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Souji Oshiro

Crawl like a worm from a bird.

0 · 871 views · located in Ravenhorst College

a character in “Quoth the Raven”, as played by Victorant


The Bird and the Worm

Full Name
Souji Oshiro under mother's surname
because his scarf often hides his mouth.

Golden Wallflower
made up of his eye color and personality, also as an insult that he
'takes the gold' out of all the wallflowers attending the college.

Carla Tsukinami
Hex Code
Sexual Orientation
Japanese & British
College Course, Major
Bachelor of Arts [Psychology]



Dirty Fighter
"I won't lose."
Fighting dirty isn't his last resort, it is his primal instinct. There is no room for playing fair.
With experience, he also has a collection of tricks and deceptions up his sleeve for when
the need arises and he won't feel a shred of guilt for using them.

Stealthy Hunter
"Both animals and humans.
They're one in the same."

As if it wasn't enough to be called a ninja for laughs, he actually does have quiet and undetectable movements. His footsteps are nimble and the scarf helps filter the sound
of his breathing. He knows how to stay calm and patient in the heat of the moment, focused like a predator with his eyes on the prey.

Meticulous Nature
"Because I have to be. I'm no fool."
He is thorough in conducting his murders, showing extreme care towards the chase
and cleaning up after. If not for that, he would be rotting away in jail or maybe even
have undergone the death penalty by now instead of successfully posing as an
ordinary college student.

Photographic Memory
"Both the good and bad come hand in hand."
He is considered one of the 'eidetikers' with eidetic imagery, able to confidently
recall visuals with extraordinary detail even after it has left his line of sight. He can
also commit sounds and objects to memory after exposure as other examples of
this ability. It proves useful to his studies and makes him appear deceivingly thoughtful
to others when the truth is he couldn't forget minor particulars even if he wanted to.

Heavy Lifting
"Looks can be deceiving."
While not muscular, he does exert effort to stay generally fit having compact gym
equipment stored in his college dorm. It contradicts with the vulnerable image he
has established with his peers, so he works out in secret. It is also his most calming
activity, a time when he can piece together his thoughts. He has been doing this for
some time that lifting is a breeze for him.


"You may not enjoy it but I will."
He's a serial killer. Self-explanatory really.

"Sometimes I wish I wasn't human."
He can socialize just fine with a few people or many at a time. Acting shy is just his
way of avoiding socializing altogether. He enjoys being a loner more than enduring
trivial small talk and pretending he gives a damn.

Commitment Issues
"Being in a relationship is comparable to an owner and his or her dog companion.
Being a dog wounds your pride and being the owner only tests your tolerance.
Neither roles appeal to me."

While he has experienced the essence of being in a romantic relationship, every one
of his exes and flings can confirm he has never been the loyal type. It is not that he
is confronted by a more desirable woman that leads him to cheat, rather he does not
like feeling trapped or controlled at the hands of another.

Heavy Sleeper
"Sleep is necessary yes, but I detest it."
He unhealthily avoids sleeping like the plague as it is best to strike and kill
unsuspecting victims under the cover of the darkness night time will provide.
Even when he is on a cooling off period between his murders, he
still continues this way as a habit. As a result, when he does sleep after
the prolonged amount of time going without it, he is sure to sleep heavily.

"It is satisfying when a plan falls into place.
And it is bothersome when it doesn't."

Passing out or showing signs of weakness is a fear of his and rightfully so,
letting his guard down or giving others a chance to escape his murderous
clutches is not what he wants to happen and irks him to no end.



"I'm not an actor but I know how to set the stage"

'Souji wouldn't hurt a fly' is what the other students think of him, some even going as far as to take advantage by harassing, teasing and bullying him. He is the other students' commonly used scapegoat, taking the blame for their wrongdoings when it comes to teachers and giving his homework to others to copy.

If he did not appear vulnerable enough at that point, he also never demonstrates anger or resistance which give off the impression he is naive and mellow. He could be in the process of being bullied and will shrug it off as a misunderstanding or that he did something wrong, forgiving others' faults all too quickly.

He goes with the flow of everyone else's pace, earning him the title, 'Golden Wallflower'. Socializing appears to not be his forte either, rarely showing up at parties or seen with the opposite gender. Even when he does attend, he looks like he is anywhere but there with his head up in the clouds. Most talk it up as him being shy, hard to tell when half of his face is usually smothered under his dark scarf additionally earning him the title, 'Ninja.'

Despite the negative attention he receives, he is but a blemish in the school community as a whole. It is easy for students to forget he even exists if not for their need to vent on someone or get answers to last minute assignments. But that does not bother him, as his goal is to blend in and be underestimated as much as possible.

The only redeemable quality Souji has in the eyes of others is his nature to give more than take, easily spotted feeding strays or befriending the homeless. He treats everybody equal regardless of status and wealth or a lack thereof.



"Why does it concern you?"

Souji would hurt a fly and most importantly, a human being or several of them. His mask only serves the purpose of hiding his true nature so far behind him, that it would be hard for anybody to believe that he is actually a relentless serial killer. Any such statement would bring his peers to tears with laughter as such an absurd thought to ever pass someone's mind.

Having been a murderer for so long, he has become confident in what he is capable of with his own abilities and in what he can manage to get away with. The possibility of getting caught red-handed while still lurking in the back of his mind does not worry him while he continues doing what he enjoys and does best. It is only in his kills, that he can be his real and true self or so he has convinced himself to believe.

You would think his masked persona would make him undesirable but think again, it is a lure for sympathy. A few women have grown attached to the appeal of a 'damaged and lost puppy'. It is in those situations that they dig their own grave, Souji aggressive and hard to satisfy in any relationship deemed with a romantic element. However, he does enjoy the physical intimacy. It distracts him from his murderous urges when it is unwise to follow through with or he is taking a break to recuperate.

Besides his family, he has not truly opened up to anyone. He makes an effort to maintain privacy and secrecy all for the sake of protecting his love for murder, not dense to what happens if he places his trust in the wrong hands.


| Narumi Oshiro | Mother | Alive | 40 yrs
Good terms
"I simply reciprocate for all she has done for me."

| Hamish Brooks | Father | Deceased | 45yrs
Neutral terms
"His death enlightened me."

| Leo Oshiro | Brother | Alive | 16yrs
Neutral terms
"We stay out of each other's hair."

Souji was raised in a wealthy upper-class family in the countryside isolated from society. Apart from the staff hired to keep the mansion in order, Souji and his brother didn't have much exposure to people making them introverted and seeking joy in other activities such as hunting, reading and art. Souji loved the adrenaline thrill he would get from hunting, learning to be agile on his feet and bringing home a dead animal to make a meal every single day without fail. He would hunt them with guns, traps and even knives when he eventually got bored at doing the same thing over and over.
Down in the dumps, his father noticed and offered that they go hunting together. Souji declined, going off into the woods on his own as he normally did. His hunting adventure took a surprising turn when he came across a large bear. "This is it." He thought to himself, "At last something that's a challenge to hunt." However before he had a chance to take out a weapon, he heard a gun shot coming from behind him. It was his father whom had followed him and started shooting the bear fearing for his son's safety. His father would scream, "Run!" over and over but Souji wouldn't budge. He wasn't scared. Why would he be? He was confident that he could take on the world.
It was his father's misfortune that he was poorly prepared, running out of bullets quickly that the bear advanced upon him. As the man ran towards his son, the bear attacked him and Souji felt nothing. Not a shred of him cared to help his father even as he cried out in pain at every claw that drew blood. Souji only watched as the idea hit him. If he was growing bored of killing animals, why not try humans?

When he came of age, Souji left the countryside to study in the city. Ravenhorst College stuck out to him as a low-key place, where the rumors of murder had already become commonplace and no action was being taken to investigate. He still had no interest in people as anything but prey, adapting a shy exterior and fooling his peers to think of him as weak and pathetic. It worked like a charm but the bullying was sometimes tiresome.
Eventually, he became acquainted with Egau and realized being around him made the bullying lessen greatly. He noted that being in a pack guaranteed safety than being a lone wolf and went with the flow of the man's whims. Egau's reason for befriending him he may never know but he does sense that not all is as it appears with him and suspects they may have more in common than he originally thought.
Souji started killing unsuspecting students and nearby townsfolk of all ages and genders without discrimination, his adrenaline thrill returning and putting him to ease. But during his break from his murdering spree, he came to hear of the girl, 'Mehagnei'. Watching her from afar on the college grounds triggered a thirst, a craving he had never had. He was losing his mind at the fantasy. "I must kill her."



So begins...

Souji Oshiro's Story

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Souji's mechanical pencil darted across his notebook as he sat in attendance for his 9-11am Cognitive Processes lecture, scribbling notes in cursive that he deemed would be relevant to the upcoming exams. "Is creativity anything more than problem-solving?" The lecturer had posed an interesting question, Souji unintentionally adding pressure to his pencil against the paper causing the lead to snap. He sighed to himself, clicking the eraser top under a thumb to draw more lead. Unlike the majority of his classmates, Souji wasn't studying psychology to understand others. He was studying it to understand himself. For as long as he could remember, he had always enjoyed killing. It was maybe the only subject of life he was truly passionate about. In his childhood, he had a go at some creative outlets such as painting, sculpting and the like but nothing was as satisfying as being the reason for a living being to stop breathing. Watching their eyes rattle in their sockets out of sheer horror, a futile attempt of a struggle and getting up only to fall again. It was oh so... interesting. Souji clicked his pencil again as flashbacks of his murders crossed his mind. It had been 2 months since his last kill, taking a break to recuperate and catch up on both his sleep and his studies.

"Anyone? Does anyone have an opinion on the matter?" The lecturer knocked against the wall where the projector was aimed at displaying a variety of evocative images in a loop. A faint glint of interest flashed across Souji's eyes as they reflected an image of the raven man statue that served as the decorative centerpiece of the college as well as the origin of rumors. Souji had not personally witnessed the transformation of the statue so there was no reason for him to believe it was anything more than bullocks but the rumor had been spreading more and more ever since he started taking it upon himself to murder people instead of just hunting animals. It was because of that rumor that he had been attracted to studying at Ravenhorst in the first place, so perhaps the rumor acted much like a self-fulfilling prophecy. "Anyone? Anyone at all?" Souji mulled over the lecturer's question and it was hard to come up with a definitive answer. Admittedly, Souji would have excelled in other courses like Law, Business or Engineering with ease but his curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to know why killing was so exciting to him and the breaks in between his hobby could sometimes prove to be unbearable. Even though he didn't have a shred of guilt, it wouldn't hurt to have an alternative activity that would provide as much entertainment.

The student seated beside him, Luke if he remembered the name, continuously nudged his elbow into Souji's ribs. Souji was familiar with the treatment and wasn't stupid to what his peer wanted. Little did Luke know that he was messing around with a serial killer and Souji found comfort in that fact alone under a mask of innocence and naivety. "What's up?" Souji asked casually, turning his head to face his classmate with a slim smile on his face. He wasn't gifted in acting but it was hard to fake what was genuine as the thought of smashing this pathetic man's head against the desk over and over lingered in his mind. "Answer the stupid question or the prof will pick on me!" Souji nodded, returning his attention to the front and raising his hand without a moment's delay. This was the ordinary student life he had set up for himself even if it made him appear as the smallest most insignificant sheep in the herd without a real mind of his own. To avoid drawing too much attention to himself, he provided a generic response that contradicted his actual thoughts on creativity and problem-solving right up until dismissal time.

When class ended, Luke was one of the first students to rush out of the room without showing an ounce of gratitude to Souji for his help. That was how it always was, Souji's kindness was used and taken advantage of. He would be the scapegoat, the target for the wannabe aggressors called bullies and it would all be worth it to hear even just one more last gasp of breath. Stepping outside the door and clasping his textbook and notebook by his side, he rolled back his sleeve to read the time on his watch to find it was exactly 11:00am on the dot. Souji was done for classes for the day but he wouldn't be content with heading back to his dorm so early. If luck was on his side, maybe he'd run into someone to socialize with. Only God knows how much he needs the distraction away from his violent tendencies.

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Kaori slowed her breath, readjusting her grip on the dart resting in her right hand. Drawing her arm back, the dart flew from her hand into the board resting on her wall. It was spot on, landing right on the face of the man she hated. The picture of the two of them when they were little used to bring back the good memories of when they didn't have a care in the world. Now the mere sight of it filled her with hatred for the man. Egau. A foul name for an even worse person. Soon enough he would be gone though, it was only a matter of time until she wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. Maybe once he was gone she would be able to move on, make some real friends. No. Why bother, she had no reason to waste her time with the things. Getting involved with people only got you hurt, and that was a familiar pain she didn't feel inclined to feel again.

A shrill ringing pierced the room. It took a minute of searching for the source of the obnoxious wail, but she soon found it. The slim gold phone, a birthday gift from her father, flashed the screen that told her it was time to wake up. Kaori let out a sigh, she had forgotten to sleep again. It had become a habit of hers now. Getting absorbed in her work, not noticing the minutes ticking by until her phone felt the need to remind her. Oh well, her class started in less than half an hour, so she would have to tough it out for a few more hours.

Sparing a few minutes to fix herself up, Kaori sped out of the door. Not forgetting to give Fumio a brief pat on the head before she left. It was a beautiful day out, elevating her mood slightly whether she wanted it to or not. It was because of this that she so much as acknowledged the man who had strode up beside her. Anton. They had a few classes together, and apparently he had take the fact that she spoke Russian as an invitation to speak to her.

"доброе утро" said her unwelcome companion. Good morning. Fortunately for him she wasn't in as sour a mood as usual, so instead of the usual unresponsive front he actually got an answer.
"What's the point of attending school in another country if you don't bother to speak the language?" The man's face lit up like a child's on Christmas, an odd look for such a large oaf. Soon after she realized her mistake, having her ears bombarded by Anton's ramblings until they reached their class.

The lecture was over rather quickly, but Kaori hadn't paid it any attention. Picking her regular seat at the back of the room, she had taken out her notebook and reviewed what she had figured out so far, she already knew the material being taught so why not use the time for her own work. It had been almost two months since she had started on her pet project after persuading the local coroner to let her see the bodies that were recently brought in. As to how he hadn't noticed the dozens of signs that had practically screamed foul play was a mystery to her, but he obviously wasn't competent enough to work on a murder investigation. No. He wasn't worthy to take part in such an experience. That was something reserved for the best, like her.

The list that had once consisted of well over 40 students had now been whittled down to three. Nobu Kita, a quiet history major who was often seen lurking around campus at night, he seemed harmless but if he didn't he wouldn't be a very good serial killer would he? Kichiro Arata was the most eccentric of her suspects, some say he never leaves the storage shed that was taken over by the architecture students, that would just make him less suspicious for the crimes committed. Then there was her number one suspect, Souji Oshiro. Why she was so fixated on him, she'd like to know as well. Despite the fact she had collected no hard evidence it was him, she just had a bad feeling about him that she couldn't shake.

As a sea of people filtered out of the class, Kaori trailed after towards the end of the group. 10:50am, read the silver watch on her wrist. She could probably make it over to the arts department in time to catch her suspect leaving class. If her mind hadn't failed her, he should be getting out of class at eleven according to the records she had borrowed the week prior. Well, borrowed with no intent of returning them.

As Kaori rushed towards the far wing of the university, she got a little turned around. In retrospect, it probably wasn't the best of ideas to go searching for someone in a place you've only been to once or twice, she wasn't going to turn back now though. Weaving through the crowd, she did her best to catch her suspect. Another glance at her watch dashed her hopes though. 11:00am. He'd be getting out of class now and it would be impossible to spot him when she has no idea where he might be going.

Whether it was fates way of rewarding her or mocking her, Kaori walked straight into a wall. No, not a wall. Walls don't move or make noises when you bump into them. It was a person.
"You're in my way." She stated flatly, as if the man was toddler who couldn't possibly comprehend exactly how much he was inconveniencing her by daring to place himself in front of her. Her eyes slid up to see who exactly it was that had dared to stop the girl from her mission. Lo and behold it was the very man she had intended on following. Souji Oshiro. So much for going unnoticed.

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#, as written by Miyer


Meg sighed as she rested her head against the cold brick wall. She had just managed to escape Katie and Bee's grasp and was glad to have complete silence for a few seconds as she closed her eyes and breathed through her nose. Last night had been a long and bloody affair, which had ensured that she had not got any sleep or homework done. Normally Meg wouldn't care about this, having enjoyed the game, but today it seemed her two 'besties' were making it their personal mission to be as grating as possible and knowing that her Law professor was going to chew her ass out in front of everyone when she made it to her class did nothing to ease her annoyance. God she hated Mr Royla.

Letting her eyes slide open once more, she was greeted by the blinding sunlight and the murmur of other students started to filter into her senses. It wasn't often the girl let her guard down, but she had double checked to ensure that her surrounding were secure before she had stopped to just breath. Dragging herself up off the wall and slipping her bag around her should, Meg moved out of her little hiding spot and began to make her way across a large quad, attracting the gazes of a few scattered students. 'Three... Two... One...', Meg began the count down within her head and upon reaching 1, she felt a hand rest of her back, causing her to look up at a tall blonde man.

For a split second, Meg was the one looking up at the man before Em took her place and offered up a pretty smile. "Hello Kevin, how are you this morning?", Em asked politely. Kevin was one of the boys who was in all of Em's law lectures and had decided that Em needed his protection from the other riff raff at the college. It general the boy annoyed her, he was arrogent and seemed to hold himself in high regard while treating Em as if she was some damsel in distress. Though this meant Meg's cover was working, it still pissed her off that this weakling, who she could kill 7 different ways at this very second, believed himself stronger then her.

"Very well Emmie. Did you do Mr Royla's homework assignment? I completely forgot.", Kevin responded. Em raised her eyebrow ever so slightly at the stupid nickname the boys of her class had given her. She remembered at the beginning of the year how they had tried to call her Meg, but she had put a stop to that pretty quickly. Emmie was the lesser of two evils. "Honestly, I forgot myself. I had a very busy night so I wasn't able to complete the assignment. Hopefully Mr Royla won't be to mad...", Em mumbled out as they approach the lecture hall.

"Don't worry Emmie, if he tries to get angry at you, me and the boys will look out for you!", he claimed arrogantly, moving his arm to rest possessively around the pinkette's shoulders. Em glanced at the offending arm in annoying, "That would be very kind of you Kevin", she managed to get out with a pleasent tone, though had the boy been observant he would of seen the hatred burning in her eyes. With that, Em pulled away and made her way towards her seat between Katie and Bee who had been gesturing at her since she had entered. Upon sitting down, Meg completely tuned out and left Em on auto pilot as Mr Royla walked in and the lesson began.


Em stretched out as the lecture came to a close. After 2 hours of sitting between two airheads and having to suffer through Mr Royla's glares, Em was so ready to go to break before her Forensics lecture. It was the only subject were she had one friend who was half tolerable. It was also extremely interesting and she loved applying what she learnt in theory with her practical experience on the field.

Making her way down the crowded hallways, Katie and Bee followed happily behind. "So Em, are you going to Toby's party this saturday? Apparently it is going to be amazing!", Katie squealed with excitement, "Also, according to a little birdy, Toby has quite the thing for you.", Bee slide in slyly, while smirking at the pretty pink haired girl. It took Em a second to response, wrestling with Meg who just wanted to shoot something, before she glanced back at the two girls and offering up a small smile and blinking up at them innocently. "Oh, I'm sorry guys I won't be able to go. Mrs Turner has me doing an extra credits assignment.", Em said before turning her head back around to face ahead of her as she attempt to make her way through the raging crowd, though it helped some that most of the students were either moving out of her way or being forcibly moved.

"Anyway, this is where I leave you guys. I don't want to be late for Mrs Turner's lecture.", Em managed to get out as they reached the turn off point to the psychology block. Turning to face her friends, she smile slightly at their putout expressions. "Em! You have to go to Toby's party! You can't honestly say you would rather stay here and do more work then necessary?!", Katie asked in annoyance.

"Sorry Katie, I need this extra credit or I might fail this module. I promise, I'll go with you guys to the next party.", Em offered up. Lies. It was all lies. Meg was not failing her forensic's module and Mrs Turner hadn't offered her extra work, she just didn't want to go to this stupid party where she would be required to put up with drunken shenanigans from both her 'friends' and some annoying guys. "Alright, but that is a promise Em.", Bee said before grabbing Katie's arm and dragging her away from the pinkette.

Releasing a small sigh, Em restarted her path towards her next lecture. On the way, she glanced around and noticed a familiar set of blonde hair. Upon walking closer, she realised it was Kaori... Her employer... and she was talking to one of the most annoying individuals Meg had ever had the displeasure of meeting. Souji.

The girl didn't even stop as she walked passed them, though she did briefly look up and meet Kaori's eye, offering a slight, respectful nod of acknowledgement before continuing on her path. She eventually reached her lecture hall which was a few doors down the hallway from the pair. Upon entering the room, she was glad to find it completely empty. It made sense as her lecture was only due to start at 11:30, and it was just 11:04 right now. She had 25 minutes to do with as she pleased.

A genuine smile graced Meg's face as she placed her head down against the cool table and closed her eyes, attempting to grab a few more minutes of shut eye.

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Souji felt a force smack into him while he had been occupied staring at his watch, maintaining a good grip on his books so they did not topple onto the ground. His initial assumption was that he was being confronted by yet another bully while his best friend Egau was not around. Gifted with a height that was tall enough to be hard to miss as an obstacle, it was not an often occurrence to be bumped into but he was mistaken as a female voice he didn't recognize broke through his thoughts.

"You're in my way."

I suppose getting out of class is always a rush. His golden eyes locked on her blue as he turned to the side and started to nervously ruffle his hair to keep up with his shy appearances. In the back of his mind, he was anything but a mess analyzing and calculating the situation to plan his next move. Kaori, Alkaev... He recognized her immediately, his memory not failing him as he had observed some of his peers gossiping while looking in her direction. If he recalled correctly which he always perfectly did, they called her the Ice Queen. Judging by the way she had crankily spoken to him, it didn't take a genius to figure out the origin of the nickname. Souji also recalled that she was from the Science department so it was odd to catch sight of her around the Art course buildings. Hmm...

"Terribly sorry.."

He put on a smile that could be compared to a kicked puppy. It would be hard to not forgive someone who looked so pitiful. Souji knew he had done nothing wrong as she was the one who had bumped into him but it was how society would dictate proper manners and he had no intention to rile the woman. There were two options laid out before him, 1. to continue on his way or 2. drag out the conversation longer. Souji found himself curious to what little miss Ice Queen was up to so he would drag it out a bit longer if she would allow him. He was in no hurry to go elsewhere anyway and his fellow art classmates who still lurked around appeared amused, whistling at the sight of the two together as if to insinuate something else was going on between them besides a mere run in. Well, it made some sense as the Golden Wallflower was rarely seen socializing with another woman. His peers probably desired to make him more uncomfortable or deter Kaori from talking with him further. Souji would let her decide her own moves. As far as he was aware, she had no reason to stay and entertain him.

"Are you alright? If you'll let me make it up to you... where are you headed?"

He offered his assistance, appearing to ignore the obnoxious behavior of his peers as he focused his attention on Kaori like a gentleman should. Awaiting her answer, he took the time to briefly glance over her features and consider the gossip he had heard about her. She did appear to be the cold shoulder type from the way she carried herself down to the very way she talked. Souji would never have dreamed that their paths would cross given his warm inviting aura compared to her cold one and their different courses. I wonder what her impressions of me are or what rumors she herself might have heard.

The color pink passed by in his peripheral vision and it was Mehageni's locks of hair as he had guessed. He moved his hand away from his own hair to look on, noticing her lock eyes with Kaori for a split second in acknowledgement and continuing on her way. It was such a small gesture that would fly past most people but not Souji. His attention to detail was part of the serial killer game. Although he had noticed, he did not speak a word of it and continued to wait on Kaori's reply. As much as he craved and fantasised about the feel of Em's skin under a sharpened knife, it would have to wait for another time and Kaori was an interesting individual as well to pass the time with.