Jessica Cane

"Coming right up! Wait was that an order of white wine or red I can't remember?" Forgetful girl with an answer to nearly all your problems

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Name: Jessica Cane
Age: Twenty – One (Birthday soon?)
Hometown: England – Sheffield
Occupation: Full-time Bartender and occasional Host (New employee)


Easily forgetful Jess daydreams far too much when left to herself for a period of time. She’ll forget where she put down her keys only five minutes before and stresses out trying to find them again cursing herself mentally every time.
At first glance Jess is full of smiles and an enthusiastic girl ready to learn when thrown into new situations. However once you get to know her she settles down and becomes quieter preferring to finish a task and stay with her own thoughts as she observes the people around her.

This is like most things with Jess, at the start of a project she will give it her best and be incredibly helpful offering a hand, but when she stays at it too long she becomes easily bored and less willing to help often viewed as lazy.

This pattern occurs often in Jessica’s life down to cleaning her room repeatedly that now she doesn’t bother and the same is with all her relationships. She claims her relationships only last a few weeks not even moving past a month because she grows bored easily and is quick to end things when she is not interested. However she’s refuses to admit it herself that in reality Jess is terrified of getting hurt after seeing the people around her go through traumatic relationships of their own.

She has seen so many relationships fail ending in tears and scarring that she is scared to let someone get close her and learn her secrets. Because of this Jess has never experienced love and always appears to be single apart from one night stands which have become an often occurrence.

Her tendency to observe other people leaves her constantly thinking about the consequences of her actions, this makes Jess think very carefully about how she treats people in a tough situation. Thus she never lets herself go through any fallouts always quick to apologise even if she doesn’t mean it or agrees to a person’s view point.

However because she never gets into conflicts Jess is an incredibly good friend always trying to be there for others because she knows she would want them to be there for her.
Her observation also means she has practically every answer you could think of when it comes to a problem in your social life so she is great for asking advice from. Yet if Jess faced those problems herself she probably wouldn’t know what to do too scared to dare to do anything out of comfort.

Getting to know Jessica’s true self instead of the front she shows can be rather difficult, she is ditzy and sometimes makes comments without understanding what a person means even though she is observant but nobody ever notices that she is observant. People laugh at her comments sometimes thinking she is an idiot when in reality she can see through their feelings with her logic outlook.


Habits of Jessica’s are that she is incredibly clumsy, tripping over her own feet or letting things slip out of her hands mandatory to her existence and normally ends up getting Jess into trouble which she hates more than anything because she is scared of conflict and getting shouted at. Normally she tries to think of a way to make it seem like it wasn’t her fault just to avoid getting shouted at.
She is also messy at home, leaving clothing scattered on the floor and not finding the time to clean work surfaces.


Jess doesn’t really know what she likes. She doesn’t hate anything to the point of disgust other than tomatoes and normally ends up following what other people like.
She doesn’t really have much of an interest in music either so long as she can dance to it.
The only thing that is positive about Jess is her passion for art, it is the only thing she is sure she enjoys. Painting portraits and fantasy images since her head is always full of what if’s, she has a room loaded with her craft.
Other than that she reads fantasy novels with adult context in her spare time as she likes to let herself daydream of what could be wishing for a more interesting life than the one she has.


Born in England one week early Jess grew up as a tricky kid to make friends with since she was a shy child only coming out of her shell in high school at the age of 13. Her older brother, Joe, was a popular kid who always intimidated her but eventually Jess’s wisdom from observing others grew her friends and trust.
She discovered her love for art during school and worked incredibly hard at her exams. She had no idea where to go to university but knew she wanted to travel, and knew she wanted a fresh start so she decided to go abroad.
Taking fine art at Seattle’s University she started at 18 and studied for three years enjoying every minute of it. However once her final term had ended Jess found she had a whole load of payments to repay for her attendance, being an artist didn’t mean she had a steady income so Jess knew too she had to find a job, which is why she found herself at Quinn’s.

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