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Ein Cain

"I'm in charge for a reason."

0 · 198 views · located in Earth, City State of Arcadia

a character in “- R I V A L S -”, as played by The Protagonist


Name: Ein Cain
Gender: Male
Age: Immortal like other shifters, 23 biologically.
Species: Shifter
Rank: Alpha
Appearance: Image

Ein's height is average for a male, standing at 5'10" and weighing about 150 pounds. He usually has a blank expression on his face. A habit of his is that he tends to move his hands around when he speaks, as if trying to give visual demonstration of what he is talking about. He usually wears fancy suits that include a tie when he is in his base form, to look professional. His eyes are a bright sky blue and he is always clean shaven.

Personality: [Be descriptive]

Ein is best described as logical and calm. He does not usually display any emotions and the only time he is surprised is when something doesn't go as he planned or if someone is stronger then he thought and even then, he still keeps his composure. Despite how powerful he is, he does not enjoy fighting and if it can't be avoided he will try to end it as fast as he can. He is highly intelligent which is part of the reason why he is the Alpha and has a habit of moving his hands around while he talking as if he is demonstrating visually what he is talking about.

-Excellent Combat Skills
-Excellent Strategy Skills
-Natural Cunning
-General Shapeshifting
-Pasifistic Nature

-None, yet.

Ein was born soon after Raina's banishment. After Raina's mother died at birth, her father had gotten together with another woman and had a child and this time it was a son who they named "Ein" which is German for "One". Ein would become the heir to Alpha that the shifters had wanted because Ein was male. He grew up never knowing of Raina's existance. He was raised to be the Alpha and he quickly learned all that he needed to in order to rise up the leading the Shifters and was proven to be ready many times in battle that he was the best suited for leading which for that reason is why he is leading Shifters now. Though he will soon learn something about the past...

Other: He often fights to incapacitate his opponents rather than kill them due to his pacifistic nature. He will come up with an excuse for others to leave once the fight is done.

So begins...

Ein Cain's Story