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ImageName: Catherine Fiona Littler
Age: Twenty-one.
Hometown: LA, CA
Occupation: Cashier at Victoria's Secret | Hip-Hop Dance instructor

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Cathy stands at around a regular height of 5'6, weighing very little due to the careless lifestyle she's been leading for the past year and a half. She's pretty, though, with large expressive eyes, strong facial structure and strawberry blond locks. The girl is quite the bombshell with legs for miles. She does look a bit used, however, too thin for any attractive curves and a pale skin tone.

Truth to tell, she may have recovered from a drug addiction, but her body still has a long way to go to return back to normal. Her hair was the first thing that recovered immediately, it's not thinning anymore and has become thicker and softer. Anxiety and anger issues are common handicaps to her social life, but she is getting better with it. The only problem now is the choice of friends. Overall, Cathy has an addictive personality, and as she may be hard to deal with sometimes, it's just her nature. Don't get me wrong, there is no excuse for her outbursts or her unexplainable behavior, but there's a reason behind everyone's little weird quirks, right?

The girl doesn't enjoy confrontation, but she does it herself. She's clingy and jealous, but also passionate and selfless to loved ones. However many problems there are with her, there are as many positive aspects to the girl.

Were it not for her bad choices in life, she would have never been dubbed Crazy Cathy by the staff of Quinn's, because she would have never made the bad choice of Jackson. Stretching back, there would have never been the temptation of drugs, danger, and etc. I'm sure, you're able to imagine the ugly turns and corners Cathy has made. And now here she is, on the path of recovery at a young enough age to turn her life around.


Born to two struggling artists, Catherine never had the same opportunities that loving and financially capable families would have. She grew up in a house filled with screams and arguments, an occasional bloody nose or a bruise. Both her father and her mother abused each other to the point of several serious hospital charges. Catherine learned, at a very young age, how to treat battery wounds, for the hospital costs were far too expensive.

Her father often cheated on his taxes, or received unemployment checks while still working on personal checks, those being signed to their mother. But when Cathy's mother opened up her own banking account, saved up a few of her father's check and booked to England, Cathy was left to fend for herself and her easily aggravated father. His temper was directed towards her, but don't fear, Cathy didn't live under the same roof with him for long. She and a few of her male friends found a cheap apartment for them to rent. She worked minuscule jobs, but most of the money she made went to the rent for which her friends didn't pay their half. Where did their money go? Drugs. And a lot of it.

This way, Cathy got involved in it too. And for a long while she used, partied, lost her job, and many of her better friends. This lifestyle was killing her, and it wasn't until she threw herself into recovery did she see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things took a strong halt when she met Jackson. She liked him, but there was something he had that re-awakened her inner devil. Drugs. Initially, she began using with him just to keep him with her. He was great; funny, laid-back, and had an energy that lifted her mood in the very right way. But those things began to fade away when her priority became what he provided.

Thankfully, he ended things with her, and along with that, ended her supply. With no job and no money, she was forced to move back to her father's. For a few months, she was in the very bottom of the hole, but things began to brighten up when she was offered a job as a dance instructor. Immersing herself in her students, and the job, Cathy clawed her way to the top. Why was she still not over Jackson? Seeing him reawakened everything she felt when she was with him, be it false emotions while high or the very beginning when she used to like him for all the right reasons.

Currently, she's on the right track of full recovery, with two jobs and a couple of night classes, Cathy is starting to see her better half that she hasn't seen for a few years, and it's a sweet, sweet sight.

So begins...

Catherine Littler's Story