Isabella Deschanel

Vampire Princess

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Name: Isabella "Bella" Deschanel

Gender: Female

Age: Immortal, aged 799, but looks about 23.

Species: Vampire

Rank: Vampire Princess

Appearance: Bella stands at a striking 5’10” with long arms and lengthy lean legs. She has a small trim waist, curved womanly hips, a round perky bottom, and voluptuous breasts. Her skin is ivory white and smooth with no freckles or blemishes. Bella’s hair is thick and rich dark brown in color with natural highlights and it falls to her lower back in loose waves and curls which give it volume.
She has a strong jaw line that helps to accentuate her amazingly full pillowy lips which form a perfect natural pout, has straight white teeth, and her nose is regularly sized with a slight upturn at the end. Her most shocking feature, however, are her eyes. Her brows are dramatically arched and very dark, drawing more attention to her stunning large almond shaped eyes. The orbs are icy blue in color with flecks of silver around the iris and are framed by long curled dark lashes. They usually have a sultry and almost feline look to them.

Isabella enjoys wearing elaborate clothing made from expensive fabrics, most commonly dresses, that show off her hour glass figure. When on the hunt she wears more "casual" clothing that humans would expect a 20-something year old woman to wear. Despite her tall frame she enjoys wearing heels, looking statuesque with her dark hair and ivory skin.

Personality: Bella is many things, but there are two words that describe her best: Dangerous and Lustful. Bella is much like a cat in that she enjoys playing with her food before she finally consumes it. Her prey are always handsome men that she seduces and uses before draining them dry, satisfying her lust for both blood and sex. She feels little compassion for humans and has never felt any attachment to them, despite how some of her meals have felt about her. She is very flirtatious, intelligent, playful, unpredictable, independent, confident, stubborn, and spontaneous. Bella is extremely outgoing and brash, speaking her mind no matter who is around, and doing as she pleases. Her sense of humor is dry and sarcastic. Despite all this, she is not a "bad" person. She cares for those close to her, such as family and close friends, and is fiercely loyal to them. Bella makes friends quite easily due to her outgoing nature, 'royal' status, and staggering beauty though those of a quiet nature can be very intimidated by her. She can actually be warm and welcoming, though there is often a hint of danger behind her kind smile that seems to suggest you watch your back. Love is something that she has never truly felt or desired, for why would she bother to be with one man for all eternity? Lust is what she prefers, though it may change if she finally meets 'the one' (though she doubts that).

Isabella is like a great wild animal: Gorgeous and alluring, but untamed and unable to be caged.

Strengths: Extremely Charming, Disarming Beauty, Ability to seduce almost anyone, Surprisingly intelligent despite her vixen-like personality, Very Fast and Silent in her movements, Amazing cat-like reflexes, Loyal, Quick Witted, and Brave.

Weaknesses: Incredibly Stubborn, Only average strength, Intimidating, Accents (Oh how she loves a man with an accent! ... Though that doesn't bode well for the man), and Spoiled (She detests being dirty or wearing 'normal' or 'poor' clothing).

Crush: Her crushes never live very long. She gets what she wants from them and then bleeds them dry.

Mate: There are too many gorgeous men out there for her to settle for just one. Her lust is too grate for that.

History: Bella was born into the royal family and spent her life close to home, unlike her brother. She adored being the most beautiful woman in the room and gained extreme confidence from it. Despite what many think, she spent her early years learning the history of the vampires and gained great knowledge. Only after she felt contented with her knowledge of not only her own race, but her enemies, did she toss the books aside and enjoy the gifts great beauty can bring. She has spent hundreds of years seducing men and toying with kings, though it does get boring after a while. The only person she ever truly felt close to was her brother, who she would trust with anything. Though she does have close friends, her studying of history has taught her to trust few.

Other: She does not hate the Shape Shifters or the Lycans. Truth be told, she could care less about them. She is not an advocate for peace, but she does see little point arguing and fighting with each other. Why doesn't everyone just piss off and go about their own business and just leave it at that? Killing each other isn't going to do any good. Besides, it's a waste of perfectly good blood!

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