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a character in “Quixotic Souls”, as played by Ameryln


NAME: Chirest

AGE: 20

WHO: Native

LOVE: Open


SPECIES: Earthchild. Modern classifications tag them as Nymphs who's primary function is to tend to foliage and forests, thus are often found around them. This is somewhat true, however, they are much more sophisticated than a lesser fairy. More accurately, they aren't fairies. They are also quite rare, and it has taken extensive research to just find out what they do. Essentially, they are guardians of the Earth, second only to the four Mothers of Nature (one for each direction), whom they are born from. Every Earthchild is different, and each has its own unique power associating with Nature. Some have power over the Earth's tectonic plates, while others have the power to manipulate vegetation so that it has sentient and/or offensive abilities. They are all born with an anamalistic form, however, certain Earthchildren, also known as the Wandering Children, since their job is to scour the earth for defects, are given a second form by their Mothers so they blend in more conveniently with modern society. Since they are so rare, Earthchildren rarely see each other. But if it was to happen, their combined powers would be devastating, since each of their powers builds up on one other. Earthchildren do age physically (but less than humans), and every 100 years, they “die”, and are reborn again as young adults, their memories stripped of everything except the knowledge necessary to carry out their task. Since Earthchildren are sophisticated beings, and have free will, this is to ensure that they do what they are supposed to do, and don't stray off path due to their acquired personality. Earthchildren, from time to time, are given specific instructions that their Mothers give them, according to some change within the enviroment.

POWER: Chirest has the power of growth. She is able to grow anything at a rapid rate, whether it is a disease within someone, or a patch of moss. This does not mean she can use the plants to attack people. That power is reserved for a different Earthchild.

Merits-Chirest isn't fazed by much, and usually enters any situation with a blank, almost sleepy expression on her face (when she's in a humanoid form, anyway. She always has a vibrant orange, yet intelligent glare in her animal form that displays little emotion-since the equestrian faces are unable to make many human emotions). She always seems to be calm, but her voice is firm, crisp, and succinct, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. Despite her demeanor, she is also a very determined person, and if she wants to accomplish something, she'll stop at nothing to do it. She's very observant, has a sharp deductive ability, and knows a lot about Nature (obviously).
Faults: Chirest, due to her extreme calm, is very stolid and seems almost dull (unless you're good friends with her...if that's possible). She also seems to not care much about others' well being, and says things quite bluntly. Due to her dictation, she always gives off a slightly arrogant demeanor about her, unknowingly.

DREAMS: Her one and only purpose, and the reason she exists is to tend to Mother Nature's area, which is the entire Earth, with exception to contracted areas where they have allowed inorganic material such as cities to form. Specifically, she is to search for any wasted areas and replenish them, or find any cause of destruction of nature and destroy it. Of course, the more she comes in contact with the world, the more her goal will be harder to fufill due to her will. In this case, if she strays too far from her path, other Earthchildren are sent to cleanse her, or obliterate her so that she is reborn pure again.

NIGHTMARES: Destruction of nature or sources that destroy nature. Namely, cities, pollution, etc. She will only go near them under very strict conditions.

BIO: She was the child of the North Mother, who's region mostly consists of snowy icecaps, tundras, and rocky mountains. Therefore, her form resembles a mountain goat, so that she would be more mobile throughout the region. From the moment she was brought upon the earth, she knew that her purpose was to scour the earth for defects, and to restore them. She also knew the consequences if she did not fulfill this. She was given a humanoid form, and sent off. She has been restoring the Earth since.

EXTRA: The Mothers of nature seem very unpredictable, much like their weather. They may send their subordinates to do things that may seem out of their mission, but in the end benefit them. For example, they may send scouts to interact with moving biomass to observe their patterns of behavior.

Animal: Image

Human: Image

Animal: Chirest's fur is mainly a stained white and slightly bristled. It isn't very soft, and has a more hairy feel than a fur feel. This stiffness protects her from the weather. It grows slowly, and doesn't shed much. Though every time she sheds a hair, it transforms into a single blade of white grass as soon as it hits the ground. It's unclear what the grass does exactly, for no one has consumed it before, but it's likely it will have some side effect, whether it's good or not. The hair around her ears and hooves are a carbon black, and whatever they touch, grows. They themselves grow at a rate of 1mm per 5 years on average. They are unsheddable hairs, but they are removable with great force (they can't be cut, shaved, burned, or pulled out. The skin around where they grow is quite tough, and the hairs are more like nerve endings, for they are imbedded deeply within her flesh. That leaves very little to work with). Once removed, however, they obliterate a large area of vegetation in the area they are dropped from. It isn't an impressive sight, the plants just die, blacken, and crumble to the ground in ashes as if someone willed them to. If eaten, the hairs are fatal (who would want to eat a 4mm hair anyways?). The black hairs are a main source of their power, but a secondary source comes from their inner magic, which is a second, more powerful resource (Well, the only resource, the black hairs are actually more of a shortcut to the power. If the link is lost, it just take more energy to summon her powers) should their most used resource prove unsuccessful in a certain operation. Her horn holds no power...except as a weapon to stab people with. It mainly a folly so that attention would be directed off from her main source of power. If asked, she would claim that her horn is the source of most of her power, and if it comes off, she would lose all of it. Her horn is actually a living part of her. It can grow back, but that means that if broken off, it will bleed and cause her pain. She is a fairly small animal, around the size of a donkey, but has many times over the agility. Having mountain goat like traits, she can jump very high, and is an expert at evasion (but is quite bad at offense).

Humanoid: Chirest has a milky blond shade of hair with black tips, in which she usually plaits behind her. The link to her power source is only through her hair, and she is unable to use it often. Instead, she has to draw her power from inside of her, which is harder, but more powerful. Her eyes dull to a brownish shade to avoid attention. She dresses lightly, often with her arms and legs showing, except during cold months. She isn't very used to this clothing concept, and feels bereft without fur. She would often wear thick furred clothing during winter months almost as if to compensate for her loss. She has a tall, slender figure, with a wiry frame that would remind one of a cat. Other than the black tips of her hair, she has no other visibly abnormal traits.

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