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Ralen Shalnorn

A young initiate to the services of Palor and willing to throw himself to the fire in order to save the realm.

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a character in “Quest: The Dragon of the Dungeon”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Ralen Shalnorn
Age: 23
Gender: male
Race: Human
Honorifics/Titles/ Initiate of Palor
Birthplace: A small mountain village to the north.

Marking/Tattoos/Piercings: Ralen has a single earringthat is in his left ear. Its materials are made from oak with a spiral design and has a single sapphire that sits within the spiral.
Height: stands 6'2"
Weight 134 pounds
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Style/Length: Longer in the front as it slightly covers his eyes but shorter in the back.
Occupation: Cleric in training
Education: Before Ralen took up the clerical arts his father had promised him to a old scribe as an apprentice in order to get the boy out of the house at the age of 18 and in order to teach him the value of coin in the world and what an honest job could get him, this however did not last long as Ralen had his calling to the church of Palor. Soon the boy would become a initiate in training under an older cleric, at age 20, who was strict and found that the boy was not disciplined enough to advance amongst the ranking.
Language(s): Besides speaking common, or English if you want to call it that, Ralen also has learned to speak the language of the elven people but has found it with a slight difficulty as it does not seem to roll of his tongue very well well. He is in the process of learning a bit of dwarvin.
Personality: Friendly and quick witted but can be quite rude and even down right horrible to those he does not know, Ralen has found himself to be at mixed ends with those he needs to work with in order to achieve his goals and the goals of others around him. He is sometimes an errand boy to those who he likes and can be very loyal and trust worthy but for those who he is not on good terms with he at leasts tries to settle the problem that way he can move on. Can be called a book worm at times.
General philosophy: Everything happens for a reason, even if the reason sucks one must try and change the outcome.
Weapon(s): A steel longsword that sits in a leather scabbard but is rarely ever used due to a lack of training with it. A quarter staff that is used to walk around with and
Item(s): A wooden holy symbol of Palor, water skin, backpack, journal and quill and ink, Holy book of Palor, several trail rations followed with a variety of traveling gear not including his robe like clothing.
|Abilities|Traits|Racial| Ralen has mastered several small healing spells that can moderately increase the health of those who are injured. He is also very well trained in the art of divination and has found that it has been very useful. Side note with A symbol of Palor in his hands he is able to amplify his powers and also turn/rebuke the dead and things that are not of this plane like demons or angels this however drains alot of energy in young initiates and so it is rarely used.

Personal Background

Ralen was born to a small mountain village far north only to be raised by his caring father, Rihon, and his long forgotten mother, Raygher, and was brought up to be understanding and with a kind heart but as well as strong and ready to work within the world for the greater good of mankind. Around the age of seven the young boys mother died of a sudden sickness that spread throughout his village quickly and only leaving a handful of strong men and women to pick up the pieces. at age 17 Ralens father began to send his child of to work under a scribe by the name of Vorx Narlean, a strict man with even stricter rules of how pen should touch paper and how the ink should glide not just stain the fingers as they worked. This lifestyle was not however what the young man wanted and so he ran after finishing a year of work under this master to join up with a small group of religious fanatics who took him in during the cooler parts of the winter months and brought him up under the rays of Palor, a god of time and sun who is forgiving and kind hearted to those who follow his ideals and teachings. This appealed to the young man and so he stayed until one faithful day when he was sent out into the world to spread the word of this divine being to the masses but seemed stopped as the kingdom needed aid from all who where willing.

So begins...

Ralen Shalnorn's Story