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Mehagnei Abatescianni

"I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me." (Complete except for relationship section)

0 · 612 views · located in Ravenhorst College

a character in “Quoth the Raven”, as played by Miyer


I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me.

|| Name ||
Mehagnei Abatescianni
"I have a weird name, I know."

|| Nickname ||
Em / Meg
"It's easier to say I guess."

|| Age ||

|| College Course, Major ||
Bachelor of Arts, Law
"It's what my father wants."
|| Sexuality ||
"What can I say? I'm normal."

|| Nationality ||
"My Papa was in the Mafia"

|| Role ||
"Following Papa's lead."

|| Face Claim ||
Inori Yuzuriha
"No Comment."

|| Height + Weight ||
5'6" + 103lbs
"I'm on the skinny side, It's actually pretty unhealthy..."

|| Hair ||
Light pink hair that ombres into hot pink and is tied into pigtails with red bands.
"People never believe me, but my hair is naturally a pastel pink. I just dipdyed the ends hot pink because I thought it would look nice."

|| Eyes ||
Blood Red
"People think I wear contacts, but these eyes are real..."

|| Tattoos ||
Back of the Neck
"It's a symbol of my heritage."

|| Clothings ||
Outfit 1: A simple school uniform consisting of a white button up blouse; blue skirt; Red blazer; red ribbon; white knee-high stockings; and black flats.

Outfit 2: A black dress which falls to mid-thigh with white ruffles under the skirt. It has spaghetti straps and red ribbon bows which encircle the waist and decorate the skirt. She often wears a pair of black boots with the ensemble.

Outfit 3: A simple, lacy white dress which falls mid-thigh with spaghetti straps. She often wears a pair of simple white sandels.
"I like wearing dress. Not the most coverage granted, but they are comfortable and allow for easy movement."

Innocent || Friendly || Soft-Spoken || Kind || Well-Mannered

On the outside Em is one of the most popular and well-liked girls in the school. With her friendly, soft-spoken words and polite demeanour, people can't help but like her. It is rare to find Em alone, either surrounded by her gaggle of 'girlfriends' or being followed around by fanboys who have assigned themselves the duty to protect their precious Em.

Em plays the perfect role of innocent, weak and fragile princess perfectly. No one would believe the secret the girl hides behind her kind eyes and pretty smiles. She ensures to keep her words soft, her appearance gentle and her thoughts appear pure, all factors adding towards the deception that keep Em safe from those who would want to harm her.

|| Likes ||
βœ” Her Friends
βœ” Sweets
βœ” Netball
βœ” Gardening
βœ” Singing
|| Dislikes ||
✘ Bullies
✘ Rudeness
✘ Spiders
✘ Pain
✘ Being Alone


Intelligent || Cunning || Witty || Jaded || Detached

Meg is incredibly intelligent, in both theoretical and practical aspects. Her intelligence and cunning is what allowed the girl to come up with 'Em' and protect herself from the annoying mass of sheep which inhabit Ravenhorst College. It annoys her having to pretend to be some weak-willed, pissy girl but if it means she doesn't have a target painted on her back, then she can put up with it.

Meg has had a lot happen in her life, seen more than a girl her age should ever have to, and it had turned her into a jaded, sarcastic individual who fears becoming attached to reality. It is partly what makes her so perfect for her job, she can completely separate from reality as she takes a persons life. If she wasn't able to become detached, Meg fears she would of lost her minds years ago.

Meg has given up on a normal life, given up on ever being a girl like 'Em'. She plays pretend, and she would never tell anyone how much she wishes it was reality, but she knows it is just pretend. Now, all Meg hopes for is finding people who are just as broken as she is.
Meg doesn't want to end up alone.

|| Likes ||
βœ” Witty Conversation
βœ” Chess
βœ” Intelligence
βœ” Stratagising
βœ” Broken People
|| Dislikes ||
✘ Her 'Friends'.
✘ Naive People
✘ Stupidity
✘ Close-Combat Killing
✘ Being Alone


Marksmanship β†’ "I have been shooting a gun since I was 3, I got better at it... Though my Papa said I was always a prodigy"

Strategy β†’ "Killing someone is easy, getting away with it is the hard part."

Acting β†’ "Assassins need to become anyone or no one at a moments notice, you get good at putting on a mask."

Stealth β†’ "People always get freaked cause my footsteps and breathing are silent."

Strength β†’ "Because of my fragile body I have never been a physically strong person."

Close Combat β†’ "I'm a marksman, I don't need to be close to kill... I also don't think I could detach if I was that close."

Jaded β†’ "Meg has seen a lot in her life, and it has left her unable to care for anything or anyone, with the exception of her little sister."

Hallucinations β†’ "I tend to see the blood of my targets on my hands."

|| Family Members ||
Angelo Abatescianni || Father || 43 || Alive
Liliana Abatescianni || Mother || 39 || Alive
Sofia Abatescianni || Sister || 11 || Alive
"I protect my family, just as they protect me."

|| Brief History ||
Meg was born into a family of assassins. Angelo was raised by his father to know the art of death, and Liliana was considered one of the most effective assassins in Italy. They both passed on the tricks of the trade to Meg at the young age of 5. They wanted her to be safe and be able to survive in such a cruel world. As much as their actions were led by good intentions, their daughter's psyche was forever ruined due to the level of death she was exposed to at such a young age. She developed a coping mechanism, detachment, in an attempt to avoid completely losing her mind, but she still gets hallucinations of blood and death when she starts to get upset.

Sofia was born when Meg was 7, and the little girl adored her new baby sister. The child was an escape from Meg's twisted reality and the girl become determined to save her sister from the hardship her parents put her through. She struck a bargin with her father, saying that Meg would kill every target she was assigned until the day she died as long as her sister was kept away from this life.
Her parents agreed.

As Meg grew older she grew to enjoy her job. Not so much the killing aspect, it was a necessary evil that came along with the role, but Meg enjoyed shooting, and often would go and spend her free time on the range, as well as the whole sneaking around and getting away with murder. She turned it all into a game, and one she soon grew to enjoy. Meg gave up on a normal life and so created Em as her outlet at school.
"People might think my parents evil for what they did to me as a kid, but I know they only mean well and they did it because they love me and want me to be safe."

Image|| Relationships ||

Souji Oshiro β†’ "A particularly weak and annoying sheep. The only reason I know his name is because of how much he annoys me."

Egau Karasu β†’ "He's my target. I have no need to concern myself with dead men."

Kaori Alkaev β†’ "Opinion"

Merle Horst β†’ "Opinion"

So begins...

Mehagnei Abatescianni's Story

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#, as written by Miyer

β™₯XX T H U R S D A Y X | X M O R N I N GXX β™₯

Meg sighed as she rested her head against the cold brick wall. She had just managed to escape Katie and Bee's grasp and was glad to have complete silence for a few seconds as she closed her eyes and breathed through her nose. Last night had been a long and bloody affair, which had ensured that she had not got any sleep or homework done. Normally Meg wouldn't care about this, having enjoyed the game, but today it seemed her two 'besties' were making it their personal mission to be as grating as possible and knowing that her Law professor was going to chew her ass out in front of everyone when she made it to her class did nothing to ease her annoyance. God she hated Mr Royla.

Letting her eyes slide open once more, she was greeted by the blinding sunlight and the murmur of other students started to filter into her senses. It wasn't often the girl let her guard down, but she had double checked to ensure that her surrounding were secure before she had stopped to just breath. Dragging herself up off the wall and slipping her bag around her should, Meg moved out of her little hiding spot and began to make her way across a large quad, attracting the gazes of a few scattered students. 'Three... Two... One...', Meg began the count down within her head and upon reaching 1, she felt a hand rest of her back, causing her to look up at a tall blonde man.

For a split second, Meg was the one looking up at the man before Em took her place and offered up a pretty smile. "Hello Kevin, how are you this morning?", Em asked politely. Kevin was one of the boys who was in all of Em's law lectures and had decided that Em needed his protection from the other riff raff at the college. It general the boy annoyed her, he was arrogent and seemed to hold himself in high regard while treating Em as if she was some damsel in distress. Though this meant Meg's cover was working, it still pissed her off that this weakling, who she could kill 7 different ways at this very second, believed himself stronger then her.

"Very well Emmie. Did you do Mr Royla's homework assignment? I completely forgot.", Kevin responded. Em raised her eyebrow ever so slightly at the stupid nickname the boys of her class had given her. She remembered at the beginning of the year how they had tried to call her Meg, but she had put a stop to that pretty quickly. Emmie was the lesser of two evils. "Honestly, I forgot myself. I had a very busy night so I wasn't able to complete the assignment. Hopefully Mr Royla won't be to mad...", Em mumbled out as they approach the lecture hall.

"Don't worry Emmie, if he tries to get angry at you, me and the boys will look out for you!", he claimed arrogantly, moving his arm to rest possessively around the pinkette's shoulders. Em glanced at the offending arm in annoying, "That would be very kind of you Kevin", she managed to get out with a pleasent tone, though had the boy been observant he would of seen the hatred burning in her eyes. With that, Em pulled away and made her way towards her seat between Katie and Bee who had been gesturing at her since she had entered. Upon sitting down, Meg completely tuned out and left Em on auto pilot as Mr Royla walked in and the lesson began.

β™₯XX T H U R S D A Y X | X L A T E XM O R N I N GXX β™₯

Em stretched out as the lecture came to a close. After 2 hours of sitting between two airheads and having to suffer through Mr Royla's glares, Em was so ready to go to break before her Forensics lecture. It was the only subject were she had one friend who was half tolerable. It was also extremely interesting and she loved applying what she learnt in theory with her practical experience on the field.

Making her way down the crowded hallways, Katie and Bee followed happily behind. "So Em, are you going to Toby's party this saturday? Apparently it is going to be amazing!", Katie squealed with excitement, "Also, according to a little birdy, Toby has quite the thing for you.", Bee slide in slyly, while smirking at the pretty pink haired girl. It took Em a second to response, wrestling with Meg who just wanted to shoot something, before she glanced back at the two girls and offering up a small smile and blinking up at them innocently. "Oh, I'm sorry guys I won't be able to go. Mrs Turner has me doing an extra credits assignment.", Em said before turning her head back around to face ahead of her as she attempt to make her way through the raging crowd, though it helped some that most of the students were either moving out of her way or being forcibly moved.

"Anyway, this is where I leave you guys. I don't want to be late for Mrs Turner's lecture.", Em managed to get out as they reached the turn off point to the psychology block. Turning to face her friends, she smile slightly at their putout expressions. "Em! You have to go to Toby's party! You can't honestly say you would rather stay here and do more work then necessary?!", Katie asked in annoyance.

"Sorry Katie, I need this extra credit or I might fail this module. I promise, I'll go with you guys to the next party.", Em offered up. Lies. It was all lies. Meg was not failing her forensic's module and Mrs Turner hadn't offered her extra work, she just didn't want to go to this stupid party where she would be required to put up with drunken shenanigans from both her 'friends' and some annoying guys. "Alright, but that is a promise Em.", Bee said before grabbing Katie's arm and dragging her away from the pinkette.

Releasing a small sigh, Em restarted her path towards her next lecture. On the way, she glanced around and noticed a familiar set of blonde hair. Upon walking closer, she realised it was Kaori... Her employer... and she was talking to one of the most annoying individuals Meg had ever had the displeasure of meeting. Souji.

The girl didn't even stop as she walked passed them, though she did briefly look up and meet Kaori's eye, offering a slight, respectful nod of acknowledgement before continuing on her path. She eventually reached her lecture hall which was a few doors down the hallway from the pair. Upon entering the room, she was glad to find it completely empty. It made sense as her lecture was only due to start at 11:30, and it was just 11:04 right now. She had 25 minutes to do with as she pleased.

A genuine smile graced Meg's face as she placed her head down against the cool table and closed her eyes, attempting to grab a few more minutes of shut eye.

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Souji felt a force smack into him while he had been occupied staring at his watch, maintaining a good grip on his books so they did not topple onto the ground. His initial assumption was that he was being confronted by yet another bully while his best friend Egau was not around. Gifted with a height that was tall enough to be hard to miss as an obstacle, it was not an often occurrence to be bumped into but he was mistaken as a female voice he didn't recognize broke through his thoughts.

"You're in my way."

I suppose getting out of class is always a rush. His golden eyes locked on her blue as he turned to the side and started to nervously ruffle his hair to keep up with his shy appearances. In the back of his mind, he was anything but a mess analyzing and calculating the situation to plan his next move. Kaori, Alkaev... He recognized her immediately, his memory not failing him as he had observed some of his peers gossiping while looking in her direction. If he recalled correctly which he always perfectly did, they called her the Ice Queen. Judging by the way she had crankily spoken to him, it didn't take a genius to figure out the origin of the nickname. Souji also recalled that she was from the Science department so it was odd to catch sight of her around the Art course buildings. Hmm...

"Terribly sorry.."

He put on a smile that could be compared to a kicked puppy. It would be hard to not forgive someone who looked so pitiful. Souji knew he had done nothing wrong as she was the one who had bumped into him but it was how society would dictate proper manners and he had no intention to rile the woman. There were two options laid out before him, 1. to continue on his way or 2. drag out the conversation longer. Souji found himself curious to what little miss Ice Queen was up to so he would drag it out a bit longer if she would allow him. He was in no hurry to go elsewhere anyway and his fellow art classmates who still lurked around appeared amused, whistling at the sight of the two together as if to insinuate something else was going on between them besides a mere run in. Well, it made some sense as the Golden Wallflower was rarely seen socializing with another woman. His peers probably desired to make him more uncomfortable or deter Kaori from talking with him further. Souji would let her decide her own moves. As far as he was aware, she had no reason to stay and entertain him.

"Are you alright? If you'll let me make it up to you... where are you headed?"

He offered his assistance, appearing to ignore the obnoxious behavior of his peers as he focused his attention on Kaori like a gentleman should. Awaiting her answer, he took the time to briefly glance over her features and consider the gossip he had heard about her. She did appear to be the cold shoulder type from the way she carried herself down to the very way she talked. Souji would never have dreamed that their paths would cross given his warm inviting aura compared to her cold one and their different courses. I wonder what her impressions of me are or what rumors she herself might have heard.

The color pink passed by in his peripheral vision and it was Mehageni's locks of hair as he had guessed. He moved his hand away from his own hair to look on, noticing her lock eyes with Kaori for a split second in acknowledgement and continuing on her way. It was such a small gesture that would fly past most people but not Souji. His attention to detail was part of the serial killer game. Although he had noticed, he did not speak a word of it and continued to wait on Kaori's reply. As much as he craved and fantasised about the feel of Em's skin under a sharpened knife, it would have to wait for another time and Kaori was an interesting individual as well to pass the time with.