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Altair Mars

My sister is my protector, but secretly, I'm hers too.

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a character in “Quest for the Everstone”, as played by AtomicChaos


Name: Altair Mars

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes.

Personality:Protective over his sister Carina. Very caring. Loves to make others laugh.

Ability: No magic.

Wish: Doesn't have one.

Weapon of choice: No weapon.

Kingdom: Terrowen

Background: Altair is a 7 year old from Terrowen. He lives with his mother and older sister Carina. He's been sick for most of his life, but doesn't let it stop him from living every day to the fullest. Cares a lot for his older sister. Wants to make his sister happy and to keep her safe.

So begins...

Altair Mars's Story


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Arwen had heard the edge to Clive's voice and saw the set of his jaw as he talked to the new arrival to the party. His reaction made her heart quicken and with a small tap, she disappeared into the mirrored hallway. She heard tapping in the distance and appeared quickly. Viola's face seemed to take up the entire surface of the mirror and Arwen gasped. "Too Close, Viola, move it back." Raising a dark eyebrow, Viola did as she was asked. "What's up Arwen? You seem.. panicked?" Viola asked as she lead the girls back towards camp. "Someone new joined the guys and he seems to make Clive uneasy. Please hurry back, Viola!" She cried before disappearing back down the hallway and appeared before Clive once more. He seemed to be on edge, but much calmer. They were at the medicine shop now and there seemed to be no trouble. Maybe Clive was wrong? No, there was still an edge to his demeanor even while talking to.. is that Rodney? She smiled a little. Then there was a tug at her chest, sharp enough to cause her to hiss in pain. Something was happening to her body. Something.. Not good.

Viola frowned at the empty mirror surface, wondering how, once the princess disappeared, it didn't reflect her face anymore. Almost as soon as the thought crossed her mind, there she was. She grimaced. She was filthy and her hair was a mess. No wonder the old man in the shop had been suspicious of them. Carina and Rowas were new enough to the adventure that they were more or less clean. There was a little dirt and mess from sleeping in a cave and traveling through a forest but it had no burns, sand, or grass stains from the adventures she and Clive had in the tower.

Rowas was quiet nearly the entire time. She prefered watching over talking. It was easier to read people that way. She silently, but gratefully accepted the throwing knives. Now she didn't feel as defenseless in case someone came up to her with weapons. She could use her fists and feet, but against a steel blade she was nothing.

As the girls returned to camp, she saw Altair, Clive, and a new person--A boy with pale skin and equally pale hair and dark eyes--come out of the cover of the trees. "Clive!" She called to him and practically ran towards him. She was happy to see him, that was obvious enough, but it wasn't because he was handsome (which he was) or she fancied him (which she didn't) he was just the most familiar and she trusted him the most out of the group. She was careful about her greeting though, she stopped just a foot away from him. If the princess and the boy had a thing (which it was obvious they did) she didn't want to get between them. "Who's the new kid?" She asked.

That's when Altair seemed to collapse. Viola hadn't paid much attention to Carina's frantic talk when it came to her brother because she was always treating the boy as if he was made of glass. She was screaming at them now and when she turned back, Altair was in his sisters arms. Not broken just... not breathing. She turned to Clive and held her hand out for the medicine. "I'll give it to him. Keep an eye out?"

Far away in Hannivall, Lord Roderick Van Firth was up to no good, as most villains do.

This particular act of.. well evil involved the transferring of spirits. In this case, the soul of his lover to the body of the princess. If he wanted the stone then he would have to enact the next phase of his plan a little early. An heir. A magical heir. Once magic was restored, the princess's body would be inhabited and he would have a child-- or children whatever it took to get an heir who would be legitimate since his "wife" would be the princess, who he intended to marry not long after the ceremony. He wanted a big showy wedding. Not because he wanted the world to be jealous, but a big showy wedding meant witnesses. It was more believable and harder to negate if the whole kingdom had seen it. And without magic that would take time. That was fine with him. Let the princess's warriors hear her call and gather the pieces. It would be his soon anyway. Then the world would be his.

They were going to begin the ceremony soon. It involved a lot of ancient language he needed someone skilled to read, a lot of candles, and--unfortunately--a lot of blood. The marks were already being placed on the princess' "sleeping" form. It won't be long now he thought with a dark grin.


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Character Portrait: Clive Adavahr Character Portrait: Viola Paember Character Portrait: Rowas Biyelge Character Portrait: Carina Mars Character Portrait: Braith Castern Character Portrait: Altair Mars
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Clive quickly looked to Rodney. "Is it done yet!" He asked a bit rudely out of worry. He had promised to protect Altair however there was nothing more he could do against this enemy. It was solely in Rodney's capable hands. The medic just pointed inside. "On the workstation to the right. A blue liquid in a glass bottle. It should be the only blue one." Clive nodded in response and sprinted inside. He quickly ran towards the worktable and began moving around bottles frantically. It didn't take him long to find the blue bottle with a solid wooden cork. As he ran back he bit the cork with his teeth and spit it aside. He quickly handed the vile to Viola and waited to see what would happen. He realized he didn't have time to answer anyone's questions. For now they were all hoping the medicine would do it's job.


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Character Portrait: Clive Adavahr Character Portrait: Viola Paember Character Portrait: Rowas Biyelge Character Portrait: Princess Arwen Alondriell Character Portrait: Carina Mars Character Portrait: Braith Castern
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Carina took the vile of medicine from Viola and quickly gave it to Altair. "Please. Please be okay Altair." she said waiting to see if the medicine would work. After a few minutes of waiting Altair's breathing slowed down and he started to come to. He looked up at Carina and smiled slightly. "See? I told you I would be okay." he said half jokingly. Carina glared at him but then quickly hugged him. "Don't ever do that again!" she said hugging him tightly. Altair hugged back feeling bad for scaring his sister. Carina looked up at the others who were watching over "Thank you for saving him. We might need a few of those to go." she said turning to look at the medicine maker.