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Samuro Dasin

A southerner with a taste for meditation, which cannot be done while the world is burning. Sadly. "You all look like you've never seen an orc with a beard before.."

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a character in “Quest: The Dragon of the Dungeon”, as played by RolePlayGateway


ImageName: Samuro 'Slice' Dasin
Age: 69
Race: Southerner(Orc)
Occupation: Warrior/Blade

Appearance: Samuro looks fairly decent for an old southerner. Even handsome by South standards. The most distinguishable feature however is the white hair and beard. The prayer-beads on his neck, the black pants. That has been modified to become a full-body kimono and bandanna in one. The pants themselves are decorated with depictions of dragons and spiritual beliefs. On his back is a large dragon tattoo, black in color and reaches all the way down to the calf's. The buffed appearance and lack of pupils can be quite intimidating.

Personality: Fatalist, is there any more of a need to explain?, I guess so. Samuro has a negative view on violence, arguments and monsters. He also usually coming out with comments alike "That ogre has a blackhead problem." Or "Why is everyone so jumpy with me around?". He has a firm grasp on the take on his race by others, always quick to comment on their own short-comings. He also is generally a loner, preferring to fight by himself. But that doesn't mean he won't join up with a party. He won't even need to be convinced, He insists that a dragon is far to dangerous to handle on his own.


  • Can use spiritual based magic.
  • Very agile and strong(For human standards).
  • Impressive skill at using bladed weapons.
  • Penetrate: Using a well-known version of magic, he coats his blade with a ancestral spirit, increasing it's slashing and jabbing power.
  • Storm: Samuro spins at a high-speed, holding his blade out and pulling out one of his extra-blades he becomes a whirlwind of slashing and jabbing. Becoming almost invulnerable for a brief period of time.
  • Spirit-run: Samuro calling his ancestor spirit. He is pulled into a full-agility run. Able to scale walls and obstacles. With the added bonus of becoming a shimmer. At the cost of being more vulnerable to attacks.

Samuro is not as strong as other southerners yet very buff compared to that of a human. He is also not weightless as some have said, also the more blood-split in battle the more he degenerates into that of a young southerner. One may change their ways. But one never forgets. Also, if any-one of his skills fail, it could bring devastating physical damage to Samuro.


Gem of true seeing: Look what I can see!. True-sight for ten seconds.
Blade(Longsword): A simple silver sword. Although not very efficient due to some of the bluntness on the blade. It is useful when slaying supernatural creatures as samuro has found. Sadly, the quality poor and easily breakable.
Blade(Katana): This ornate steel katana is full of depictions of flowers and swords. Unknown in origin, but the blade is strong and sharp. The hilt is black with golden flower and sword depictions. While the blade is grey with a silver vine depiction running up it.
Kimono/pants: These black robes with dragon depictions. Are a work of ingenuity, it has pins on either side, allowing for the clothing to be pinned together. It can successfully hide the southerners appearance, leading people to assume he is humanaiod.

Samuro was an elder to his tribe. But the recent combining of the southerner tribes, caused his tribe to interbreed with the others. Causing strife and the disbandment of his tribe. He was one of the southerners sent out to explore the land. But instead, he split off from the group to wander and study the other races. Picking up skills and spells on the way. He now wishes to meditate and view the world in peace. But after stopping in Emeralia. He has found that trying to meditate when people are dieing around you is quite hard. When the message was sent, Samuro took the call.

He takes katana in hand. Ready to slay dragons, get maidens and generally go back to whatever he was doing before a dragon attempted to eat him.

So begins...

Samuro Dasin's Story