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Indigo Paisley

"You cannot see the wind, but know it's there, yes?"

0 · 228 views · located in Earth, City State of Arcadia

a character in “- R I V A L S -”, as played by Whitney080


Name Indigo Zhade(pronounced 'Jade' in English) Paisley
Nickname: Most call her Indy for short, that is.. If they know her real name.
Gender: Female
Age: She's Immortal like all Shifters, but in appearance she looks about Twenty-two, no older than Twenty-four.
Species: Shape-Shifter
Rank: Beta
Appearance: Indigo is a lithe structured girl. She stands at the height of five foot eight, taller than most women, weighing around one hundred twenty-nine pounds to one hundred twenty-two pounds. She has a slightly muscled build due to all the running and exercising she does, lean looking, however, having various curves in the places needed. Her arms are long and her legs are also, that being where her height comes into play. Her bust is of fair size, but not extremely large to where she looks proportioned funny. Indy's great grandmother was an actual Cherokee Indian, therefore she is fifty-five percent Cherokee Indian. That being said, her skin is a creamy mocha color, not very dark, but not light at the least. Her smooth skin is covered in multiple scars, the one mostly seen running along the left side of her rounded jawline. Indigo's dark, chestnut brown hair falls in silky waves, cascading to the middle of her back before stopping abruptly there, it grows fast however. She usually keeps in pulled back in a tight braid, unless she's feeling lazy, leaving it tousled. Her lips seem bee-stung and full, a bow-shape, gentle rosy pink in color. Indy's nose is a bit wide due to her Indian heritage, but not extremely noticeable, having high cheekbones. Thick, long black eyelashes surround strange colored eyes which she received from her great, great, greeaatt grandfather. Those eyes are a dark, plum colored purple becoming lighter around the pupil. Few comment on them because few actually get to see them.

Personality: Most describing Indigo would use the words 'Stubborn' and 'Sarcastic.' She has a real..feral-like attitude when it comes to certain things. She tries to never let a stranger have the upper-hand when it comes to anything at all, and loves a good challenge. Her eyes seem to dance with pure amusement when a bet is made because she always wins.. Or at least likes to think she does. When things are a bit dull she tends to taunt the enemy to get a rise and spice things up. She loves to fight, and physical violence is a big thing for her. Indy manipulates most into thinking she's a weak, simple-minded girl so they'll let their guard down, but once that wall is gone.. Her wrath is unleashed. When arguing her comebacks are more than half the time witty. She has a sharp tongue, but sometimes she loses her train of thought and all is lost. She hates when she does that! Indy has many animal-like qualities, so don't be surprised if a random growl burst from her lips or the rare purr when she's relaxed. Hey, it happens.. Her will is strong and she doesn't give up nor take 'No' for an answer.

Being bossed around really takes a toll on her nerves, she doesn't like it because she feels as if she is being talked down to. When it comes to her Alpha, she will grit her teeth and bare it, but anybody else.. Get ready to rumble, because it won't end pretty. She doesn't trust easily, gives her all, yet loves hard. When it comes to the very mundane thing called 'Love', Indigo can't really wrap her head around it. She has loved a few times, but never anything real "romantic." Does her family count? At one time she loved them.. Maybe the mortal boy a few years ago? It didn't get far, he was too weak.. She killed him. Most cannot handle her fierce nature and she has been called 'Intimidating' more than once. Her actions are unexpected at times, you never really know what she will do next. A word of advice: Stay on your toes.^^

+ Close combat
+ Manipulating(sometimes)
+ Shape-shifting in general
+ Her speed
- Those stronger than her(obviously)
- Young children, she's a sucker for the kids! xD
- Grapes, she's allergic!
Crush: She finds relationships pointless nowadays..
Mate: ...

History: Indigo has completely blocked everything that happened to her long ago, making herself only remember the last three years, refusing to remember those awful memories. However, it has been only two years since she joined the pack she is currently in and quickly marched her way to the top, taking the position as the Beta. She's grown fond of her "family" and has fought to the death over them in many instances. When people begin talking about their past she immediately splits. No way will she speak of what happened... (Sorry this is poorly done, I will add on soon, but most will be revealed through out the role play!(:)
Other: She has to wear glasses when reading and has very poor vision at night, yet she'll never admit it. Also, she secretly likes the whole aspect of "Romance", even though it confuses her greatly. You won't see her asking for an explanation, even bringing you the subject angers her the least bit..


So begins...

Indigo Paisley's Story