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Tabitha Winkle

"I'm practicing my 'Do you want fries with that?' because I think if you say it right, they'll get the fries,"

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a character in “Quinn's Bar & Restaurant”, as played by Bashie L. Craft



Name: Tabitha Drew Winkle
Age: Seventeen
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Part-time Waitress and Hostess at Quinn's, Student at a Public High School


Tabitha's the girl who smiles no matter what. She is polite and warm in front of everyone. A normal girl who laughs at anyone's jokes but once she's comfortable, she’s as weird and eccentric as she can get in a person, or at least a girl. She can belch your name in seconds and the alphabet within a minute. She likes to hold her bare feet in the air and sing in cheery tune at random. She has a world of her own where she conjures up things that don't make any sense and blurts things out without realizing. She's sweet. Even at the worst times, she can tries to make you smile when you feel down. She gives words of wisdom even if they don't make any sense. She likes to joke around with people and flirts but it is toned-down and barely shown.

She's dreadfully blunt and honest, hurting others' feelings without knowing. She's opinionated and outspoken, taking parts in rallies and doesn't care about other's opinions. She's a hard-worker despite her laid-back side. She does whatever it takes to achieve her goals and once head, she's an extreme perfectionist and bossy. It's for the best though or at least that's what she thinks. She's intelligent in school work but relies on her older brother for street smarts. She's a heavy sleeper because she barely sleeps five hours a day and only six on weekends.

She doesn't talk about her family that much due to the history of it but she's family-oriented. Close to her siblings and considers the Quinn's staff to be her second family. She needs her coffee every morning to start her day or she'll become incredibly moody and depressed. When she is too stressed, she becomes a drama queen and can only be soothe down by chocolate.


She doesn't seem to talk her family a lot for several reasons to anyone but here it goes.

She was born as the fourth child of seven to Bryce and Natasha Winkle. Bryce got Natasha pregnant when she was just eighteen. This causes both of them to drop out from college and fend for themselves. She has two older sisters and brother, Lisle and Amelia and Manuel, a younger sister and a set of twin brothers, Rosalie, Nathaniel and Nicholas. They were a struggling lower class family with Bryce working two jobs and Natasha working as a hair dresser who would occasionally bring the kids to work. When Natasha died during the birth of Nathaniel and Nicholas when Tabby was nine, Bryce became a drug addict and sold them. He was eventually caught three years later and was sent to jail. The family, except Lisle and Amelia who were in studying, moved to Seattle to live with their grandmother.

Their grandmother, Sharon Rhodes, was kind enough to let her live in a five-bedroom, four-bedroom house. She was a mildly rich woman who made a career by marrying rich old men before they died. Unfortunately when she died, they were left with a shocking number of bills and put most of Sharon’s money on bills. This left them poor and barely living.

Lisle came back to live with them, occupying their grandmother's former bedroom with her fiancé, Brett, the only son of two lawyers who got a job as a dental assistant. She got a job as a teacher at Tabitha and Manuel's high school as a Chemistry teacher while Manuel got a job at Quinn's. Tabitha became a tutor and babysitter along with Rosalie. The money was set for paying the bills and putting food on the table. A year later, Amelia came back, working as a cook at a restaurant and part-time musician with her band, Quantums are UnBreakable or Q.U.B. Manuel went to college, majoring in ICT but still worked at Quinn's, getting Tabitha a job there too.

Currently, Lisle is married and six months pregnant with a baby boy. Amelia is a Chef, looking for places to play with Q.U.B and her live-in boyfriend, Trent. Manuel is still a student at the University of Washington. Tabitha is trying to get a scholarship to Berkeley. Rosalie became a Part-time clerk at a bookstore and babysitter. The twins are still in school. Manuel has been working at Quinn’s for two years while Tabitha has worked for over a year. Once a month, the family goes back to New York to visit their father except Tabitha. She hasn't seen him since the day he was arrested in front of her when she was twelve.

So begins...

Tabitha Winkle's Story