in order to contain the virus. There were seemingly no symptyms, as the virus was one of blood. Apparently the only outward sign of the disease was a slight change in skin colour which could only be seen using specific machinery. Doctors managed to set them up near schools and through these machines located numerous victims. All were sent to the now new quarantine centers set up by the government. Perhaps the most richly funded of them was the Denva Quarantine Facility. For some reason the government seemed to be honing in on this particular one, almost as though this one held some sort of research that it needed. While these facilities attempted to keep the problems quiet, mayhem was spreading through the country.
During the day, certain families would be located and most of the children were taken and re-located. The most interesting cases were sent to the Denva Quarantine Facility. A few of the people had, in desperation, set up rebel groups in order to keep their children, however these futile efforts were soon to be stopped, the government squashing any defiance on the issue. And while the whole country lay in fear and bewilderment the work of the facilities remained as mysterious as ever. The staff refused to talk, obviously being payed to keep silent, and the only other people that ever came out of the facilities were the dead that the virus had apparently claimed.
The casulties began to rise until it became clear the virus had a 100% death rate. Apparently the virus seemed to die down, though some claim the government ran out of money to keep up their huge funding. Now there were only about ten cases every four years. No one knew why this was the case and those dedicated to finding out were incidently misplaced in various incidents. Every new case was sent to the remaining facilities nearest to them. However the government could not afford to keep them all open. All facilities were shut down beside one...the Denva Quarantine Facility.

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Character Portrait: Adrian Carlos Character Portrait: Shanae Vena
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#, as written by Shané
Adrian Carlos

Adrian inspected the new machine before him. Perhaps The Doctor would be finally successful...perhaps. He allowed a thin, grim smile tilt the corners of his mouth. It had been updated at least twenty times in the last four years. Not once had it given the desired results, quite frankly Adrian was almost at his wits end with The Doctor, and had been considering...misplacing her. That was if he didn't need her so much. His half grin turned into a frown as he contemplated how much he needed to rely upon her technology. He didn't like having to rely on anyone, however he was in control. He'd give himself that much credit. The smirk returned.
Adrian was Upstairs in the testing room. He allowed his hands to run gently over the queerly shaped headpiece. It's metallic sheen glistened between Adrian's caressing fingers. There were wires running up from the top that joined to a strange looking mechanical structure in the corner of the room. It was a large black box, the top had a glass semi-sphere attached to it which looked rather like an upside down fish bowl. Inside was a bubbling maroon liquid. There were a few different dials at the bottom of the box, and though all were carefully labelled, they seemed to be rather randomly placed.
Turning away from the machine, Adrian left the room and turned into his own chamber. The whole room had a dark and brooding atmosphere to it. As he approached his desk, Adrian grimaced slightly. He had work to do before he tried it out...then there was deciding who was next. There was Shanae, whose time had evidently run out. She'd been with the first lot and therefore was running out of strength fast. Adrian's face contorted with distaste as he throught of her. He had a particular dislike of Shanae. She had a rather infuriating way of staying just within the boundaries. Fortunately, Adrian could push the boundaries further in and allow himself the honour of an hour or so in the box. She tended to have a sarcastic mouth and a more calculating way of bending rules. Yes. Rather than outright breaking the rules, Shanae bent and twisted them.
He had just spent the last half and hour beating the rebellion out of Shanae in the Box. He smiled slightly as he remembered her pain filled face...yes it was good to be in charge.
And then there were the new subjects. The majority had only been there around a week or two and during that time Adrian had been a little distracted by the new modifications of the machine to keep order. Probably things had got a little slack, as he hadn't really had any displays of authority in that time. Time to show them his type of discipline. He would use one of the classes...
Then to get back to sorting out who was to have the next visitation to The Doctor. Two at a time, probably the two that had been here the longest, that would hopefully drill the fear deeper into the newer ones. Now...which one. Probably a male. They were harder to scare, this, if it succeeded, would result in scaring the others. It always worked like that. Get the stronger ones nervous and the rest would follow. Daniel might just cut the bill...He was older and therefore would be a bit of an irritation unless he was cut down fairly quickly.
So it would be Daniel and Shanae. He sighed. Shanae. She had been there too long. Plus, even the death of her sister had not broken her. Maybe it was time for Shanae follow her sister, that is if the machine failed. He frowned at this thought, it had better not.
He had better get Jack to bring both of them up, but he'd be at the supervising the subjects from the dining hall to the dorms. Beside, he had to finish fixing the machine. It wouldn't take to long, then he'd get Jack to bring both Shanae and Daniel up.

Shanae Vena

Shanae was sitting on her bed, gazing out of the barred window. Her legs were pulled up to her chest, her head leaning slightly on her arms. Her deep green eyes were sombre and the suffering was clear. The left side of her forehead was blackened with a large bruise were she had been struck. Her lip was also split in the middle and the metallic flavour of blood could still be tasted in her mouth. Her long black hair partially covered these injuries, however she could not hide her back.
Adrian had lost his temper a bit and had used the whip on her. A long, bloody line was carved across from her left shoulder right down to her right hip. It hurt to move. Her shirt was slightly ripped and the blood had begun to soak through. She would have to ask one of the staff for a bandage, but for now, she could barely walk without the wound proclaiming it's presence. Better to wait til the others came back from the dining hall. She would ask one of them to get it for her. Just don't let them as Jack. If that was the case, Shanae would prefer to keep silent and just endure it. She hated the man with a passion. He had a sick way of pretending to be an ally before stabbing in the back. The amount of people that had come back broken from Jack's punishments was numerous. She shuddered slightly, before wishing she hadn't. It hurt. Not that it truly mattered. After all, it wouldn't be long before she would no longer feel a thing. Shanae knew Adrian had it in for her, and The Doctor was her next appointment, then she would follow Melissa...her eyes filled with tears at the thought of her younger sister. She closed her eyes, her sister had deserved better...a lot better. Maybe a life? Searing anger burned through her at the thought of what Adrian had done to her.
All the new ones had no hope either, at least for now some of them did not know of the hell that was almost indefinitely their future. One was about her age when she'd been brought in. Where was the justice in that? She had not really had the chance to meet any except in glances. Most of them were shocked to even see her twice. The last week, she had mostly spent her time in the Box awaiting Adrian's presence. She had spent the last five nights there, and finally he had come. The only time she had seen the others was when they were filed past for classes. Some pitied her, others refused to look at her altogether. Not that Shanae could blame them, the staff would probably manage to find a crime in even that.
They'd probably all be in the dining eating the mush that Adrian called 'food'. The first time they'd been served it, Shanae had flatly refused. The second day, she accepted it without hesitations. When you only had one meal a day, you took what you were given. She hadn't eaten properly while she'd been in the box, and she was starving. Her stomach clenched painfully, a now familiar feeling. Not for the first time, nor the last, Shanae wished her self back into a normal life.
Her head was pounding and her ears were ringing slightly remembering Adrian's last blow. If only she could just imagine it away. Her back kept up a continuous throb. Adrian had no mercy. He always found reasons to have you locked up for his own personal pleasure. The bruises covering her back and forehead were proof of that.
There was a slight creak as the door to the dormitory opened, and Shanae quickly wiped her eyes, and attempted to re-arrange her hair to hide the blatant bruise and split lip. She turned, hiding her now scarlet back, wincing as she did so. She wasn't in the right frame of mind to deal with comments, not that she'd be able to hide it for long. Her green eyes darkened at the thought of Jack seeing the wounds. If you had a weakness he'd use it just as much as Adrian. Both of them were continuously seeking out ways to give more pain.
She returned her mind to the situation at hand. Obviously the others were all coming back from the dining hall. It was hard to cope with newer ones who all wanted answers Shanae so desperately did not want to give. How do you explain to someone that their one purpose in being here was torture and experimentation? Shanae frowned. She didn't believe that. There was something more then just experiments. If it was just experimentation, why were they not in some sort of lab? And why was Adrian here and practically in charge? He had no scientific qualifications as far as Shanae was concerned, and as much as the Doctor was supposed to be in charge, he or she was never around, and no one knew much about them.
Shanae took in a deep breath, trying to prepare herself to cope with the new lot coming in. Hopefully the questions would be minimal...but she doubted it. And really she owed them answers. If there was one thing she could do to annoy Adrian, it was inform his 'subjects' to give them the best opportunity to rebel.

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Kelila Voirin

The cafeteria was. . . in one word. . . lugubrious. The reason to that was because of the lack of people. Kelila noticed the rest of her roommates, the ones she would glance at from the corner of the eye and the ones that, like her, would sit in the corner and just wait. Wait for what? That was a good question that Kelila always asked herself.
What am I waiting for? She would ask herself that at least once a day.

She would wait for the morbid cafeteria time when the staff would push them around and bring them to the hard and uncomfortable chairs to eat some sort of thick past they named as 'food'. Even pigeon shit would have had more meaning in the word food than their single colored blob of goop. The worst part about cafeteria time was that, not only was it underpopulated and very quiet aside from the rare whispers going on between roommates or staff, but the staff would stand around and stare at them eat. Kelila defined their looks as butchers watching how their pigs eat so that they'll know once their good to be killed, sliced, cleaned, labeled and put into stores.

As usual, Kelila would sit in the first seat she could find and she would fiddle around with her past before taking small portions on one tip of her fork then she would grit it off with her teeth and swallowing it before she could taste it. There was nothing more flavorless and concrete tasting-like blob food. At least, Kelila had never had anything worse before.
"They might as well feed me cat food," Kelila spoke to herself but then realized that her comment had been heard by a few of the staff.

She had spoken in total honesty, at least cat food had the flavor of some sort of meat, but the stuff they were serving her in the facility was impossible to know what was in it. Kelila was used to not eating very much, she had anorexic tendencies so there were days when she wouldn't eat the meal and there were days when she did. When she refused to eat the staff would scold her but there was one man who would never scold her. . . No he would do far worse. He would stare at her as if trying to send her the message that if she kept being pretentious something bad would happen to her.
What could possibly get any worse? Kelila thought as she poked her fork into the condensed food.

Jack Sullivan

New subjects always meant new mysteries, and new mysteries meant more fun for Jack. Ever since he had entered the facility, his goal to ruin his ex-girlfriend's life had started to become also to ruin the subjects' lives. His wrath towards his ex reflected onto the subjects and he took pleasure in torturing them because afterwards he would feel better.

Before, walking in the halls of the facility was a challenge and now he would keep his hands in his pockets and walk with his head held high, with that expression of a man who knows what he wants and doesn't care how tall the building is that is blocking his way, he will tear it down. After Jack had worked several times in cracking a subject's mind and making it turn to pure insanity, others started to call him Mr. Jack. It wasn't a bad nickname so he kept it thinking that maybe it would make more of an impression. . . attract some attention for a certain somebody. . . his ex maybe. . .

Anyways, he was on his way to the cafeteria where the new subjects whom had arrived a few weeks ago and he wanted to see for the first time. He had been forbidden to have any contact with the subjects because they first needed to get used to the regular discrimination; the lack of food, the bad living conditions, the early wakings and the imposed work or whatever The Doctor planned on making them do. Now, Jack was finally going to look into their eyes and find out their fears, their reactions to certain things to figure out what they lived in the past, how they lived before they came to the facility, but more importantly. . . what would drive them to madness.

He arrived. The A Staff was already there, feeding the subjects that had seated themselves quietly and just stared at the terrible food given to them. Even Jack felt sorry for the subjects for having such horrid paste as nutrition for how eve long they would stay. Jack went to a corner of the room and observed every one of them carefully. He also considered himself very lucky to have already eaten before coming because he really didn't want to ask for food in this place.

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Lex opened his eyes with a deep sigh and looked down at his plate. He frowned at what he saw, some kind of paste or whatever it was, on his plate, and made a disgusted face. Why had he been ill? Why had it been him? He didn't know, he probably would never know, for the only thing he knew he would stay here for the rest of his life, or die anywhere soon, it didn't matter. Even dying seemed way better than staying in this horrid place for the rest of his life.

No, he couldn't think that way. He was going to get out alive, healthy, ready for the world. He was going to live in a town, meet a nice girl, marry her and be happy with her. He was going to have children and take them out, take good care of them and do fun stuff. They'd have the time of their lives and he would welcome anyone to come along. He would have a dog, and maybe a lizard, but a nice family at least. He would be happy with them, forever, until the day he would die, and he would die in peace and go to a peaceful place, and wait for his wife, or join her. But he was going to have a happy life.

Who was he kidding? He had given up the hope on a happy life a few years ago already. Sometimes it seemed happiness wasn't meant for him, but he kept it close to his heart. He'd make sure he never went depressed and would laugh in himself when someone would say anything bad about. He did this, just to keep himself happy. He'd be depressed, and maybe even dead, if he hadn't done it.

He smiled faintly at his own thoughts, they were always funny in some way. But he never lost his politeness. It didn't matter where he was, or what he was doing, to anyone he came along, he'd be polite. Like he would die if he wouldn't be polite. Maybe he would, you'd never know. But he was just raised to be polite.

He yawned, he hadn't really slept last night, not that you could expect perfect sleep through out the nights at this facility, than you'd better stay awake, but he had tried to sleep, but had gotten no further then two hours or so. It was strange, yet that's how it was. So he almost desperately longed for a good night sleep, but knew he wouldn't. But he would just keep trying, maybe, just maybe he would sleep in the end.

Looking down at his plate again, a shiver went down his spine as he remembered last time. He didn't want to think about it though, and closed his eyes. Thinking about something that he liked to eat, he opened his eyes and thought really hard of chocolate. He slowly puts the tips of his fork in the 'thing' and took a little of it, then puts it in his mouth and thought harder of chocolate. He chewed it a few times before swallowing, and till his surprise, it didn't seem to taste that bad anymore when you thought of something you really liked.

Of course, once the thinking stopped, the awful taste would return.

Taking another bit, he thought of chocolate again, and ate it almost without hesitation, as if he could taste the chocolate. He took another bit and thought of chocolate, and ate the bit. How more he seemed to do that, how more it seemed to taste like chocolate, and in no time, the 'food' was gone from his plate. He was surprised himself.

Lying down the fork beside his plate, he looked at it, seeming amazed, until, from the corner of his eyes, he noticed someone he'd probably rather not noticed. A man was watching them, and he had never seen the man before, but he knew already trouble was coming. He didn't know the name of the man, and he guessed he didn't want to know the name of the man, but it made him slightly curious about how he ended up here.

Slowly turning his head a bit, he looked at Jack, carefully calculating if he should trust the man, or not, but already knew the answer to that. Of course he shouldn't trust the man, but still. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he watched, before turning his gaze back at the plate, but keeping a bit of an eye on him.

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#, as written by Lexen
Valeri had arrived, to her dismay, to this hell. It was only her third day and she already didn't like it - not that it was hard understand why. Yet her ever happy-go-lucky personality found one positive aspect in all of this: the possibilty to increase her knowledge. What was here, why it was here, and who really was in charge: all a mystery for her to unravel. Then came the food.

Her green eyes watched as it jiggled and wiggled. The darker part of her mind began to ponder where they would get such filth. 'Perhaps past residences...' Her features fell into a look of discontent. This would be the death of her. The woman still tried to avoid eating, but sitting at the third day, it was getting hard to avoid. She could feel that pain in her stomach. It was a pain she was hardly accustomed to but it slowly was becoming her world. The thing one doesn't know about hunger is its continuous ability to consume the mind. Over the passing days, Val's mind has slipped from naive curiousity to numb obbession. Perhaps it was time to remedy the issue, the girl considered while taking the fork in hand. For the brief moment she swayed the piece in hand while mentally building up the courage to act. Taking in a deep breath, Valeri dug the fork into the mess. 'Again with the wiggling.' She noted in disgust. Yet, her action had already begun. Within seconds the fork full of filth found its way into her mouth and down the hatch it went.

The brief moments after consumption were sickening for her tastebuds. They begged for relief but found none. Nothing to quench her distaste while the hole in her stomach urged her to take another. She was certain this was hell but she would fight it as best she could. Finding more bravery, her fork was plunged back into the food and consumed. She managed four other mouthfulls before her body physically ached from the taste. Fighting to avoid throwing up all the food she had muscled through, Val sat back into her chair and pulled a hand over her mouth. 'One...two...three...' She counted mentally while the feelings began to subside. The relief was painted across her face as her shoulders settled down. She was thankful she was so scrawny and needn't eat much more to keep her body as it was. There were some advantages in having a boyish figure after-all.

Letting the food settle, Val took a moment to look around. Her fellow subjects were close by, each seemed to have the same pitiful reaction to the food. It was obviously what what intended for them. It was as if they were being punished for becoming sick - like it was their fault. It annoyed Valeri, more than she could say. It didn't help when one of the staff appeared to be eyeing them from the corner. It was creepy, that much she knew. She wanted to glare back but found herself just looking at him with a blank look. Perhaps she had momentarily forgotten how to glare, or cared little to do so. Maybe it was her physical weakness from the lack of food. Whatever the reason, Valeri couldn't pull herself to show Dr. Jack her discomfort. Insteads, her green eyes only flickered to one of the fellow subects: Lex.

She hadn't been paying enough attention to him to notice his reaction to the staff members; however, she had some type of guess that his thoughts may be similar to hers. In turn, Valeri tried her best to seem friendly and likeable - but try is always the main word. "Um, hello." She paused, playing on what she should say or if she were allowed to say anything. Something eventually slipped out, "So, how long have you been here for? You seem...better adjusted." The woman tried for a grin but seemed to end with a half smirk. Her mouth seemed still numb after that horrid food.

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Character Portrait: Jack Sullivan Character Portrait: Abel Speight Character Portrait: Valeri Gaarth
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The dining hall was pitifully silent as the subjects scraped at their meals. It was a pained, uncomfortable silence, and Abel didn't like it one bit.

It had only been a few hours since his arrival, and he was still reeling from the speed of events. The man hardly even glanced at the bowl of goo a staff member had set before him, preferring instead to glance pensively around at the other patients. They were a grim lot, he quickly decided. Something about this facility was off. Very off.

Being yanked from his life and shoved into quarantine was bad enough. But for some reason, the whole atmosphere felt more like a sterile prison and less like a medical facility. He'd braced himself for tests and needles and poking and prodding, but this-- this was something else entirely.

Abel glanced again at the other patients, picking at their bowls of gloop. They were quiet, trying to choke it down. Any conversations seemed furtive and short. He frowned. He could probably pick out which ones had been here longer, just based on eating habits alone. And by the circles around their eyes, and the pallor of their skin. They all seemed cowed, submissive, and afraid. Yes, definitely afraid.

But of what? Of dying from the sickness? Or- Abel glanced sideways at the man standing, watching them eat- of something else.

This was seeming more like a prison every minute.

As the redheaded girl next to him began to murmur something to her neighbor, Abel came to a conclusion. Maybe everyone else here knew something he didn't, but the rules hadn't exactly been explained to him yet and he wasn't about to sit around and follow the crowd into silence and fear. He may be diseased, but he wasn't going to mope about it.

First order of business: get word to Lonnie. Abel grimaced silently as he thought of the kid, alone and probably worried. It would be apparent now that Abel wasn't returning from his doctor visit, and Lonnie wasn't the best equipped to be on his own. Or to deal with disappointment. He needed to speak with him, somehow, to reassure him and make sure he would be alright.

Abel turned to scan the room one more time; this time he focused on the staff members. A few kitchen workers, milling about. And a solitary man, standing, watching the patients eat. He looked official, more powerful than the kitchen staff. His best bet, Abel figured.

He stood and took off toward him in one swift, fluid movement. His shoes clipped against the cold floor as he crossed the room. He felt as if every eye in the room bored into the back of his head, but he willed himself to keep walking. Just keep walking, eyes ahead. Just do it.

Even still, Abel crossed the space as quickly as he could without breaking into a run. He stopped a few feet from Jack, eyeing him for a split second before forcing himself to speak. If he didn't do it now, he never would. Once the words started, they jumbled together, pouring out like a breaking dam.

"Hello, um- I've been wondering: Is there a phone I could use? I want to make sure my family's alright, and let them know I'm still okay. I didn't get much of chance…." He trailed off, gesturing vaguely with his hands and pulling up his best contrite smile, meeting the man's eyes. He'd never really considered himself a suckup, but hey, now seemed as good as any a time to start.

Anything it took.

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Jack Sullivan

Every person in the cafeteria, every subject had a familiar face that he had recalled from that list that was given to him. When he saw their faces her remembered all of their different family situations, their ages and the times they had been in the facility.

Jack looked over at a boy that he recognized as Lexeron Bluarry a.k.a. Lex, a sixteen year old boy, he lost both his mother and twin sister and his father suicided himself. Truly pitiful, but instead of scowling at the boy he gave him a warm smile masking all of his insensitively toward the boy and lack of respect. Kelila Voirin, sixteen, her parents divorced and she also has an older brother. Next was Valeri Gaarth, twenty years old, the second child of a kin of six. And then there was Abel Speight, twenty one years old, the oldest of a kin of four with an alcoholic father and used to live with his companion Lonnie.

Speaking of Abel, here he came so Jack put on his best smile to welcome the poor man.

"Hello, um- I've been wondering: Is there a phone I could use? I want to make sure my family's alright, and let them know I'm still okay. I didn't get much of chance…."

Jack put his hand on the guy's shoulder and then told him very nicely and very softly, "I'm afraid that the person you must speak with to be able to make phone calls would be the Doctor herself, but believe me if I could I would let you call. The only problem is that phones aren't very common around here."

Jack played his role as the man who was on the subject's side but he knew that there was a limit to his acting and yet it worked every time. He had done so many studies in psychology that now he could become anyone he wanted flawlessly.
"You should go back and sit now," said Jack indicating Abel to his seat next to Valeri to whom he cracked a warm and loving smile.

Kelila Voirin

She still hadn't eaten her food but this time, Mr. Jack, as she heard some of the staff call him, didn't stare at her. He kept his attention on the new comers. Usually, a normal and social person would be happy to have new roommates and some people to talk to but Kelila sighed, Great now I'm going to have to share the room with even more people.

Even though, some of the so called new people had been here before her or she had already been with for a few days, but Kelila always found a way to complain. She hadn't even made an effort to look at them in the eyes because she preferred sitting in front of her goop and staring at the so called food that she would never eat.

A boy sitting at the table with very poofy hair stood up and went to see Mr. Jack. She absolutely wanted to see what would happen. She wanted to know if Jack was a good person or not. She wanted to see if he would get angry or actually act like a human being and talk to the boy. Surprisingly, Jack smiled and patted the boy's shoulder, from afar he even seemed to be excusing himself to the boy but Kelila had doubts about that.

Could a man like Jack really excuse himself towards a person who was plagued with death? A person who could barely even be considered human for the short span of life they would live? At least, that's how Kelila sees it. But instead of fixing herself of her questions she had an idea. She lifted her plate and kept it on the tip of her fingers as her elbow kept everything in balance on the table.

"Do any of you want some of this stuff pathetically excused as being called food?" Asked Kelila as she looked at the others.

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"Yes, but-" Abel trailed off as Jack shooed him back toward the table, not sure if he should argue the point further. The man seemed nice enough, but unusually dismissive, and he couldn't shake an uneasy feeling. In fact, with every interaction in this facility, unease seemed to grow in the pit of his stomach.

He finally just snapped his mouth shut and nodded slowly. He would just have to ask the doctor about it, whenever he made it there. Hopefully that would be soon. Probably would be, he assumed. It was only logical that a supposedly terminally ill patient would meet with the doctor frequently, for tests and treatment and whatever else happened in medical facilities. Abel hadn't seen the doctor yet, but he had only been in the facility for a few hours. He was probably still getting settled. Maybe tomorrow the tests would start.

But then again, everything was off in this place.

The man returned to the table, walking slower than he had when he'd gotten up to charge across the room, and sat back down next to the redheaded girl. He stared dismally down at his bowl of goop, as if seeing it for the first time. He'd been distracted when it had first been placed before him, and hadn't inspected it closely. It had looked like a bowl of grits or something, upon first glance.

It wasn't. It really, really wasn't. It was further confirmed as a girl down the table from him lifted her plate and asked if anyone wanted hers. Abel shook his head at the girl, avoiding her eyes, and looked back down at his own plate. No way he was even eating his own.

But that wasn't his immediate problem. He glanced sideways at the redheaded girl next to him, frowning. When he spoke, his voice was low, not quite a whisper but definitely not at normal speaking volume. He didn't want to disturb the silence or bring too much attention to himself. And he didn't really want Jack to overhear.

"You met the doctor yet?"

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Lex turned his head slowly as he heard a whisper of a girl next to him, and looked at her. She had red hair, and looked friendly, yet he was unsure if he should talk, or just say silent and ignore, but that'd be impolite. He gave a faint smile, and looked at her plate. ''See, miss, I think of something else if I eat this... 'food,'' he said politely, calling her miss. He looked at her, hoping he was polite and friendly enough. He didn't want to get beat up again, or hurt again, like he had been a lot in his life.

''I haven't been here too long. Just long enough to know that if you won't eat, they will just force you to do so,'' he said and looked around. He looked at the man in the corner who seemed friendly, but he didn't trust it. The man could as well not care, and just hide it. It worried him slightly, and he gave a polite smile back, before looking back at the woman next to him. He sighed softly and looked at her plate. ''It doesn't taste that good, but it's all you've got to eat, so maybe try thinking of something, like chocolate,'' he said politely and looked at his empty plate.

He hadn't been here for long, maybe a week or two. He wasn't completely sure, since time seemed to go so slow around here. It was as if someone was slowing down time just to make this place creepier and scarier. He knew it wasn't though, time went as fast as it always went. It was just in his head, in all their heads. The fear would keep him, and the others, at bay and make sure he, or the others, wouldn't get themselves in trouble. That's how it worked, sadly. He found it cruel, but there was nothing he could do against them. He didn't even dare to do anything against them.

A soft sigh escaped him, and he looked at his empty plate. He remembered his life with his grandparents, and a small smile spread across his face. Life with his grandparents was great.

He could remember his last birthday there. They had made a huge cake, with a lot of decoration and whipped cream. They than had eaten all of it and laughed when his grandfather had put his face in his part of the cake. They had a lot of fun that day, and went to bed happily. He missed that time.

He than thought of his father. It had been sad but happy. His father often cried, but they did some fun stuff too. They did lessons together, and often made jokes or songs about what he had to learn. He'd loved to sing along with his father. He'd loving singing and dancing, and often practiced in his room. He liked that, but here he wouldn't. He was too scared to even talk really, yet he had just talked to the woman beside him, which was a small miracle. He hadn't expect to talk, but not talking would be not be polite.

Curse his politeness. He probably was the most polite of all around here. He had grown up to be polite, and never act impolite. He would keep that promise to his father and grandparents. Than at least they would be always be with him. They would be anyway, because he always thought about him. He loved them, with his heart, and had rather given his life for them to live, sadly it had turned around the other way. But he had to keep positive, other wise he wouldn't survive at all. So he would keep as positive as he could.

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#, as written by Lexen
Valeri ignored most of the ongoings, such as talks of phone calls and doctors, and let her attention stick onto this man. He seemed so...weak. Yes, weak was the way Val understood him. Quiet was too general a term and didn't include his seemingly low disposition. It was as if he viewed her as a threat. Valeri had ever been seen as such a thing. No, most considered her a playful fool that was easily disposed of. And yet, as this man formally called her a 'miss', she couldn't help but wonder how in the world she would play this new role or if she liked playing it. Watching him seem to sigh and look slightly downtrodened in her eyes, Valeri took a brief moment to mull over her options. It would seem she would fall back into her more silent side as her mind went on and on.

With time and a mild tune in her head, the red head spoke to Lex, "Does all the food taste the same?" She didn't finish asking before her fork found its way over to his side and pulled some of the mess from it. Quickly the utensil was forced into her mouth and she finished off the bite. "Wow, they really do know how to make the taste consistent. It must be fiber..." Her voice died off as she took another bite of hers. Yes, it seemed that way. Her mind went over again how unhealthy this would actually be for a person considered sick. It didn't look good. Turning back with a furrowed brow, she asked, "Do we get any vitamins pills or the like? This doesn't mean very...right." Her green eyes would search his face for a moment before turning to look around. She didn't want to wait. Yet, seeing no way into a kitchen from her current spot, there was very little she could this room.

Forgetting about her previous question to the male, Valeri almost stood from her seat. That was until another low voice was heard by her. She looked confused by the question. It was an easy question to answer. She too was a recent addition to the facility and had little knowledge of anything else but the look of defeat from everyone else. "I assume you don't mean Dr. Suess. If not, then no. Sorry. No doctor has appeared yet. Now if you will, I shall be back." She flashed Abel a quick grin before rising from her seat.

Taking to her feet, her green eyes would stare at Jack for a brief moment to see if he were watching. Even if he was, the girl used it more of gage of how far she could leave her table - well, she would have had Valeri been a person for thinking of future action at all. Instead, she simply bolted. Her legs taking her from the cafeteria to down the hall. She was in search of a kitchen; however, with each stride, seemed to not find anything remotely related. There was a class, a gym and a room of curiousity - or so Valeri described the box. Since she was already out, Val decided that perhaps it may be best to take this chance to look around as it may not last much longer.

Her thin hands went for the door nob, and to her dismay, found it locked. Immediantly she reached for her hair to grab onto a bobby pin for such situations, but she fell upon a rather terrible situation: there were no bobbypins. She had forgotten that all had been removed upon her enterance into the facility. "Those sneaky bastards." Val cursed under her breath. The girl removed her hands from the door and took a step back to stare at it. Her mind was able to wonder the many possiblities that laid behind this strange door and what it would mean for her.

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